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Chapter 312 – Blood Eye Beheading Ape

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     Before White Fengfeng’s smile faded, she was knocked unconscious with a single strike. Black Beibei bit his fingertip and controlled the protection of god, forcing it to shrink and cover her body alone. Then, he carefully placed her on the ground. He stood up and looked around. “I know that the three of you must be unhappy with my actions. But, my cousin’s status cannot be compared to ours. If she dies here, no matter what the reason is, all of us will be buried along with her. But if she lives, there is a chance that the grievances of today can be avenged.”

    Black Beibei fell silent. He glanced towards the approaching monster beasts and forced out a smile. “In truth, I don’t want to die either. But right now it’s just…” He shook his head and placed the mystic beast fodder medicine onto White Fengfeng’s body. This was the most direct evidence of the plot that occurred so it naturally had to be retained. He drew in a deep breath, “Everyone, let’s fight to the death!”

    The many monster beasts that were drawn here by the mystic beast fodder medicine hadn’t attacked yet because of the vague sense of fear they felt. But as Black Beibei placed the mystic beast fodder medicine into the enchantment created by the protection of god, he effectively isolated its aura from the outside. The monster beasts immediately began to riot. They howled, their cries linking into a single endless stretch that reached into the heavens.

    The Jiang Family siblings had dreary and tragic expressions. They knew it would be difficult for them to survive today, but if they were to force Black Beibei to expand the protection of god and protect them too, that was impossible. If they tried that, the entire Jiang Family would be completely overwhelmed and crushed by the Great Desolate’s White Family. It seemed their only choice was to bet their lives and fight to the death, hoping to find a slim ray of hope in the chaos.

    The three of them had cold and frigid expressions. The despair in their eyes slowly turned into a manic insanity.

    Since they were doomed to die here, then they would drag as many monster beasts as they could to the yellow springs!

    When a human was on the precipice of life and death, they would expose all of their weaknesses and fears. The most basic and instinctual desire of any living being was to survive. This was why whether it was Black Beibei or White Fengfeng, the qualities these two displayed left Qin Yu in deep acclaim. This was because he didn’t know if he himself could achieve this if placed in the same situation.

    As for the Jiang Family siblings, they were also extremely intelligent people. They clearly knew they were about to die, but they were still able to maintain their reasoning and see the larger picture. Though they had resentment in their hearts over this situation, their actions were still praiseworthy.

    These four people were outstanding individuals. If they were to die here it would be too much of a pity.

    Qin Yu turned and looked at the unconscious White Fengfeng. As he thought about how this girl had just tried to save everyone just now, he subconsciously smiled. He stepped forwards and calmly said, “All of you stay here and guard White Fengfeng.”

    Black Beibei and the River Family siblings were stunned. But before they could understand his words, their jaws fell open and shock filled their eyes.

    Bang –

    With a dull ring, the ground suddenly exploded and a massive crater appeared with cracks spreading out everywhere. Qin Yu’s figure was like lightning as he broke into that rushing mass of monster beasts. He lifted a hand and five-colored divine light erupted around his fingers. The five colors of the Five Element Swords appeared. They swept up the surrounding heaven and earth spiritual strength, forming a multicolored vortex.

    Bang –

    Blood red flames ignited from Qin Yu’s body, blazing all around him. His speed instantly rose up ten times over, making him seem as if he had transformed into a bolt of blood red lightning. He zigzagged through the swarm of monster beasts.

    A big black bear with thick skin and powerful defensive abilities was sent flying away. There was a terrifying wound opened on its chest and blood gushed out. It fell to the ground, twitching several times before falling silent. It had unexpectedly been killed in a single frontal collision.

    Another blue wild ape tried to sneak attack. It held a giant black stone stick in its hand, and as it smashed down even the air shuddered. As it struck the ground, the earth quaked and a massive hole appeared. Several weaker monster beasts nearby were killed on the spot. However, the blue wild ape’s target wasn’t there. It leapt back vigilantly, but in the next moment there was a flash of red lightning and its giant head flew into the sky.

    A large black spider screeched out loud, its voice like invisible iron needles that stabbed into the brain. At the same time, its poison sacs bulged and it spewed out a tremendous amount of faint yellow poison. Several mountain wolves were accidently drenched in this poison. They howled in pain and stumbled to the floor, the life quickly fading from their eyes. Then, their flesh and blood started to rot, quickly turning into black and red pus that flowed over the ground. Even the earth was corroded by this pus, turning pitch black and with several holes forming all over. But in the next moment, that terrifying dark night demon spider froze in place. Its abdomen was broken open and all kinds of disgusting half-digested food spewed to the ground.

    There were several hundred monster beasts, and some among them were powerful existences that had reached the formidable Divine Soul realm. But beneath that onslaught of blood red lightning, none of them were able to resist.

    In the cacophony of pained howls, the monster beasts began to feel fear. Their hearts that blazed with greed and desire now had a bucket of icy cold water dumped over them. There were already some small and weak monster beasts fleing towards the outskirts of the battlefield. They wanted to leave, but they couldn’t help but glance towards White Fengfeng.

    Although the scent had already disappeared, they knew that thing was over there. They wavered, unwilling to leave.

    Bang –

    Qin Yu slashed out his palm, sending a giant alligator monster beast flying away. He drew backwards. At this time, beneath the bleed red flames, his face was already beginning to pale. Activating the Blood Escape Art and erupting with the power of his cultivation would allow him to explode with astonishing combat strength for a short period, but at the same time, it was similarly exhausting.

    The ground was shattered all over. Amidst the cracks, corpses of monster beasts lay prone on the ground, their blood flowing out and collecting in the craters left on the battlefield. This was the image of an Asura hell, the infernal slaughter energy soaring to the skies!

    The swarm of monster beasts had already dispersed. Most of them had retreated far into the distance where they kept watch. Only five monster beasts still remained, their cold eyes locked onto Qin Yu.

    At this moment, any monster beasts that could maintain their courage and fighting spirit were naturally powerhouses amongst their kind. The five remaining monster beasts all had strengths comparable to the Divine Soul realm.

    Even a single initial Divine Soul realm monster beast was terrifying enough. The shoulder of Qin Yu’s robes was torn to pieces. If it weren’t for the potent defensive capabilities of the Demon God Armor, he feared his shoulder would have been smashed to pieces.

    And the one who accomplished this was one of those monster beasts, a giant ape that stood 30 feet tall. Red blood lines between its eyebrows separated it from the blue wild ape. Its eyes flashed with wisdom and savagery.

    Suddenly, the ape reared back its head and howled into the skies. It struck its chest repeatedly, beating against it like a giant drum and causing the air itself to shake. The surrounding four monster beasts revealed looks of hesitation. But as the ape roared out once more, their eyes revealed awe and they all howled together.

    Qin Yu’s pupils shrank.

    “Be careful, that is a blood eye beheading ape! It wants to borrow the power of the four other monster beasts and galvanize its inborn supernatural art, Beheading Blood Light. Don’t be hit by it!” Black Beibei loudly cautioned, his complexion tight and worried.

    At this time the four monster beasts had already walked next to the large ape. They roared out in unison, power erupting from their bodies. The great ape roared out loud, sucking in all this power into its body. Then, the blood lines between its eyebrows began to split open.

    A flash of red appeared, as if the portal to an endless sea of blood had opened. A limitless demonic destructive aura erupted. The four monster beasts shivered, fear in their eyes. It was obvious that they felt incomparable dread towards this ape’s inborn supernatural skill.

    The ape looked down at Qin Yu and grinned, revealing its shiny white fangs. It was a very cold and horrifyingly human sneer. In that moment, the blood red light gathered together and shot out. It was as fast as lightning, and in the blink of an eye it arrived right in front of Qin Yu!

    Black Beibei emitting an unwilling roar. He was originally shocked by what he saw; if Qin Yu was stronger, then they would have the chance to survive. But just when he saw a faint glimmer of hope, it was mercilessly crushed to pieces.

    Blood eye beheading ape. When it grew to adulthood, it would have a Divine Soul level cultivation. In particular, it was born with a blood eye between its eyebrows, one that contained a transcendent level of prestige and energy. In the rumors, it was said to even possess the power of the Laws. Once someone was struck, even a Divine Soul realm master would instantly perish, their soul erased. Although Qin Yu had displayed a formidable combat strength, facing this Beheading Blood Light, there was still no chance for him to survive. Moreover, beneath that Beheading Blood Light, not even the protection of god would be able to guarantee White Fengfeng’s safety.

    Black Beibei gripped his fists so tightly that his nails sank into his flesh and blood dripped down from his palms.

    And at this time, Qin Yu suddenly moved. Of course, saying it this way was a bit incorrect, because when the demon ape’s blood eye was about to open, Qin Yu had already started to move. It was just that Black Beibei and everyone else’s minds were completely sucked into that blood red light, so they hadn’t noticed this at all. This was why in the eyes of others, it seemed as if Qin Yu had lifted his hand when the Beheading Blood Light was just about to fall on them, and then pointed out a finger.

    A brilliant light erupted from deep within Black Beibei’s pupils, but it soon vanished. Although this fellow daoist Baoyu quickly responded, any supernatural art was meaningless beneath that Beheading Blood Light. The only exception was if it could surpass some limit and approach a situation similar to controlling the rules.

    But how was that possible? Controlling the rules was a boundary only Blue Sea realm supreme elders could touch upon. Although fellow daoist Baoyu was strong and had revealed heaven-shaking skills, he still couldn’t reach this realm.

    As the finger fell, the fingertip nearly touched the Beheading Blood Light. Even so, one could still feel the frosty power contained within that blood red light, one that shot straight into the depths of the soul. The red color on Qin Yu’s face suddenly vanished and his body stiffened as if he had fallen into an icy cave!

    In the next moment, strong winds whipped up in the void. There was a loud rumbling from up above. Because it was in the dark at night, one couldn’t see the storms forming all around. However, that boundless strength which sprinkled down still allowed one to feel the terrifying strength within. In that moment, the air instantly froze, trapping the Beheading Blood Light within. The phantom of a finger appeared from Qin Yu’s fingertip, dancing in the frozen air.

    Kacha –

    The frozen air shattered. The Beheading Blood Light caught within also broke into countless blocks, tumbling away and dissipating.

    The blood eye beheading ape’s sneer stiffened and its eyes widened with disbelief. In the next moment, that disbelief transformed into endless fear.


    It howled and screeched in pain. The blood eye between its eyebrows seemed to be pierced through by an invisible arrow. Blood flowed out and its massive figure staggered, wobbling on the ground for a moment before falling down.

    The backlash from its inborn Beheading Blood Light ability had struck back, unexpectedly taking its life!

    The four monster beasts beside the ape that had lent their strength to it also started to roar out together. Blood leaked from their eyes. With the blood eye beheading ape standing in front of them, it had managed to block most of the backlash’s strength. Though their injuries weren’t too serious, the strength Qin Yu displayed had left them horrified.

    Beheading Blood Light, that was the Beheading Blood Light! It was a power that could easily kill a Divine Soul cultivator, but not only had it been blocked with a mere finger, but a dreadful backlash had resulted from it, killing off the ape instead. In the eyes of these monster beasts, Qin Yu had become the most terrifying existence in the world, as if just a single look could easily kill them. How could they still care about that mystic beast fodder medicine or whatever? Preserving their own lives was already more than enough. The four Divine Soul monster beasts screamed in horror and turned to flee. They were like dogs scrambling away with their tails between their legs, all of their previous power and majesty gone!

    At the edges of the battlefield, there were still monster beasts that were reluctant to leave. They froze for a moment, then, their buttholes tightened and then all turned and ran away.

    What nonsense, five Divine Soul bosses had joined forces yet one of them had been easily cut down. If they stayed here, how was that any different from committing suicide?

    After several breaths of time, all of the killing intent in the air completely vanished. One could hear the panic-stricken roars of the fleeing monster beasts in the distance. As time passed, the sounds became further and further until they finally vanished.