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Chapter 249 - Words Can Definitely Cut Like A Knife!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 249: Words Can Definitely Cut Like A Knife!

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    “That’s not called mutiny, it’s called planning ahead and taking a chance to fight back!” Jian Qi refuted. “Have you ever heard about a double agent?”

    The teammate was silent for two seconds. “Zhao Yu is the definitely the type to be so straightforward that he wouldn’t know how to turn any corners. He wouldn’t be a spy to his own comrades!”

    Jian Qi thought for a bit. Now what they had to do was save him, but how could they do it?

    “Give me your wristband and act like you’re going to go save him while I ambush Li Yibo and steal the wristband from his hand!” Jian Qi whispered in his ear.

    The teammate furrowed his brow slightly as he heard her words. “You sure?”

    “We don’t have a lot of time to plan, Zhao Yu looks like he’s going to choose to be a martyr!” Jian Qi replied.

    Upon hearing this, the teammate took off his wristband and handed it to Jian Qi.

    Meanwhile, Li Yibo knew that his plan was a bust upon seeing the freshman’s expression of conviction, making him remember how these people’s mouths were clamped shut by metal.

    They would not even speak a word even if they were tortured, not to mention letting them be spies against their own comrades.

    He quickly changed his plans, knowing that he only needed to hold the wristband and keep the freshman hostage so that the other freshmen would come save him.

    The veteran that had been eliminated by the freshman was just sitting there and watching on as Li Yibo plotted against the freshmen.

    Seeing Li Yibo get refused so vehemently by the freshman, he laughed. “Major, don’t you think you really don’t understand the Special Fire Team? Are we the type of people to betray our comrades to live?”

    Li Yibo looked over at the veteran. “You’re dead, so shut up! It’s bad luck!”

    The edge of the veteran’s lips twitched. “Major, dead people have pride too!”

    As the two of them were arguing, Jian Qi’s teammate walked out.

    “Zhao Yu, are you okay?” He asked in concern.

    Zhao Yu did not have the chance to speak before Li Yibo smiled. “See, someone’s here to save you now!”

    The freshman acted as if he did not know what Li Yibo was talking about, and he asked in a confused tone, “What’s going on?”

    Zhao Yu explained, “My wristband was stolen by him. Go, you can’t beat him by yourself!”

    He did think of fighting Li Yibo with the two of them there, but Li Yibo could always press the button on the wristband and cause him to be eliminated, and even bring his comrade along with him too!

    Li Yibo did not want to give the freshman the chance to run away, so he said, “Come fight me, and if you can get the wristband from me, I’ll let the both of you go!”

    The freshman smirked before he said, “Major, aren’t you too arrogant? Don’t you remember the drill from before?”

    Upon mentioning the matter from before, Li Yibo’s smile froze on his face.

    The Special Fire Team was truly filled with a bunch of people that he wanted to beat up.

    “Don’t you know how to avoid certain topics? It really pisses me off!” Li Yibo frowned and said.

    The freshman laughed. “Major, are you think about getting revenge for such a trivial matter? That was just a drill! It’s only natural that you lost.”

    As he spoke, the glint in Li Yibo’s eyes became more and more dangerous.

    “You’re dead meat!” Li Yibo exclaimed. “No more small talk, let’s get started!”

    Meanwhile, Jian Qi was moving the other way around, looking at the scene with an evil smile.

    She knew he would be one to get provoked by simple words!