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Chapter 271 - It’s My Boss’ Orders

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 271: It’s My Boss’ Orders

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    Hearing the loud smash, Stephen and his men immediately stormed into the room.

    After seeing that there was no imminent danger in the meeting room, the 4 muscular men-in-black did not walk out. Instead, they marched and lined up behind Ning Meng. Standing proud and tall, these men looked as intimidating as the soldiers from the military.

    Papa Lu was no idiot. He could see that Ning Meng’s bodyguards were highly trained, seasoned mercenaries. It was quite difficult for any mere wealthy family to hire just one of these people, and yet, this woman was able to hire 4 of them!

    Just who was this woman?

    Seeing that Papa Lu had finally stopped talking, Ning Meng opened her mouth. “Mr. Lu, do you know just what kind of treatment God has had to undergo in the club?”

    Papa Lu nodded his head. “Yes.”

    “Are you sure? Have you seen it with your own eyes? Or have you done any inspections on the club?” Ning Meng glared coldly at him. “I’m willing to bet a million dollars that all your information came from your dear son’s, Lu Jiahao’s, mouth. Well, in that case, you don’t know sh*t! They can come up with any kind of lie and tell it to you straight in the face, and you wouldn’t know it!”

    Taking another step forward, Ning Meng asked, “Have you been told that God had a high fever yesterday? It was so serious that he had to be sent to the hospital?”

    Furrowing his brows, Papa Lu replied, “They did tell me this. And God, this is on you. You did not have to go to the hospital for just a small meager fever. All you needed was just an antipyretic pill, there was no need to waste everyone’s money and time like that.”

    Ning Meng smirked. “His fever was 39.5 Celcius degrees and he had passed out entirely. Are you sure your E-sports Club has any kind of expert medical treatment that can treat that?!”

    She threw God’s medical report that had been given to them by the hospital at Papa Lu. “Have a good look at it! That ‘small meager fever’ almost took God’s life! If I hadn’t gotten there in time, God would most likely be handicapped for life!”

    Papa Lu was shocked to hear this. After reading the medical records, Papa Lu frowned as he turned toward Lu Jiahao. “Jiahao, what’s the meaning of this?”

    Lu Jiahao explained anxiously. “Dad, I did not know brother’s fever was that bad! Our club’s physician was already on his way but before he was able to have a look at him, this woman had already come in and taken him away!”

    Papa Lu believed Lu Jiahao’s words and looked at God. “In that case, it was just a misunderstanding. God, you must know that it’s not easy to make a name in E-sports. You’re still a newbie and have nothing to back you up. Stay in the club and apologize to your brother. If you do that, I’ll treat this as if nothing happened, alright?”

    Then, he looked at Ning Meng. “And would you kindly not get involved in this? No matter who you are, this is our family’s business. We don’t need you to come and meddle with our affairs.”

    God smirked. “Wrong. You are no family to me.”

    Ning Meng raised an eyebrow at Papa Lu. “Family business? I have no interest in your filthy family’s affairs. I’m just here to poach God away. Give me a proper deal, otherwise, I won’t leave.”

    Hearing this, Papa Lu was surprised yet again, rendered unable to retort.

    Lu Jiahao yelled out loudly, “Dad! Don’t listen to this b*tch! She’s just a wh*re! All she wanted is to…”

    Before he was able to finish his words, Stephen took a few steps forward and threw a powerful punch onto Lu Jiahao’s face!

    Stephen was trained expertly in hand-to-hand combat, and his punch could send any professional boxer to the ground in just one blow!

    As expected, Lu Jiahao instantly fell to the floor, feeling dizzy from the punch that he had just received. His face turned red and sore as his nose started to bleed.

    Stephen, standing next to Ning Meng firmly, said, “It was my boss’ orders. If you dared to insult her with even one word, my order was to shut you up. Be glad that his order was not to ‘terminate with extreme prejudice’.”