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Chapter 270 - Can You Listen to What I Have to Say?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 270: Can You Listen to What I Have to Say?

    Cause a commotion?

    The club had given him an opportunity?

    This so-called "opportunity" was to lose sleep over becoming a human bot? The money earned was then given to his stepmother so that she could buy clothes and bags for herself?!

    God's heart was wrenched further. His father had always been the same since he was younger… Even though it was clear that Lu Jiahao had snatched the toy from him and they started to fight, Lu Jiahao would throw a tantrum and Papa Lu would reprimand him instead.

    "You should give in to your little brother as his older brother."

    And then? The crying kid would get rewarded.

    Lu Jiahao was always in Papa Lu's embrace, being coaxed, while God could only stand by the side with his body covered in bruises left by Lu Jiahao. He lifted his head and looked at the father he had once respected the most, being clung onto by outsiders…

    When he was younger, he had thought that once he had matured, he would finally earn his father's embrace.

    But in the end?

    If it were not for Han Meilin who had seen his scars and bruises when she came to visit him, he would probably have grown physically crooked from all the beatings. He might not even have been able to grow at all!

    When he thought about the past, God's throat tightened and his body trembled, unable to say a word… This family, this father, he had long given up on them!

    Ning Meng's heart was thumping in pain as she saw that he had this sort of father. It was better to not have a father at all! She chuckled and asked, "Do you even know what happened to God in the club?"

    Papa Lu furrowed his brows and looked at her in disdain.

    "May I know who you are? What right do you have to interfere in my family matters?"

    After saying that, he looked at God and gave him a warning.

    "Don't you dare go around hooking up and having illicit relationships just because you have a good-looking face. Don't you dare embarrass the family name!"

    Hooking up…

    Was he not hinting that God was a gold-digger who was aiming at Ning Meng?

    Ning Meng laughed again, but this time, out of anger. This was the first time she had seen a father talk to his son this way. She would not bother to explain their relationship with each other because even if God had picked up a wealthy girlfriend, that would be perfectly normal. What had this got to do with hooking up with a good-looking face!?

    Ning Meng tried to speak, "Mr. Lu…"

    Papa Lu waved his hand. "Who are you? I refuse to speak to someone like you! This is my family's matter!"



    All her life, she had been the one to block people from cutting in, this was the first time she had encountered someone who would not listen to her instead.

    After Papa Lu had said this, he looked at God.

    "I heard that you wanted to change companies? Did you not know that ET has the best teams for PUBG? Last year during the local qualifiers, only IMO and our team qualified to represent the country on the international level! There are no other teams in the country that can match up to us!"

    He furrowed his brows. "If you really want to play online games, then stay. There are many opportunities here. Apologize to your brother and discuss nicely with the manager and team leader. You're just a newbie, what do you understand? They have given reports regarding all the practices they had put you through, I don't think there's a problem with that!"

    God chuckled and lowered his head. "There's no need for that."

    Papa Lu fumed in anger.

    "Why can't you tell the difference between which is better for you? Do you even know who this woman is? Did you know? Your little brother did not tell you about the club's matters as it was for your own good. He was afraid that you would resist! And yet, you chose to hit your little brother? You should apologize!"

    Suddenly… A loud crash was heard echoing through the room.

    Everyone looked up and saw that Ning Meng had aggressively thrown a glass from the table onto the ground, shattering it into pieces. She then clapped her hands and spoke in an icy tone.

    "Mr. Lu, was it? Now, can you listen to what I have to say?"