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Chapter 238 - Villain

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 238: Villain

    Moe angrily jumped out of Jiang Yao’s bag once they arrived at her dorm. On the way back, they gave each other the silent treatment. Still bitter, he leaped onto her bed and violently attacked her mattress with his little black paws.

    “Moe!” Jiang Yao shouted in exasperation. She seized a book, wanting to hit Moe. Moe did not wait for that to happen. Staring at Jiang Yao, he exposed his claws.

    “Dumb human! You are no match for me! I can handicap you using one swipe of my paws!” Moe glared at Jiang Yao.

    It had been a while since Jiang Yao saw Moe’s claws. She suddenly recalled that it was still a dangerous pet butler with high attacking power.

    “Why aren’t you trying to kill me instead? Can it be that you and I are the same, we can’t kill others?” Jiang Yao chuckled. She picked up her courage and went closer to Moe’s paws. “Bring it on! Do whatever you want! But remember, if anything happens to me, let us see how Lu Xingzhi will deal with you.”

    Moe’s entire body froze upon hearing the name of Lu Xingzhi. A few seconds later, he retracted his claws and looked at Jiang Yao in disdain.

    “You villain! Let us do this one-on-one next time, with no outside help!” Moe shook his paws, and angrily marked two paw prints on Jiang Yao’s bed. With a swift motion, he rolled and jumped off her bed.

    Jiang Yao exhaled. She was right. Moe was indeed afraid of Lu Xingzhi.

    She remembered that whenever Lu Xingzhi was here, Moe would disappear out of sight. This was great news to Jiang Yao. She could use his name to contain this little varmint called Moe.

    “As husband and wife, we are considered as one. If you dare, go battle it out with Lu Xingzhi!” Jiang Yao laughed heartily and changed her bedsheets in a good mood.

    Moe scurried off to the bathroom and washed his paws. Returning to his bed, he turned his butt toward Jiang Yao, as protest for not buying him a new toy.

    Jiang Yao left to wash her bedsheets. When she returned, she saw Moe still in a crummy mood. Wanting to bury the hatchet, Jiang Yao called out, “Moe! I will buy the next antique I see, and then buy you the diamond ring. What do you think?”

    Moe ignored Jiang Yao and thought to itself, ‘The master was right! Women are such melodramatic creatures!’

    She was still cleaning her room when Wen Xuehui came back with the rest. Looking really happy, she had in her hand a cell phone that was the exact model as Jiang Yao’s.

    “You are back!” Wen Xuehui had no idea where Jiang Yao went this afternoon after school. She knew, however, not to ask too many questions. She waved the cell phone in her hand and said, “My dad bought it for me! Let me get your cell phone number, it will be easier for us to contact each other now!”

    Jiang Yao looked at Wen Xuehui, there was no indication of yesterday’s anguish. She hid it all too well.