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Chapter 313 – Too Horrifying

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     Was it…over? Black Beibei blinked his eyes and then blinked some more. He finally determined that this wasn’t a dream. His gaze fell upon Qin Yu’s back with awe. Not only was he able to destroy the Beheading Blood Light but he had even caused a backlash that killed the ape. He couldn’t help but think of that seemingly common finger and the immense heavenly prestige within it.

    But no matter what the truth was, there was one thing he was sure of. This fellow daoist Baoyu was a truly unfathomable person with an incomparably dreadful background. It was impossible for this sort of existence to have any lascivious intent towards White Fengfeng to begin with. It seemed he had been mistaken from the very start.

    He thought about all the taunts and naked hostility he had shown before, and a cold sweat drenched him. He hurried forwards and bowed, “This junior is the Great Desolate Lake’s Black Beibei. I greet Senior Baoyu. I didn’t know senior’s identity before, so if I offended senior I ask that senior be broad-minded!”

    Jiang Wuhai and Jiang Ziyuan were frightened so badly that their faces turned pale white. Maybe the name of the Great Desolate Lake could play a role, but their Jiang Family might not have such an honor.

    The back of that figure didn’t respond. He only calmly stood there, as if he stepped upon the center of the heavens and earth. An invisible wave of pressure spread outwards, completely submerging Black Beibei and the Jiang siblings. Their hearts grew heavier with fear and a cold sweat soaked their robes. Yet, none of them dared to move a single inch. The atmosphere was so quiet that one could hear a needle falling.

    This was bad, this was extremely bad! This senior definitely had an opinion. If it were them and they were insulted repeatedly by several juniors, then they would also likely grow angry. If Senior Baoyu hadn’t exposed his cultivation then it might have been fine, but since he revealed his heaven-shocking prestige and power, he naturally had to defend the dignity of a powerhouse right now.

    They feared they would definitely suffer hardship today. But luckily for them, since Senior Baoyu had saved them, he shouldn’t make things too difficult for them.

    But no matter how they thought about it, the three of them were still like ants in a hot pot, all of them worried and nervous.

    Time slowly passed. As Black Beibei and the Jiang siblings started to lose all confidence, they finally heard a long sigh. This voice broke the deathly silence in the world and pulled the minds of the three back from the edge of collapse. They gasped for breath, alarm and fear on their face.

    This Senior Baoyu was truly formidable. Just the silence alone made them feel as if they had gone through a great life or death calamity! They only hoped that this senior would be merciful and wouldn’t punish them too heavily.

    On the other side, Qin Yu’s pale face had finally regained a bit of color. The aura of the Beheading Blood Light that sank into his body slowly dissipated and he gradually regained control of his body. The blood eye beheading ape’s supernatural skill was actually so powerful! Even though it was just a bit of the aura, it was this terrifying!

    Luckily, when he was in the sea region, the Boundless Blue Finger had awoken some incredibly terrifying characteristic. It could match and perish with any supernatural skill, otherwise with Qin Yu’s current strength it would have been impossible for him to resist that Blood Beheading Light.

    The Boundless Blue Finger’s special characteristic could be called ‘perishing with the enemy’. Of course, this ‘perishing with the enemy’ had its own limits. When the opponent erupted with a strength surpassing this limit, the Boundless Blue Finger’s special characteristic would be broken.

    However, if it could even destroy that horrifying Beheading Blood Light, it seemed that the Boundless Blue Finger’s limit far surpassed Qin Yu’s expectations. In the past, he had lain in front of the blue cow statue and had successfully achieved the Demon Body and also obtained the inheritance of the Three Blue Fingers. Now, the first Boundless Blue Finger had displayed a strength far surpassing what it originally had. If so, then could the second Blue Spirit Finger also possess a level of strength that Qin Yu had yet to touch upon? There was even the third Blue Sea Finger that he had yet to be able to control! It seemed that he had underestimated it all this time. In the future, perhaps the Three Blue Fingers might be a fierce card of his.

    He took a deep breath and suppressed these thoughts. When he turned around, what he saw were three anxious people, all of them nervously glancing at him. What he didn’t know was just how much suffering these three had gone through while he was regaining control of his body. If he delayed any further, they might have started crying.


    Black Beibei fell to his knees, his pained face full of sorrow. “This junior had eyes but could not see. I did not know of Senior Baoyu’s true identity. If senior wishes to kill me or punish me, this junior will have no complaints.”

    There was nothing he could do…he had just mentioned he was someone from the Great Desolate Lake, but this clearly didn’t place any pressure on Senior Baoyu. In fact, it might have caused him to be a bit unhappy. Otherwise how could Senior Baoyu completely disregard their status and make them suffer like this? Since he couldn’t take that road, the only path left was to fall to his knees and admit all mistakes on his own initiative. This was the only possible way to appease Senior Baoyu.

    Of course, even though this Brother Black spoke with such a strong sense of righteousness, he was already overflowing with regret. At this time, he had prayed to the various gods and buddhas, hoping that they could bless him and help him overcome this disaster. Senior Baoyu, this junior had only been joking around all this time, please don’t take me seriously!

    The Jiang Family siblings were left shaken. From Black Beibei’s actions, they realized just how fierce this Senior Baoyu was. This was the Great Desolate Lake! Yet this senior didn’t give them any consideration at all. If so, then they had even fewer qualifications to be shown mercy. The siblings quickly fell to their knees, sincerely pleading for mercy. “We ask senior to not lower yourself to the level of us juniors.”

    Qin Yu frowned. His thoughts raced and he found the reason why they were like this. It seemed that they had been frightened by the fact he had destroyed the Beheading Blood Light and killed the ape through the backlash.

    But this was also fine.

    Qin Yu lightly said, “I hope that none of you will reveal what happened today.”

    Black Beibei was overjoyed. Did this mean that he wasn’t going to punish them?

    “Senior, rest assured that the three of us will absolutely not inform anyone of what we saw today!” As he spoke, he hurriedly eyed the Jiang Family siblings.

    Idiots, why aren’t you hurrying up and agreeing? If Senior Baoyu decided to change his mind, they wouldn’t even have the chance to cry.

    “We siblings agree that if we reveal anything about senior, we will suffer the three disasters, five calamities, and ten tribulations, forever trapped in samsara!

    Qin Yu smiled. Looking at these three fellows and how honest they were, he was pleased. Since he had frightened them already, he shouldn’t talk too much. It was about time to leave. If he were to stay much longer, his disguise might be seen through, creating more issues instead.

    “The danger should have passed. You should travel the rest of the way yourself.” Qin Yu turned and left, vanishing in several blinks of the eye. His voice echoed back from afar, “Remember what you promised.”

    “Take care, Senior Bayou!” Black Beibei and the other two took a deep breath and slowly stood up. They glanced at each other, rejoicing within. Luckily, this senior really didn’t bother with them, otherwise if he really wanted to punish them they would have lost several layers of skin at least.

    “Brother Jiang, Miss Jiang, you have already heard Senior Baoyu’s words, but let me remind you once more to not hold onto any lucky thoughts, otherwise disaster will surely strike in the future.”

    The Jiang Family siblings felt their hearts shake. They sensed Black Beibei’s meaning and nodded.

    Black Beibei picked up White Fengfeng. Looking at her unconscious appearance, he couldn’t help but force out a smile. His aunt was right. No matter how superb his talent was, he couldn’t compete with Fengfeng. This brat’s luck was simply heaven-defying. She had casually reached out and grabbed onto a fierce and potent existence like Senior Baoyu. They were all fortunate that she did this, otherwise they would have already become food for the monster beasts.

    “Let’s go!”

    As the three people vanished, Qin Yu’s figure appeared in the dark of night, a self-ridiculing smile on his face. “I was so caught up in the act that I nearly messed up and forgot about this.” He quickly scanned the corpses of the monster beasts. Then, his eyes lit up. He flicked his sleeves and a golden Five Element Magic Sword appeared. It drilled into the corpse of a monster beast, and with several screeching sounds the magic sword flew back out with a hundred teeth in tow. Qin Yu lifted a finger and pointed. A sphere of water appeared in the air and cleaned the monster beast teeth. Then, he carefully placed them in his storage ring.

    After a while, he found another monster beast corpse that could be refined into Storm Flow. But this time, what could be used were its bones. The golden magic sword twisted and changed, taking the shape of a butcher’s cleaver. It chopped through the corpse, blood and meat flying out all over.

    There were far more bones than teeth. After successfully refining, the power of Storm Flow could be imagined. As Qin Yu cleaned the bones, he gently sighed to himself.

    Moments later, almost all of the corpses had been examined. All that remained was the corpse of the blood eye beheading ape. This was a monster beast at the Divine Soul realm and also one that possessed great supernatural powers. If he could use it…Qin Yu inspected it and revealed a look of disappointment. Indeed, the dream of having Divine Soul level Storm Flow weapons wasn’t too realistic.

    What a useless fellow. Its massive head was wasted on it.

    Qin Yu curled his lips. Just as he was about to leave, his eyes flashed and he thrust out his hand.

    Puff –

    The point between the blood eye beheading ape’s eyebrows broke apart and a scarlet bead appeared. This thing was its third eye. After the blood eye beheading ape died, it turned into this; it was a bit unexpected. He held it in his hand. It was cool and hard, as if it were formed from jade. There were faint cracks on its surface; it seemed that this was the result of the backlash.

    Qin Yu thought for a moment and then probed the bead with his divine sense. His expression changed in the next moment and he severed his divine sense without hesitation, his face paling.

    When his divine sense probed the bead, it was like he had entered an incomparably terrifying sea of blood, one that tumbled around with dreadful waves of killing intent that wanted to crush the soul! If it weren’t for Qin Yu taking the initiative, he would have likely been struck by this sea of blood. At the very least his soul would have been greatly damaged.

    He took a deep breath, his heart shaking. Qin Yu took the bead formed from the blood eye and a smile slowly lifted his face. This thing could be considered a happy surprise. Because of the cracks on the surface, it was barely maintaining a sense of stability. Once it was struck by an outside impact, the destructive force within would thoroughly explode.

    If he were fighting to the death with someone and he suddenly threw out this blood eye, the effects would definitely be good. Or, it would be fine if he considered it a lifesaving card. Even if he faced a peak Divine Soul powerhouse, they still wouldn’t be able to deal with this blood eye easily. If so, then it was even more valuable than a set of Storm Flow weapons.

    Qin Yu chuckled several times and carefully put away the blood eye. He stepped forwards and howled far away.

    After a long time, a male and female cultivator stepped out from the darkness, trembling. They looked at the scene of carnage and bloodshed all around them, especially the skinned and torn corpses of the monster beasts, and their originally pale faces turned even whiter. Endless amounts of fear and dread filled their faces.

    “S-s-s-senior-ap-p-prentice brother…w-w-we…should…h-h-hurry and f-f-flee…” She stammered as she spoke, tears mixing with the snot dripping from her nose, her appearance one of extreme distress.

    The man didn’t even say a word. He grabbed onto his junior-apprentice sister’s hand and ran. He erupted with an unprecedented level of speed. The corpses strewn over the ground were freakish enough, but what was even more abnormal was that person hovering over their corpses. Just now he had been tearing through their bodies, letting out a bone-chilling cackle the entire time…it was too horrifying, just too horrifying!