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Chapter 311 – Mystic Beast Fodder Medicine

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     The shout immediately woke up Black Beibei and the Jiang Family siblings. The three of them were alert and vigilant, but after quickly looking around and not detecting anything strange, their complexions darkened.

    “This brat, is he playing with us?” Black Beibei had an ill expression.

    White Fengfeng sneered. “Black Beibei, if you dare say something like that again, do you believe me when I say I’ll tell mother you’ve been scheming against me?”


    Black Beibei’s complexion froze as if someone was strangling his neck, leaving him unable to speak further. This damned girl, she didn’t even allow him to get more than a few words in before she used such a killing blow!

    White Fengfeng arrogantly thrust out her chest. As she was preparing to say something else, Qin Yu grabbed her and leapt backwards.

    At this moment, people’s thoughts were like this:

    White Fengfeng: What does Brother Baoyu plan on doing with me? If he really wants to do ‘that’, what should I do? Should I just obey without doing anything? What if he thinks I’m not being stubborn enough and resisting him? And I heard the first time is extremely painful. If I take a painkiller pill ahead of time, would he laugh at me?

    Black Beibei: This bastard, where does this courage come from? You dare to hug my family’s princess in front of my face? Unless you’re tired of living you had better put her back!

    Jiang Wuhai: You dog Baoyu, your true face has finally been exposed! Hahaha! I, Jiang Wuhai, finally have a chance to expose my skills! Miss White, wait for me to save you!

    Jiang Ziyuan: This person is smooth and calm to the eyes, but I never thought he’d have such a barbaric personality. He suddenly grabbed her out of nowhere. It’s a bit brutish but…really exciting.

    Of course, none of their thoughts were correct, because in the next moment, in the area where White Fengfeng had just been standing, the ground suddenly broke apart and over a dozen black-scaled snakes with bulges on their heads burst out. If Qin Yu had been one step slower, White Fengfeng would likely have been bitten already.

    “Undying demon snakes!” Black Beibei cried out. He took out a package of powder and broke it apart in the air, causing the powder to blow all over.

    “Hurry and run, staying here means death!” He ran forwards to grab White Fengfeng, but she glared at him with a refusing look. She held onto Qin Yu, as if saying ‘if I depended on you I would have died earlier’.

    Black Beibei’s lips twitched but he was actually left speechless. In fact, even he had to acknowledge that he needed to thank Qin Yu right now. Otherwise, if anything were to have happened to his cousin, he would suffer a slow and excruciating death.

    Qin Yu’s complexion was heavy. Without a single word, his feet stepped onto the ground and he exploded forwards. Undying demon snake…this was the second time he had seen this before. The first time a single one of these undying demon snakes had left him in a distressed position, and now today there were over a dozen of them.

    Even though he had combat strength comparable to the Divine Soul realm and his strength had risen several times over from that time, these undying demon snakes still caused his scalp to tingle.

    Black Beibei’s eyes widened. He never thought that even though this boy’s cultivation wasn’t too impressive, he wasn’t a slow runner at all. But right now he didn’t have time to dwell on such thoughts. There was a flash of light as he blazed forwards.

    The group of five quickly fled. The angry howls of the undying demon snakes echoed out from behind them, but they clearly feared the powder Black Beibei had tossed into the air and didn’t pursue them for the moment.

    However, the five of them had extremely poor luck. Before they had run too far, five furry mountain wolves appeared in the distance. Their shining green eyes flashed with a heart-shivering cruelty.

    Roar –

    The five mountain wolves leapt forwards.

    Black Beibei shouted, “Kill them! Fight quickly and end the battle quickly!” He punched out with his fists, instantly erupting with a strength surpassing a thousand horses. The mountain wolf across from him was severed in half by his attack, but with its powerful vitality still flowing through it, it didn’t die when it struck the ground but continued struggling forwards to attack.

    The Jiang Family siblings were well aware that these five mountain wolves didn’t mean anything. What was truly terrifying were those undying demon snakes behind them. At this moment, they erupted with their greatest combat strength without any hesitation. Jiang Wuhai stood in front like a mountain, withstanding the impact of every attack. Jiang Ziyuan swung her palms around, bright green divine light gushing out with her movements. A vine rushed forwards, wrapping around a mountain wolf. Then, sharp thorns grew and ruthlessly stabbed into its body. By this time, Black Beibei had already struck down a second mountain wolf. The remaining three were miserably howling in the clutches in vines.

    The three people working together easily opened the road ahead.

    However, the undying demon snakes had already caught up. Hearing their loud howls, everyone felt a chill shoot through them. Black Beibei flipped around, an anxious expression on his face. With a flick of his hand, a lantern appeared. The flame was only the size of a fingernail, and as it beat in the dark night, it seemed as if it would extinguish at any moment. He flung his sleeves and threw the lantern to the rear. With loud cracking sounds, there was suddenly a violent explosion!

    Hu –

    An endless amount of spiritual energy was summoned between the heavens and earth. It crazily rushed towards the exposed flame, forming a giant vortex. The flame was like a black hole, wildly sucking in spiritual energy and rapidly expanding. Faintly, someone began to take shape in the flame. Its face was blurry and one couldn’t clearly see it, but this figure emitted an all-annihilating aura. The flaming figure raised both hands, and that destructive power became much richer.

    Black Beibei turned and sped away. “Run!”

    Without a word, Qin Yu’s pupils shrank. The moment the flame figure raised his hand, he had already grabbed onto White Fengfeng and fled far away.

    After several breaths of time, there was a thunderous explosion behind them. Then, rolling air waves recklessly surged outwards. The entire surrounding area for miles around that point had been erased, turned into sand-like grains!

    Qin Yu stuffily coughed and his body sank, as if he were carrying a mountain on his back. He used this momentum to tumble onto the ground, withstanding most of the impact.

    Black Beibei was in an extremely distressed situation. He crawled out from the ground and clenched his teeth, roaring, “Those Southshine Nation officials, those stupid idiots! How could they not discover over a dozen undying demon snakes!?”

    Jiang Wuhai and Jiang Ziyuan had pale faces that were also filled with relief. Luckily, Brother Black had a great slaughter summoning treasure in his hand and was able to completely kill off those undying demon snakes. Otherwise, even though they weren’t weak, it would be hard to escape death. This sort of summoning slaughter treasure was extremely difficult to manufacture and required all sorts of incomparably precious materials. It was no wonder that Brother Black was flying into a rage right now.

    With such a terrifying aura spreading through the dark night, it was enough to cause the intelligent monster beasts to flee in fear. But, things were far from over. Qin Yu grasped White Fengfeng and said, “We’re in trouble now.”

    In the dark, several terrifying senses still lingered in the air. Pairs of ice cold and merciless eyes slowly appeared in the darkness. Roughly counting, there were a few hundred of them. Moreover, several particularly large shadows left one’s heart racing.

    In such a situation, if they wanted to run away, they didn’t even have the chance to.

    Black Beibei sucked in a breath of cold air, his handsome face twitching out of control. Damn it! How could so many monster beasts appear out of nowhere!? But now wasn’t the time to worry about honor or anything like that. Black Beibei took out his handphone, looked at it, and then his complexion stiffened. No signal…there was actually no signal…shit, are you teasing me here? You’re a satellite handphone, friend! He shook it several times and after verifying that this didn’t work, he narrowed his eyes, his expression becoming much uglier.

    When the Southshine Nation officials swept through the wilderness, it was impossible that they were lazy about it. If so, then this massive number of monster beasts became suspicious, very suspicious. In addition, there wasn’t any signal on his satellite handphone. Unless he was incredibly unlucky and managed to stumble into some chaotic magnetic field, there was only one possibility – someone had plotted this.

    “Everyone, check your bodies, is there something that shouldn’t be there?”

    Qin Yu certainly had no problems. The Jiang Family siblings examined themselves and didn’t discover anything. Black Beibei’s complexion turned ugly, “There’s nothing on me either.”

    Everyone turned to White Fengfeng. Her eyes widened, “What are you all looking at for? Do you think that someone as smart as me would fall into a trap? There’s nothing on me!”

    Qin Yu’s eyes flashed and he pointed a finger towards a gemmed phoenix hairpin on her head. “I don’t remember you wearing that yesterday.”

    Black Beiei’s face turned cold. “Cousin, where did that come from?”

    White Fengfeng hesitated. “I was walking down the road yesterday and saw that it was very beautiful. I liked it so I bought it. But I don’t know the person who sold it, so they wouldn’t try to harm me, right?”

    “Give it to me!” Black Beibei took the phoenix hairpin and looked at it carefully. Suddenly, he squeezed hard, crushing the largest gem. Then a faint fishy smell came out.

    “Ah!” White Fengfeng cried out in alarm.

    Black Beibei sniffed twice and his complexion became even uglier. “Mystic beast fodder medicine!”

    Jiang Wuhai and Jiang Ziyuan’s pupils shrank, revealing shock. “Brother Black, are you sure? How could they…”

    Black Beibei clenched his teeth. “This is Cleansing Temple’s mystic beast fodder medicine, how could I possibly mistake it? I never thought they would dare to put on such a great play; it looks as if I underestimated them.” He looked up, his eyes slowly reddening. “Cousin, call for help. Even if we cannot escape death here, we still have to send out the news so that uncle and aunty can take revenge for us!”

    White Fengfeng paled. She was spoiled as a child, and in combination with her arrogance, this formed her current temperament. She had never experienced anything overly dangerous, much less a life or death disaster. However, with the upbringing she received since she was young, she was at least able to maintain her composure. From her storage ring, she took out a jade ring with countless tiny markings on it and then tossed it on the floor.

    Pa –

    The ring shattered. A curtain of golden light appeared, shrouding White Fengfeng within. At the same time, a blood red light howled sorrowfully into the air, vanishing in the blink of an eye.

    Black Beibei squeezed out a smile. “I actually forgot that the treasure aunty gave you has an extremely strong protective effect. If so, then your cousin can rest assured. Fengfeng, you stay in there. No matter what happens, you cannot leave. Perhaps it might last until aunty comes to save you.”

    He turned around, his expression heavy and solemn. “Without accident, the three of you have been drawn into the mess because of me and my cousin. If we don’t die here today, I will surely compensate you in the future. Now, I humbly ask everyone that we lay down any previous grudges we may have had, and join together to fight. Perhaps we might be able to kill our way out of this!” This fellow, his performance in a life and death crisis was actually incredibly impressive. At the very least, just his ability to remain calm was admirable.

    The Jiang Family siblings took a deep breath and slowly nodded. It was impossible for them to say that they didn’t hold any grievances for being drawn into this, but with things having come this far, there was no point in mentioning it. They could only clench their teeth and risk their lives.

    White Fengfeng, hidden in the golden curtain of light, suddenly screamed. “No, I can’t let you all die!” She bit her finger and touched the golden light curtain. For some unknown reason, her face rapidly paled and the golden light curtain expanded, covering the five of them.

    Black Beibei was enraged. “White Fengfeng, stop! The protection of god might be able to preserve your life, but if we are included, it won’t be able to last!” He pointed out into the distance. “Can you see those hundreds of monster beasts coming? You cannot save us all. Hurry up and take back the protection of god!”

    White Fengfeng bit her lips. “I won’t. You will all come with me. Father and Mother love me the most. Once they receive the news they will quickly come here!”

    Black Beibei drew in a deep breath. His eyes warmed and softened. “Alright, I agree. But you have to let me help you, otherwise you won’t be able to last much longer.”