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Chapter 190 - Decision

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 190: Decision

    In the morning, Su Cha was awakened by the movement beside her. She blearily opened her eyes and saw that the person who had finished washing up came to the bed. She sat up unconsciously and grabbed the arm of the person. “Are you leaving?”

    Her eyes were not fully opened, but this vulnerable action of hers made the man feel better in a moment. He said softly, “You can’t bear for me to?”

    The girl was not fully awake at this time, but she was already in the midst of waking up. After hearing this, she fell silent for a moment before saying straightforwardly, “Yeah.”

    There were some things that had to be said directly between couples.

    She was indeed reluctant for Bo Muyi to leave.

    Bo Muyi also touched Su Cha’s face and began to think about the possibility of not going back today.

    However, Su Cha quickly sobered up. Although she was reluctant, she knew that Bo Muyi had his own things to do. In addition to what she heard that day, she figured that some matters might not have been dealt with yet, so she pushed Bo Muyi. “But that’s okay, we will be able to meet in the Imperial Capital soon, no rush.”

    This sudden action made Bo Muyi’s eyes fall into a gloom. “Didn’t you say you couldn’t bear for me to leave?”


    Su Cha frowned, a little worried. “But if I make you stay here now, what would happen when we go to the Imperial Capital and there are even more things to deal with?”

    There was some truth in her words.

    Bo Muyi was stunned. There were indeed many things to be dealt with in the Imperial Capital at the moment.

    His sudden announcement to return shocked many people.

    If because of this short period of time there were more matters to deal with by the time Su Cha lived with him in the Imperial Capital, it didn’t seem very efficient.

    He knew how great the impact of his job changes were.

    Despite his reluctance, he had to go back.

    He got up and put on his clothes, his voice filled with wistfulness. “Then I return first, Cha Cha. You must tell me if anything happens.”

    Su Cha smiled. As she had just woken up, she looked a little lethargic. She laughed softly as if she was still drowsy, her appearance would make anyone’s heart skip a beat.

    If it wasn’t for the time not being right, Bo Muyi really wanted to stay. He would never tire of being around Su Cha all his life.

    Becoming increasingly anxious about matters in the Imperial Capital, he lowered his head and kissed Su Cha’s cheek. “Good girl.”

    When Bo Muyi’s tall figure reached the door, he waved at Su Cha, who waved back. After watching Bo Muyi leave, she collapsed back onto the pillow with a ‘splat’.

    She did not want to get up, and first looked at her phone.

    There were three missed calls, as well as a whole wall of Mr Su’s ‘sincere’ texts.

    Dad: All these years things have been my fault, and I have not cared enough about you. But why can’t you listen to Dad once and not go to the Imperial Capital? I already know that you are the champion of liberal arts in Jiang’an Province.

    Dad is really proud of you!

    I don’t care enough about you. It’s really my fault, and I know I’m wrong. Please just obediently stay in the Water Capital.

    Can’t we remain a family and live happily from now on? Aunt and I have arranged for a banquet for you at a five-star hotel in the Water Capital. After you wake up in the morning, remember to come at noon. The address is at…

    After reading the text, Su Cha’s expression gradually became cold. She got up and replied to the text emotionlessly.

    Su Cha: I have always regarded you as my father. No matter what you did, I never thought you would not be my biological father. After you raised me for so many years, I will be responsible for supporting you in the future. I will be responsible for everything I do, thank you.