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Chapter 248 - You Would Definitely Be The First to Commit Mutiny!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 248: You Would Definitely Be The First to Commit Mutiny!

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    Lightning lifted his hand and patted Crocodile’s shoulder, his tone teasing as he said, “Don’t blame other people for being smart when you’re the one that’s dumb, okay?”

    Crocodile, “… I’m not dumb.”

    Feng Yi soon spoke up too, “Have you ever heard the saying that one would not fear a god-like enemy but a pig-like teammate? It applies especially to you!”

    Crocodile. “…”

    Was bullying him really that fun?

    Tang Jinyu completely ignored all of this, his gaze was stuck on the monitor as he was looking at a certain girl that was moving stealthily along the walls.

    Jian Qi saw the drone hovering over her head when she was dropped off at the site, and when she was watching the veterans fight, the drone appeared again.

    Now that this drone had appeared for the third time, there must be an enemy nearby!

    It was definitely extremely close by, too, or else this drone would not be directly over her head.

    She could already imagine that the person directing this drone over here had to be either Crocodile or Lightning, no else would have such bad taste.

    No one else would practically stick onto her like glue to watch fights go on!

    The two of them walked slowly along the walls, and Jian Qi immediately noticed Li Yibo and another freshman standing there.

    Jian Qi stopped, and her teammate was about to rush forward before she tugged him by the arm and stopped him.

    “We need to save him!” He exclaimed.

    “Don’t you see his wristband in Li Yibo’s hands?” Jian Qi whispered. “Don’t move, let’s see what he’s up to.”

    Everyone in the surveillance room was slightly confused by why Jian Qi was not engaging.

    What was she doing? Why was she not moving?

    Crocodile could not help but shout, “Go Big Sister Qi! Beat that b*stard up!”

    Lightning could not help but roll his eyes at Crocodile. Did he want to see Li Yibo get beaten, or did he want to see Jian Qi get beaten up?

    Could he tone it down a bit?

    Li Yibo held the wristband in his hand as he looked down at the freshman that had a trace of blood trickling down the edge of his mouth before he smiled. “Let’s make a deal, and I’ll give you back the wristband!”

    The freshman furrowed his brow. “What deal?”

    You find your teammates and bring them one by one to me!” Li Yibo spoke in an authoratative tone.

    Jian Qi could not help but tsk in disdain. How shameless!

    He wanted to get rid of the freshmen one by one!

    It seemed that he was definitely keeping a grudge from what happened before.

    Would he have emotional trauma toward the Special Fire Team after this?

    Jian Qi smiled, but to an onlooker it merely looked calculating.

    The freshman immediately refused Li Yibo’s proposal, “I won’t agree to it! I would never do anything like that to betray my allies!”

    “Even if I could get you eliminated right now with a single press of the button?” Li Yibo raised his eyebrows and looked at him.

    “Yes!” The freshman replied.

    Jian Qi sighed. “Do young people nowadays not know how to act? Could he not promise and then counter-attack when he has the chance to?”

    The freshman next to Jian Qi could not help but sigh too. “If we ever get caught by the enemy in the future, you would definitely be the first to commit mutiny!”