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Chapter 530 - This Is Qi!

Medical Master
     “All right.” When everyone looked puzzled and didn’t know what to say, Director Li Huawen came to the stage again and said to everyone, “Fang Qiu’s treatment has been completed. Now, reporters, please go with our patient to have a physical examination. Let’s wait until the result comes out.”

    After that, a hundred media reporters immediately got up, followed Mr. Ding who just left from the hospital bed, and went to witness the physical examination again.

    The whole process of the physical examination was witnessed by the live broadcast.

    Half an hour later, the physical examination was over.

    The physical examination report came out.

    The doctor who did the physical examination for the three patients was completely petrified the moment he saw the report.

    How, how could this be possible?

    After a long while, he said, “Okay, it’s done.”

    The doctor added with a shocked face, “According to the result of the examination report, all the indicators of the patient’s body have returned to normal, and the tumor in his body has completely disappeared!”

    A hundred media reporters were all dumbfounded on the spot!

    “He’s cured?”

    “This can’t be true, can it?”

    “How could he be cured?”

    “No, it’s impossible!”

    All the reporters present shook their heads in disbelief!

    However, as they thought about it carefully, they had been following the patient from the first physical examination until now. In this period of time, everything, including the patient’s physical examination, was clearly witnessed by them. It was impossible to falsify!

    In front of the screen, all the audience was also amazed.

    “How is this possible? How is this possible?”

    “Is it that easy? How could he get rid of the disease after pressing for a while with his hands?”

    “Is this a treatment?”

    “Is this Chinese Medicine?”

    Everyone who was watching the live broadcast was completely confused.

    “Is this the treatment that Fang Qiu wanted to publicize?”

    However, they didn’t see anything except that Fang Qiu made a gesture of putting his hand on the patient’s body!

    Could this be considered as a cure?

    All the doctors of Chinese Medicine who were watching the live broadcast were also dumbfounded.

    Even though they were doctors of Chinese Medicine, they couldn’t figure out what kind of treatment Fang Qiu used. What they saw was exactly the same as what the ordinary audience saw. The audience didn’t understand, neither did the doctors.

    What on earth was going on here?

    Also, all the people who knew Fang Qiu were completely stunned.

    At this time, what appeared in front of them was a mysterious man, whom they couldn’t see through.

    Soon, while everyone was in shock, all the reporters rushed back to the conference room.

    Seeing Fang Qiu, everyone had a look of excitement on their faces.

    This was a piece of big news, real earth-shattering news!

    “Fang Qiu, how did you do it?”

    “Fang Qiu, did you really use the treatment method of Chinese Medicine just now?”

    “Fang Qiu, what have you done? Why is the patient cured immediately?”

    “Fang Qiu—”

    For a moment, all kinds of questions came to Fang Qiu’s ears one after another.

    At this time, Fang Qiu was still standing on the stage.

    He had expected this to happen, so he didn’t leave the stage.

    “All right, all right.”

    Director Li Huawen stood in front of the stage stairs, blocking those reporters who tried to rush to the stage and interview Fang Qiu.

    “Sit down, please, all of you!” Director Li Huawen took the microphone and shouted, “Sit down, everyone. Fang Qiu will explain to everyone about his treatment right now.”

    The director had a hard time asking the reporters to calm down.

    Only then did everyone quiet down. They returned to their seats and all stared at Fang Qiu on the stage with wide eyes.

    “Yes, I used the treatment method of Chinese Medicine.”

    In the face of everyone’s expectant and curious eyes, Fang Qiu explained, “Everyone knows that I have proved the existence of Qi. Now all the people in the world approve of it. The western people have begun to study Qi, and the existence of Qi is undeniable. The method I used is to use Qi to help the patient strengthen the vital Qi to eliminate pathogenic factors and promote blood circulation for removing blood stasis!

    “This is the treatment that our Chinese Medicine sages used.

    “Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on Qi and blood, essential substance circulating in the channels and blood vessels, Defensive Qi, and Qi of the five internal organs. Most of the time, Chinese Medicine is to mobilize the Qi and strengthen the vital Qi to eliminate pathogenic factors.”

    Speaking of this, Fang Qiu turned directly to face the camera and said, “Don’t doubt it. Chinese Medicine is so magical!

    “It’s just that I didn’t use any medicine. I just used my Qi directly.

    “The root cause of Chinese Medicine is Qi and blood. This is completely correct!”

    His voice was so loud that it instantly rang in everyone’s ears and shocked all the people.

    All the doctors of Chinese Medicine who were watching the live broadcast couldn’t help being excited.

    They hadn’t expected it either.Read More chapter on our vi pnovel. com

    Did Qi really exist?

    In the past, they only vaguely knew that the Qi worked when they treated the patient, but they couldn’t directly feel the existence of Qi.

    However, Fang Qiu actually proved the existence of Qi directly!

    If people still felt a bit unreal when Fang Qiu published a paper to prove the existence of Qi in the international periodical, they would have to believe it because this was Fang Qiu’s first time showing the Qi he proved in public after publishing the thesis.

    One hundred media reporters present and the countless people watching the live broadcast were all stunned at this moment.

    “So Qi really exists?”

    “Qi, does it really exist?”

    “Oh my God, when Fang Qiu proved the existence of Qi, I still felt that it was very abstract, but I didn’t expect Qi to really exist!”

    “This is amazing, isn’t it?”

    “It’s awesome. This is the Chinese Medicine in Huaxia, the orthodox Chinese Medicine passed down by our ancestors!”

    Just when the whole Internet was in a heated discussion, a lot of reporters on the spot raised their hands to ask questions.

    “Let’s do it one by one.”

    Seeing that everyone was scrambling to ask questions, Director Li Huawen immediately ordered them to sit down. Then he pointed to one of the reporters and said, “You can come first.”

    “Swoosh!” The reporter stood up immediately.

    He looked at Fang Qiu and asked, “Mr. Fang, is the Qi that you are talking about the only thing that you can master, or we can all master it?”

    As soon as the question came out, everyone was staring at Fang Qiu.

    There was no doubt that this was what everyone cared about the most.

    If everyone could master Qi, wouldn’t everyone be able to become a miracle-working doctor? But if Fang Qiu was the only one who could do it, how could he prove it? How could he develop traditional Chinese Medicine like that?

    “That’s a good question.”

    Fang Qiu nodded first to recognize the media reporter’s question. Then, he said, “First of all, Qi does exist, but it takes a long time to cultivate Qi. And it must be cultivated to a certain level before it can be useful.Read More chapter on our vi pnovel. com

    “Besides, when you use Qi to treat patients, you must conform to the principle of Chinese Medicine in order to have a clear effect!”

    Upon hearing that, most people who were watching the live broadcast couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.

    Fang Qiu’s response meant that it was not easy for people to cultivate Qi. But if one wanted to learn, he or she must suffer. After all, this kind of abstract thing was not easy to practice.

    “Okay, this one, please.” Director Li Huawen called another reporter.

    The reporter asked, “Hello, Mr. Fang. May I ask, if Qi is really so difficult to practice, how did you do it? As far as I know, you are only a freshman and less than 20 years old, right?”

    “Yes.” Fang Qiu nodded directly and then said, “I started practicing Qi since I was a child. It has been more than ten years. And when I was a child, I learned things quickly, which made it easier for me to get a good result.”

    Upon hearing that, the reporter sat down with understanding.

    Director Li Huawen called again, “This one, please.”

    Another reporter stood up and asked incisively and directly, “Excuse me, how can we believe that the Qi you are talking about is the Qi in Chinese Medicine? Maybe we can also consider that this is not Qi, but some other methods. After all, things like Qi can’t be detected at all.”

    Fang Qiu replied with a smile, “Although it can’t be detected, I can make all of you feel it.”

    As soon as he said that, all the people in the conference room were stunned.

    How could they feel Qi?

    At this time, he said, “Please reach out your hands.”

    Fang Qiu continued, “Put your palms opposite to each other. Pull it, close it, and then feel it.”

    Upon hearing that, everyone was curious so they did it according to what Fang Qiu said.

    Half a minute later. “What’s going on?”

    One of them suddenly said, “I feel that when I pull, there is a suction; when I close it, there is a resistance not to let me close.”

    “That’s right.”

    Fang Qiu nodded and said, “This is Qi!”

    Everyone was stunned.

    For a moment, everyone seemed to forget to ask questions and began to try it one after another.

    Standing on the stage, Fang Qiu took a glance.

    It was as if these hundred media reporters were doing exercises.

    Even the staff responsible for the live recording and other people couldn’t help but start to try it.

    Of course, Director Li Huawen, who was standing on the stage, also joined them.

    Everyone tried, again and again. Some people’s speed gradually slowed down, and the others gradually sped up.

    After trying for a long while, everyone felt it, just as they had expected.

    When that kind of feeling really appeared, everyone couldn’t help but have sparkles of light in their eyes.

    “It’s true!”

    “I can feel it too.”

    “Is this Qi?”

    “So, this is Qi!”

    “It really exists?”

    “I’ve been doing this move all the time, but I haven’t felt it carefully. Now I feel Qi when I carefully sense it!”

    Everyone was surprised.

    “I have a problem.” At this time, after a man kept pulling and closing his hands for a while, he suddenly waved his hands helplessly and said directly, “I still don’t believe the Qi you are talking about. This thing is too mysterious. I also suspect that there is something wrong with the previous examination report. Because in 45 minutes, it is impossible to cure such a serious disease completely!”

    A stone stirred up a thousand ripples.

    As soon as he said that, many people began to agree with him at once.

    A large number of people who were watching the live broadcast also questioned it, claiming that the staff must have done something in the process.

    “It’s a good thing to be suspicious.”

    Fang Qiu nodded and said, “How do you want to prove it?”

    The person who raised the question was stunned.

    Obviously, he didn’t expect that Fang Qiu would ask him such a question.

    However, he didn’t prepare for this at all.

    “Well, this…” The reporter thought for a while awkwardly, then looked up and said, “Unless you can reduce the tumor little by little!”

    “Okay.” Fang Qiu nodded at once.

    At this moment, both the people on the spot and those watching the live broadcast were shocked!

    “Fang Qiu actually agreed so quickly?”

    “Really? How could he be so confident?”