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Chapter 246 - Just You Wait, You’re Going Down! (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 246: Just You Wait, You’re Going Down! (2)

    Regardless of what everyone else had said, Gu Xue still refused to believe that Rong Wang was that sort of a person even with the proof staring her in the face. However, she had personally witnessed why her beloved idol was considered to be such a repulsive and disgusting person.

    Gu Xue felt wave after wave of nausea crashing over her followed by extreme disappointment and sadness.

    She rushed forward and used her purse to whack Rong Wang in the face. “You bastard! Scram! How could you do this us after how much we trusted you and supported you! Burn in hell!”

    Rong Wang had never expected Gu Xue to suddenly appear before him. His immediate reaction was to try to weasel his way out of the situation. “Xue’er, I can explain. She was the one who tried to seduce me. I just drank a little too much and couldn’t control myself…”

    “She has a boyfriend whom she loved dearly! She has only ever treated you as an idol, and you’re telling me she tried to seduce you? What a joke! Xu Weilai was right! You’re a monster! I’m going to expose you to the world! Just you wait, you’re going down!”

    Gu Xue pushed Rong Wang away forcefully, intending to help the other fan up. As Rong Wang fell onto the couch beside him, he suddenly let out an ominous laugh that made the hair on the back of Gu Xue’s neck stand.

    When she looked over, she caught the dangerous glint in his eyes. Gu Xue’s heart skipped a beat and instinctively tried to run out. However, Rong Wang pounced over and grabbed her by the hair, dragging her back and throwing her onto the couch!

    He forced his body on top of Gu Xue’s and pinned her struggling hands and feet down. With a humorless laugh, he said, “Gu Xue, how could you trust Xu Weilai over me? Haven’t you liked me since forever? It breaks my heart to see that you’ve betrayed me. Since you’re already out to destroy me, there’s no need for me to maintain any form of courtesy with you anymore! Even if I die under your skirts, I’ll still be happy to flirt as a ghost!”

    The very next second, his hand tore Gu Xue’s clothing apart violently, exposing her creamy white skin. As blood rushed to Rong Wang’s head at the sight, he lowered his head, eager for a taste of the tantalizing treat…

    Gu Xue’s cried and struggles did nothing but arouse the beast inside him. He flipped her skirt up and held her down by the waist…

    Just as Gu Xue was beginning to lose hope, a clear voice rang out from outside.

    “Oh my god! This is a perfect angle! I’ll do a special write-up for you. With such an animalistic expression on your face, I’m sure it’ll be the only one of its kind!”

    Rong Wang froze on the spot and looked up. Xu Weilai had entered the private room some time ago without him realizing it. In her hand was a mobile phone, with the camera aimed at him.

    Gu Xue had been scared out of her wits. Tears streaked her face, and she could only stare at Xu Weilai in a daze. Instinctively, she pleaded for help. “Save me, please…”

    Rong Wang curled his lips into a sinister smile. “Nice! You’ve come at the right time! You managed to get away the last time, but you’re not going to be so lucky this time around!”

    He licked his lips and gazed at Xu Weilai with obscene lust revealed nakedly in his eyes. He climbed off Gu Xue and strode over towards Xu Weilai.

    “You can all forget about escaping my clutches today! I’m going to have my way with each and every one of you!”

    Rong Wang dared to be so audacious because he didn’t think much of Xu Weilai and the other girls in the room. He didn’t feel vulnerable at all. Besides, his assistant was in the other private room next door. How hard could it be to subdue these women?

    “You like taking pictures, don’t you? In a moment, I’ll film the entire process of me violating you and send it to you as a memento!”

    With the existence of such a video recording, he wasn’t afraid that Xu Weilai would try to expose him. At the very worst, if he went down, he’d drag the whole lot of them into hell with him!

    With that intention in mind, Rong Wang walked up to Xu Weilai, and reached out to grab her by her wrist!