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Chapter 250 - She’s Going To Ambush Him!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 250: She’s Going To Ambush Him!

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    Li Yibo’s expression looked quite bad under the freshman’s provocations.

    “Come on!” Li Yibo said before putting on the wirstband.

    Seeing this, the freshman breathed a sigh of relief.

    As long as he got him to wear the wristband, the first step would be accomplished!

    The freshman streched his neck before he walked toward Li Yibo.

    “Brat, I’ll teach you how to respect others and be more mindful of your words, you really deserve a beating!”

    The veteran merely sat there on a large stone as he watched the battle go on.

    Even though he was worried, he trusted his comrade to do well in battle.

    Even if he did lose, it would be an honorable loss!

    The Special Fire Team did not have any cowards, nor any recruits that would leave their comrades behind!

    In any case, it was not a guranteed loss!

    This time around, Li Yibo had to protect the wristband too, and he did not have the chance to attack as thoughtlessly as he could earlier!

    Before the freshman fought, he slipped his right arm out of his jacket sleeve while leaving the left sleeve on, and he used it to wrap his wrist several times.

    Li Yibo looked at this with a sneer. “It’s a smart idea to wrap your wristband with your clothes, but that is also a foolish idea!”

    The rookie only chuckled in return. “Major, can I ask a question?”

    “Spit it out.”

    “Do you want to steal my wristband or eliminate me by pressing on the button?”

    The edge of Li Yibo’s lips twitched. “That should be my question. Do you want me to eliminate you immediately, or do you want to help me lead those little friends of yours here?”

    The freshman laughed. “Major, I’ll tell you the answer to that after you steal my wirstband!”

    Li Yibo smiled. “Finally, a good sport!”

    The freshman did not speak anymore as he was already starting to surge toward Li Yibo.

    Seeing that Li Yibo is putting all of his attention on the rookie, Jian Qi quickly snuck toward the two of them.

    Zhao Yu watched on worriedly, prepared to step in and help as soon as his comrade was in danger.

    If it were not for the fact that Li Yibo had his wistband, he would definitely step up and help!

    At this moment, Li Yibo’s attention was split by the wristband on his arm, and it would definitely distract him to a certain extent and cause him to not be able to fight with full force. If he stood up now and got eliminated by Li Yibo, it would cause him to be able to fight without any distractions!

    And so, Zhao Yu only looked on at the two soldiers fighting.

    Meanwhile, the veteran that was standing at the side was a complete onlooker so he quickly sensed the change in the environment.

    He felt as if something was not right, and when his gaze swept over a pile of bushes, it stopped for a split second before he quickly reverted his gaze as if he had not seen anything, smiling slightly.

    No wonder the freshman provoked him without any reservations, he had backup!

    In the surveillance room, Crocodile could not help but complain out of curiousity and expectance.

    “Big Sister Qi is being too passive by playing ambush!”

    Lightning had not even spoken up, and Feng Yi already opened his mouth to bash Crocodile, “Do you think that everyone is an idiot that only knows how to rush forward like you are?”

    “Who did you say was an idiot?!”

    Feng Yi looked back at him calmly. “You.”

    Lightning could not help but laugh and agree, “Aren’t you just curious about what she’s planning?”