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Chapter 272 - He Is the Future God of E-Sports

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 272: He Is the Future God of E-Sports

    Everyone in the meeting room was shocked to see what had just happened.

    Mama Lu was the first to pull herself together and quickly helped Lu Jiahao up. "Jiahao! Are you alright!? Dear husband, these people have come seeking trouble in our home! Are you not going to do anything about it?!"

    Papa Lu yelled out, "How dare you!"

    Stephen closed his eyes as he calmly replied. "Mr. Lu, if you have any objections, I suggest that you take it up to my boss."

    Instinctively, Papa Lu asked, "Then who is this boss of yours? Just who does he think he is, ordering his men to come assaulting people at my place?!"

    Stephen looked him in the eye and said, "My boss' name is Huo Beichen."

    "Huo Beichen? Who is Huo Beichen? I have never hear…"

    Before he could finish that "I have never heard of his name before", Papa Lu suddenly yelped out, "Huo Beichen?!"

    The Huo Beichen?!

    That super entrepreneur overlord who came from Mirage City—Huo Beichen?!!

    Then, Papa Lu looked at Ning Meng. Just now, what had this bodyguard called this woman? "Missus"? This woman was Huo Beichen's wife?

    Mama Lu, who had helped her son get back on his feet, yelled out furiously, "Alright, then! Tell your boss to wait in his chair, we'll come for him! He'd better be prepared for what is to come!!"

    Papa Lu barked at her immediately. "Shut up!!"

    Mama Lu was shocked as she saw her husband's attitude take a complete 180-degree turn.

    Cold sweat began to roll down Papa Lu's face. This man… this Huo Beichen could bankrupt them in under an hour with just a flick of a finger! He could not risk offending this man!

    Papa Lu looked at Ning Meng, this time, with a much friendlier face. "This… dear Missus Huo, may I know what is the purpose of your visit here again?"


    Ning Meng did not plan to spend too much on poaching God away. She had planned to threaten Lu Jiahao with legal actions via his medical records.

    She did not want to rope Huo Beichen in.

    And no, it was not because she was "humble". Not at all. It was merely because her hubby was a darned Lemon Extract! It was quite easy for him to get overly jealous of the smallest of things! If he ever found out that she was using his name to poach God over to her E-sports club, her hubby would never let it slide!

    Yet now, Stephen had leaped out and helped her out, and not only that, he had said that he was doing this under the order of her hubby…

    Now, things were going much easier and better than she had anticipated.

    Ning Meng grinned. "I want to poach God over to my E-sports Club, CM. Name the price!"

    Papa Lu pondered for quite a bit after hearing this. Sure, he was afraid of Huo Beichen, however, God was still his son… a prodigal son, sure, but still his son nonetheless. Deep down, he was hoping to see it through that God would live a comfortable life.

    Thus, Papa Lu said, "Mrs. Huo, my son… he's a greenhorn in the industry. He had only just joined the club for a month. This… this isn't a fair deal on your end."

    Ning Meng replied with a smile. "Of course it's a good deal for me. He's the future E-sports God after all."

    "E-sports God?" Lu Jiahao smirked. "Just what kind of E-sports God is he? Sure, he's quite good at being a sniper in-game, yet, his national ranking has not even reached the Top 50! I took him into my club so that he would not continue to embarrass himself out there like a shoddy turd!"

    Papa Lu frowned upon hearing this.

    Raising her brow, Ning Meng replied, "Well, I have nothing to say to a filthy insect like you."

    Then, she took out a contract from her handbag and put it on the table. "If you've got nothing else to say, sign it."

    Papa Lu looked at God. "Sure. Do you want to leave? I'll have you know that after being poached away for this small meager amount of money, your worth in the industry will only get lesser!"

    After saying this, Papa Lu read the contract—the fee for releasing God to CM was 500,000 Yuan. However… it also stated that God's annual income was settled on 15,000,000 Yuan!

    Everyone in the room was shocked after seeing this.

    Even God could not believe his eyes, and he looked at Ning Meng with an inquisitive stare.

    Ning Meng smiled. "I've done my research. This is indeed a price befitting for a top player."


    Everyone looked at one another in disbelief.