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Chapter 529 - What Sort of Treatment Method Is This?

Medical Master
     “The second patient, Mr. Ding.” Director Li Huawen pointed at a middle-aged man in his fifties and said, “Mr. Ding has diagnosed with lung cancer, and he is also in the terminal stage.

    “The third patient, Mr. Cao.” Pointing at the last male patient, Li Huawen said, “Mr. Cao is suffering from liver cancer, which is also in the advanced stage.”

    Hearing the introduction of Director Li Huawen, the one hundred media reporters present were all surprised.

    The audience who were watching the live streaming all opened their eyes wide and showed a look of disbelief.

    They were all in the terminal stage of cancer, which was equivalent to setting the time of death. They were just waiting for the right time.

    The three patients’ conditions were so severe. Could Fang Qiu really cure them?

    Not just the audience, even Fang Qiu’s family and friends watching TV couldn’t help but worry about him!

    Fang Qiu’s mother asked his father with a grim face, “They’re all terribly sick. Can our son really cure them?”

    “Who is he?” Fang Qiu’s father smiled and said, “He’s our son! We have to have faith in him!”

    Meanwhile, many doctors of Chinese Medicine who were watching the live broadcast all frowned.

    “Isn’t this too difficult?”

    “They’re already in the terminal stage. How can he save them?”

    “In the advanced stage, it’s very likely that the cancer cells have gone deep into the bones, which can even turn into bone cancer. It’s even difficult to keep a few months’ life, let alone curing them!”

    For a moment, many doctors of Chinese Medicine began to get nervous.

    After all, Fang Qiu’s publicity today was related to the reputation of doctors of Chinese Medicine. Whether Chinese Medicine could rise or not depended on what he did today. It would only lead to two things. One was that Chinese Medicine finally rose and amazed the entire world, and the other was that it would fall and be scolded by thousands of people!

    As Chinese Medicine practitioners, they really wanted to stop Fang Qiu.

    However, everything had already begun. It was too late to stop it now.

    There was no doubt that if they knew in advance that Fang Qiu had found such difficult cases, they would inevitably kill this plan which was meant to fall.

    Of course, not all doctors of Chinese Medicine held this idea.

    Among them, some people who knew more about medicine understood why he did this.

    The cancers that the three patients Fang Qiu chose were suffering from were all representative of common cancers.

    The women’s breast cancer, men’s liver cancer, and lung cancer caused by excessive smoking and drinking were currently the most common cancers.

    Even if he had to choose the most representative cases, he didn’t need to find the patients who were in the terminal stage.

    “This kid is too confident!”

    “It’s impossible to cure these diseases. How can he treat them?”

    “Since he dares to choose them, it seems that he should have treatment methods, but can he really do it?”

    For a moment, all kinds of discussions were heating up on the Internet.

    The heated discussions were all about whether Fang Qiu could cure them or why he chose patients with such serious conditions and so on.

    In the large conference room, Director Li Huawen stood on the stage and said after introducing the three patients’ conditions. “According to the doctor’s instructions, the three patients can meet the physical examination requirements.

    “Then, now, one hundred media reporters, please go to the hospital with our patients for the physical examination.”

    After that, Director Li Huawen left the stage.

    He then made a gesture of invitation to the media reporters.

    The 100 media reporters didn’t hesitate. They immediately got up and went with the patients for examination.

    Fang Qiu was alone in the conference room, closing his eyes to have a rest.

    After showing Fang Qiu a picture, the live broadcast turned to the physical examination section.

    An hour later, the physical examination reports of the three patients were all out.

    Under the witness of the live broadcast and the 100 media reporters, the doctor who helped the patients do the physical examinations carefully read their medical reports. Then he said in front of the reporters and the live camera, “According to the results of the medical examinations, three patients are all in the terminal stage of cancer. According to the reports, it’s quite difficult to cure them.”

    As they heard that, the reporters present arched their eyebrows.

    All the viewers who were watching the live broadcast were also nervous.

    The doctor who was watching the physical examination reports couldn’t help but murmur to himself as he got the reports, “These patients are all terribly ill. Can Fang Qiu really cure them?”

    Soon, with the physical examination reports, 100 media reporters and three patients returned to the conference room.

    This time, all the people’s spirits were lifted.

    If today’s incident had to be compared to a big meal, then it was finally the time to serve the main dishes.

    The reporters present and all the people who were watching the live broadcast were excited and waited for the main dishes to come.

    “Pitter-patter…” As expected, Fang Qiu strode straight to the stage while everyone was looking forward to it.

    At this time, there was a bed that allowed the patient to lie down on the stage.

    Standing in front of the hospital bed, Fang Qiu first glanced at the 100 media reporters under the stage, then turned to look at the three patients and said, “All right. Since the medical reports of the three patients have come out and the results of the physical examinations have been approved by the public, I’ll start directly.

    “Who wants to go first?”

    Upon hearing that, the reporters under the stage and all the people who were watching the live broadcast were stunned.

    “Wow. Look at his attitude!”

    “Isn’t it a little too arrogant?”

    “That’s right. Is he being confident or conceited?”

    Everyone began to talk about it.

    “Our son used to be so low-profile. Why is he so high-profile this time? Isn’t he afraid of being criticized?”

    Even Fang Qiu’s mother who was watching the live broadcast couldn’t help but murmur.

    Compared to her, his father was much calmer.

    On the spot. “Let’s do it this way.”

    Director Li Huawen ran to the stage and said, “I’ll choose a media randomly, and then the media reporter can choose a patient to start with.”

    After that, the director looked around carefully and then pointed to one of the reporters.

    “Then… let’s start from the second patient, Mr. Ding.”Read More chapter on our vi pnovel. com

    The reporter thought for a moment and added, “We are under a lot of pressure in this industry, so we smoke a lot. I am also worried that I will suffer from lung cancer in my later years, so I am more concerned about this.”

    Upon hearing that, the other reporters present nodded one after another.

    “All right.”

    Fang Qiu immediately nodded and said to the patient, “Mr. Ding, please step on the stage.”

    The patient went on stage.

    Fang Qiu smiled and said, “Lie down, please. Relax.”

    The patient didn’t hesitate. He knew about the process before he came, so he directly lay down on the bed on the stage.

    “Lung cancer, also known as bronchial pneumonia, is a malignant lung epithelial tumor that appears in bronchial epithelium, bronchus, bronchiole, and alveolar epithelium.”

    Fang Qiu elaborated, “This disease belongs to the category of pulmonary retention, stasis of the lung, consumptive cough, etc. in traditional Chinese Medicine.

    “In recent years, the treatment of lung cancer in traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine basically tends to be a combination of diagnoses and treatment methods. It also combines the support of healthy energy and elimination of the evil factors. In this combination, it improves symptoms, increases the quality of survival, stabilizes factors, extends the lifespan, increases survival rate, and so on.

    “In the aspect of motives and diseases, it causes positive Qi deficiency, pathogenic poison, and sputum obstruction. The main purpose is to develop the right core and the foundation. Combined with the methods of eliminating the evil factors, including heat-clearing and detoxifying, eliminating sputum, softening hard mass, improving blood circulation, and removing congestion, etc, it can enhance the curative effect.

    “Since last night, I have referred to a lot of documents. Compared with the prescriptions and treating principles of ancient Chinese Medicine doctors, I concluded that lung cancer is due to weakness and illness. In the early stage, it is often seen that the Qi of lung and spleen is weak, or the deficiency both of vital energy and Yin. In the later stage, it is mostly because of Yin Deficiency, Inner Heat, or Yin and Yang Deficiency. Part of the excess is about Qi stagnation, blood stasis, sputum condensation, and poison gathering. It provides a principle of clinical treatment: take advantage of the Qi to nourish Yin, based on the change of the patient’s condition, and rely on the method of heat-clearing and detoxifying, reducing phlegm and resolving masses, circulating the blood and removing congestion. One should use toxic drugs properly and be careful of the use of excessive medicine!”

    Speaking of this, Fang Qiu stopped.

    He hadn’t slept since last night.

    During this period of time, he had been looking through the materials, trying to find out whether his discovery was right.

    Fortunately, after this night’s verification, he found that he was indeed correct!

    “Are you all very curious about whether the sages of Chinese Medicine are right or not?”

    Looking at the 100 people under the stage and the live camera, Fang Qiu said, “Are you also very curious whether the treatment proposed by the ancestors of Chinese Medicine works or not?”

    As soon as he said that, the curiosity of everyone was raised.

    “Next, it’s time to witness a miracle!”

    After that, Fang Qiu began to treat the patient.

    With all eyes fixated on him, he reached out his right hand and directly pressed on the patient’s lungs, and then the energy in his body moved and directly penetrated into the patient’s body.

    Following the previous treatment method, Fang Qiu directly controlled his internal Qi to help the patient support the healthy energy, eliminate the evil factors, circulate the blood, and remove congestion.

    Seeing that Fang Qiu put his hand on the patient’s lung and was sweating without doing anything, everyone was getting curious at once.

    “What is Fang Qiu doing?”

    Curious as they were, none of them dared to disturb him.

    Of course, the viewers who were watching the live broadcast had already begun to send comments on the screen.

    One minute passed.

    Two minutes passed. Three minutes passed.

    Ten minutes passed. Twenty minutes elapsed.

    Whether the audience on the spot or those who were watching the live broadcast, they were all speechless.Read More chapter on our vi pnovel. com

    “What the hell is Fang Qiu doing?”

    “Is the picture fucking frozen?”

    “Why did it stop?”

    “The signal of this live broadcast is way too bad. The picture is frozen.”

    For a moment, many people went to check on Weibo.

    Sure enough, now there were a lot of discussions on Weibo. Everyone was talking about it, and no one knew what was going on.

    “Could it be Qigong?” someone asked.

    “It’s impossible!”

    “How is it possible? Fang Qiu is a doctor of Chinese Medicine. How can he treat patients with Qigong? And how can a person using Qigong remain still like this?”

    “I’m sure it’s not Qigong.”

    In the discussion of all the people, half an hour elapsed.

    Fang Qiu still didn’t move.

    As they were waiting, everyone became more and more bored and speechless.

    However, no matter how helpless they were, they still had to continue waiting. Whether or not it would work would depend on the outcome.

    Forty-five minutes passed. Fang Qiu, who had been remaining motionless, took a deep breath and withdrew the hand pressing on the patient’s lungs.

    Fang Qiu said as he wiped the sweat off his forehead, “That’s okay. You can go and do the physical examination.”

    Upon hearing that, all the people present and those watching the live broadcast on TV couldn’t help but be stunned.

    “It’s over?”

    “Where is the prescription?”

    “What about acupuncture?”

    “Even if he’s incapable, he can still try other methods. Did he just finish like that?”