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Chapter 191 - With A Rhythm

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 191: With A Rhythm

    After she sent the text message, her face fell.

    If not for what happened in her first life, perhaps she would really accept this Mr Su.

    It’s a pity that there was no if.

    The tragic ending of her first life was there, becoming a scar in her heart that could never be removed.

    And without going through it, she simply could not have the ability to return to life, nor could she get the top spot or know how to fight back.

    She would live with Mr Su’s indifference and his accidental control all her life, and never know herself.

    Her life was meaningless.

    Most importantly, from then on, the only person she could not let down, was Bo Muyi.

    Who else needed so much care from her?

    The text was like a boundary, drawn clearly.

    Mr Su was her father. After all, he had raised her for so many years.

    However, there was only responsibility between them now, and nothing else.

    He could also live his family life with Gu Yanfang. For so many years, he did not miss her.

    After the text message was sent, there was no reply for a long time.

    Pausing slightly, Su Cha got up and began to pack.

    She had booked a ticket to return to Yonggu Town today.

    Although it was very close, after all, across the province, Su Cha took a direct flight.

    As for his biological parents, Su Cha didn’t have much idea.

    She felt that she could put herself in the hands of Sufu. She had already explained the reason side by side. At least 80% of the reason was that she did not want to return to her previous life.

    Because she experienced too many things, she now has no expectation for her parents. Even if there is a biological parent, she is not prepared to spend any effort to find, everything is natural.

    Even if she can’t find it in her life, it is enough for her to live by herself.

    Even if there are many mists in front of her, she can only wait for the time to dial away one by one. Now she is eager to figure it out, and it will only disrupt her current rhythm and become a mess.

    Finally reborn, her main goal is to make herself better, not to worry.

    At noon, when she just got on the plane, she saw Le Anqi sending herself a WeChat message.

    Angel: MMP Su Cha, you go to the official website to see the interview of the man on the 30th, it’s almost! ! She deliberately takes you in rhythm! !

    Su Cha frowned, but now the plane was about to take off. The announcement was urging shutdown or turning on the flight mode. She hesitated and sent a message to Le Anqi.

    Sucha: I’m on the plane now, I’ll be there in about an hour, and I’ll watch it later.

    With that said, she turned on flight mode.

    The plane quickly reached Yonggu City, and Su Cha turned on her phone as soon as it landed.

    Le Angel: Ahhhhhh, wait until you arrive

    Le Anqi: I admire why there are such women. She is obviously intentional. Many netizens also said that she looks so simple, just a fart!

    Le Anqi: Why doesn’t she say Jin Eye! Can’t you bother Jin Jin?

    She could see that Le Anqi was very excited and sent her several messages in a row.

    Su Cha doesn’t know what the contestant said during the interview, but it’s not good to think about it.

    Otherwise, Le Anqi would not be excited like this. She walked out of the airport and went to the official website of the program group.