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Chapter 899 - The Gorgeous Babe Eva Whom He Had Conned Before

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 899: The Gorgeous Babe Eva Whom He Had Conned Before

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    Beyond exhausted, Wen Xinya dozed off gradually after letting out a few moans of pleasure as Si Yiyan massaged her body.

    She had a good night’s sleep and only woke up on the following day.

    She subconsciously turned over and reached a hand out to touch the spot next to her, only to realized that it felt chilly. She reckoned that Si Yiyan must have already gotten out of bed long ago.

    Wen Xinya proceeded to freshen up in the bathroom, in which there were cosmetic products that she frequently used.

    After a simple bath, Wen Xinya headed to the dressing room to pick out an outfit.

    Wen Xinya picked out a European style, almond-colored, round-neck embroidered shirt that had gold hems and thin diamond tassels wrapped around the waist. The cinch waist design accentuated her bust and the chestnut skirt made her look posh and elegant.

    The puffed sleeves were beautiful as well, with diamond chains on the upper section and a bell-bottom that added a touch of grace to the outfit.

    Wen Xinya matched the ensemble with a beautiful set of diamond jewelry and got ready to go to the living room.

    In the large and spacious mansion, there was a long corridor and a white fence which was simplistic yet posh. There was an opulent and glittery chandelier on the ceiling, and the murals on the wall were no longer that of Buddhist teachings. Instead, there were Chinese history lines written on the wall.

    Wen Xinya suddenly realized that she had lost her way!

    The mansion was more than twice the size of Lishan Mansion.

    After walking around for half an hour, Wen Xinya arrived at the garden where there were lush greenery and a beautiful synthetic lake, on which there was a white Baroque-style pavilion.

    Wen Xinya could not help herself. She sat on the flower bed in dejection and thought to herself,

    At this moment, Si Yiyan was walking slowly towards the garden with a Russian beauty.

    Wen Xinya immediately got jealous.

    Having already noticed Wen Xinya, Si Yiyan walked towards her with the Russian lady. Placing an arm around her waist, he gave her a morning kiss and asked, “Did you sleep well last night?”

    He was afraid that she wouldn’t get used to his bed because of how picky she was.

    Wen Xinya’s initial jealousy turned into bliss and she felt like she had just drunk some honey. She kissed Si Yiyan back and answered, “I slept very well!”

    Si Yiyan asked softly, “What are you doing here? Did you get lost?”

    Although she had an acceptable sense of direction, she would make mistakes every now and then.

    Wen Xinya glowered at him for exposing her. “The mansion is so big and yet, there isn’t a single servant in sight. Have they all gone away to slack? I just arrived yesterday, so I’m not familiar with this place, and yet, there isn’t anyone to show me around at all.”

    Si Yiyan burst into laughter after hearing her excuse. She had shifted the blame onto the servants. He comforted her in a tender voice. “It’s all my fault. You were dead beat yesterday and I thought you wanted to sleep in, so I told the servants to not disturb you.”

    You were dead beat, dead beat… Wen Xinya constantly thought about his words. Feeling a little embarrassed, she asked, “Where are you going bright early in the morning?”

    As soon as she finished speaking, she squinted and stared at the Russian beauty, thinking to herself that she probably wasn’t going to flirt with Si Yiyan.

    Si Yiyan smiled and said, “We have a guest. I was just about to go look for you.”

    It was apparent that she was jealous. He could tell just from the way that she was glaring at him and her cold tone.


    The Russian beauty was shocked to see that Rex, who usually shied away from women, had kissed a young girl. Just as she was enjoying the show, she noticed a pair of eyes staring at her with sheer animosity.

    “Hello, I’m the guest that Rex is referring to,” she said with raised brows while gently adjusting her messy hair strands.

    “He… hello!” Wen Xinya exclaimed, flabbergasted at the sight of the purple jade bangle on the lady’s wrist.

    Si Yiyan stared at her and introduced. “This is Eva whom you’ve met before.”

    “I was afraid that you would forget about me, so I especially wore this purple jade bangle that you picked out for me,” Eva said while gently shaking the bangle on her wrist. After a few years, the bangle began to glisten and glow.

    Wen Xinya turned red immediately and smiled wryly. “Hehe, I didn’t expect to see you again.”

    Eva held onto Wen Xinya’s arm and said, “I think we share a special affinity too.” She then winked at Wen Xinya before glancing at Si Yiyan.

    When she visited Jo-ramst a few years ago, she noticed that there was something strange about the tension between Wen Xinya and Rex. After seeing her at the mansion again this time, she suddenly realized that she was the same girl who had coaxed her into buying the expensive bangle after getting jealous.

    “Hehe!” Wen Xinya continued to chuckle wryly while glaring at Si Yiyan from the corner of her eye.

    Si Yiyan explained, “Eva said that you’re here, so I came here especially with the intention of bringing you out for a tour. I ought to do my part as a host.”

    Wen Xinya turned red immediately and hurriedly waved her hands. “Hehe, you don’t have to go to that trouble. I had a long day yesterday and I’m feeling a little tired, so I’d like to rest in the mansion.”

    Eva insisted. “How can that do? There are lots of beautiful places in Russia and it’s rare that you’re here. Since you are, you should have some fun instead of staying in the mansion. I was just planning to bring you to the most famous Emerald Lane for some pretty jewelry.”

    Eva continued to rattle on. “I also have to pick out a beautiful piece for you for memory’s sake…”

    Wen Xinya’s smile began to stiffen.

    Staring at the tension on her face, Si Yiyan knew that she could not take it any longer and quickly gave her an out. “Eva, Xinya is not feeling too well today. She had a long day yesterday and she’s beyond fatigued. It won’t be suitable for her to go shopping today. We’ll go another day!”

    Upon hearing his words, Eva winked at Wen Xinya and shook her bangle gently.

    Wen Xinya chuckled awkwardly while her inner self flipped a table with a straight face!