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Chapter 245 - Wait For Your Death (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 245: Wait For Your Death (1)

    She immediately pulled down the zip of her dress. The dress landed on the floor and Mei's body was entirely exposed before Gu Xue's eyes.

    Gu Xue was infuriated at the sudden scene. But, when her gaze landed on Mei's skin that was filled with wounds and bruises, she received a violent shock. There wasn't any part of her skin that was smooth.

    Even Xu Weilai, who had already seen it before, felt extremely angry and hurt when she saw the wounds again.

    Xu Weilai took a deep breath and curbed the emotions that were stirring in her chest. She said to Gu Xue, "Gu Xue, let's set aside our personal grudges. I'm talking to you as a reporter now. Everything that I've investigated is true. Rong Wang isn't who you think he is. He's despicable and evil. He has drugged and raped ladies. He beat them, threatened them… he is just scum!"

    "Mei isn't the only victim. Many fans fell prey to him. If we don't stop him now, there will be many other fans who will become his future victims. I know how much you love your idol but are you really going to let him commit crimes and turn a blind eye?

    "We don't see eye to eye with each other but I know that you're not someone who can't differentiate right from wrong. I hope that you can see the true colors of Rong Wang. Look at him clearly. It isn't worth protecting him!"

    Gu Xue clenched her fist tightly. Many complicated emotions surfaced within her gaze. She struggled for a very long time before she shouted in anger, "Xu Weilai, shut up! Don't think that you will be able to fool me with your lies. Who knows how Mei got these injuries on her body? Let me warn you. If you dare to slander or defame Rong Wang again, I will not let you go!"

    After she finished speaking, she seemed afraid that Xu Weilai would say other things to change her mind. Hence, she immediately stood up. While she was reaching for her bag, she looked at the file on the table. She gritted her teeth and picked it up. She said, "I will not let you put this fake piece of evidence online!"

    She stuffed the file in her bag and left the private room without turning back.

    Mei put on her dress again and looked at Xu Weilai worriedly. "Weilai, she doesn't believe us. What should we do?"

    If they weren't able to convince Gu Xue, it would be very difficult for them to take down Rong Wang.

    On the other hand, Xu Weilai smiled gently and patted Mei's shoulder. She consoled her, "Don't worry."

    Don't worry?

    Mei looked at Xu Weilai who remained calm the whole time. The agitation in her heart started dissipating subconsciously. She was really… she always gave the impression that she would definitely succeed, as if there was nothing that could beat her down.


    At night.

    After Gu Xue returned home in the late afternoon, she kept hesitating and hesitating. Finally, she still decided to open the file, looking at the medical reports and records of abortions inside. She asked people to check with the hospital. Those documents were true.

    At night, she tossed and turned in bed. She was unable to sleep so she got up and drank a few cups of wine. It was supposed to help her sleep but the more she drank, the more awake she became. She felt so awake that all the sentences Xu Weilai said kept vividly floating around her ears.

    She reached for her phone and opened her WeChat. She wanted to find someone to talk to and divert her attention to. That was when she saw a fan, who had a good relationship with her, sending her a message telling her that Rong Wang invited her out to play today. Since Rong Wang was unhappy because of the recent rumors, she could console and encourage him properly.

    Gu Xue stared at the message intently. Approximately a minute later, she got up, changed her clothes, and left the house.

    When she opened the door of the private room in the nightclub, she saw the fan lying on the sofa unconscious. As for Rong Wang, he was riding on her body and tearing her clothes apart…