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Chapter 303 - Let’s Do It For Three Days and Three Nights

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 303: Let’s Do It For Three Days and Three Nights

    “If I recall correctly, I spared that man’s life.” Zi Shang’s gaze was cold. The three thousand pieces of Spiritual Jade should be considered his spoils from the robbery and not a medical payment.

    “Hey. We’ve known each other for so long now. Don’t get so hung up about this. Let’s perform Dual Cultivation, and I’ll make it up to you!” Yun Jiuge winked at Zi Shang flirtatiously and pushed him onto the bed.

    “Go ahead.” Zi Shang made himself comfortable and fixed his gray eyes on Yun Jiuge s.

    “I hope that you can handle me,” said Yun Jiuge as she straddled him obligingly.

    At first, she felt some pain as she stretched around his c*ck.

    It could not be helped. Zi Shang’s member was still too large for her.

    Luckily, when he was in his human form, he only had one d*ck. If she had to take his two hemipenes in her at once, she would definitely die.

    After Yun Jiuge accustomed herself to his girth, she concentrated on riding him.

    Her long, beautiful thighs captured Zi Shang’s attention completely as she rolled her hips.

    At first, Zi Shang got a kick out of watching Yun Jiuge initiate the Dual Cultivation. However, his aplomb did not last for long.

    Contrary to what he had expected, Yun Jiuge remained relaxed. She was enjoying this, which really made him grit his teeth.

    “Too slow.” Zi Shang’s eyes darkened threateningly, an indication that this was merely the calm before the storm.

    “We are not pressed for time. Why should I speed up? If you are so great at this, then you do it!” Yun Jiuge retorted breathlessly.

    This sexual position required a lot of work from her. Going faster was easier said than done.

    A dangerous glint flashed past Zi Shang’s gray eyes. He seized Yun Jiuge’s slender hips with his large palms.


    He lifted her up before bringing her down and fully penetrating her.

    Zi Shang’s massive appendage filled her completely, sending electric currents up her spine and bringing her closer to the edge.

    Yun Jiuge shuddered from the electrifying sensation. She instantly went limp.

    “I am going to kill you.” Yun Jiuge rested her hands on Zi Shang’s chest and glared at him fiercely. Unfortunately, her slightly reddened eyes hardly intimidated him.

    “Focus!” Zi Shang’s face was unsmiling as he slapped her a*s heartlessly.

    After that, he started thrusting into her as he guided her hips to match his pace.

    Every time Zi Shang raised her hips, he would pull his c*ck away slightly.

    When he reached the furthest distance without his member slipping out of her, he would slam into her roughly.

    Their Dual Cultivation session was extremely passionate. Their naked bodies touched intimately.

    The pure energy generated from the Dual Cultivation moved toward Yun Jiuge’s Elixir Field from all her Meridians.

    “Slo-slower…” Yun Jiuge stuttered as she tried to catch her breath. Her earlier composure had shattered.

    “Brace yourself for a long ride. If you cannot advance to the fourth level of the Qi Refining Stage, then you can forget about stopping our Dual Cultivation.” Zi Shang had no intention of acting like a gentleman. Today, he was intent on teaching her a lesson.

    “I-I just achieved the third level of the Qi Refining Stage last month!” Yun Jiuge felt like crying.

    Her current accumulated cultivated energy was far from sufficient for the next progression. To advance in rank, she needed to rely on energy from Zi Shang. If this were the case, she would surely die on this bed from excessive sexual intercourse.

    “You should thank me. You are about to become the fastest cultivator out of all the Secondary Disciples.” Zi Shang’s gray eyes gleamed wickedly, while his pale lips curved upwards. His callousness was strangely alluring.

    Yun Jiuge went weak in the knees. She was not overwhelmed by sex, but fear.

    She felt that this was just the beginning of her suffering.

    Outside the room, the Liu Sisters stood at Yun Jiuge’s door. They were hesitant to disturb her.

    “Older Sister, Senior Yun Jiu hasn’t left his room for three days and three nights. Do you think that something has happened to him?” Liu Tian’er asked worriedly.

    In the past, whenever Yun Jiuge performed Enclosed Cultivation, she notified the Liu Sisters in advance. This time, she’d shut herself in her room for three days without telling them a thing. The Liu Sisters were extremely concerned.

    They’d almost finished their supply of Yin Qi Pills and Yin Gathering Pills, and they were worried about what would happen if they could not find her to replenish their medicinal stores.

    Since they’d now had a taste of good quality Medicinal Pills, they could never regress to consuming mediocre medicine ever again.

    “Don’t worry. Senior Yun Jiu has a thousand-year-old Corpse to protect him. Nothing untoward will happen to him.” Liu Mei’er was not anxious about that at all.

    None of the Secondary Disciples was a match for the thousand-year-old Corpse.

    “Older Sister, do you think Senior Yun Jiu will help us forge these bones into weapons?” Liu Tian’er asked her another question.

    The Liu Sisters had gone to see Yun Jiuge because they wanted to ask for more Medicinal Pills. Besides that, they also wanted to ask her to forge two Spiritual Bones into weapons. So, they lingered at her door, waiting for her to emerge from her room.

    “There is no harm in asking!” Liu Mei’er was not convinced that Senior Yun Jiu would help them.

    Their chances of success would be higher if only Senior Yun Jiu were involved. However, this time, they also required the help of the thousand-year-old Corpse, and it would not be easy for them to persuade Senior Yun Jiu.

    As the Liu Sisters hummed and hawed over sending a Communication Talisman into the room, the door finally opened.

    “Come in!” Yun Jiuge said weakly. She had the exceptionally raspy voice of a person who had screamed for too long.

    The Liu Sisters entered the room quickly, not forgetting to shut the door behind them.

    “Senior Yun Jiu, are you alright?” Liu Tian’er was astonished to see Yun Jiuge looking extremely fatigued with swollen eyes.

    “I’m fine. Please sit down!” Yun Jiuge said feebly.

    “Senior Yun Jiu, did you reach the fourth level of the Qi Refining Stage?” Liu Mei’er was more perceptive. She noticed immediately that there was something different about Yun Jiuge.

    “Really?” Liu Tian’er’s eyes widened.

    When Senior Yun Jiu had given them the Medicinal Pills last month, he had just progressed to the third level of the Qi Refining Stage. Even though only one month had passed since then, he had already somehow managed to advance another level. Even someone traveling by eagle would not be able to rival Senior Yun Jiu’s pace!

    “Yes, I am at the fourth level of the Qi Refining Stage,” Yun Jiuge admitted wearily. She did not feel happy about her level progression at all.

    “Senior Yun Jiu, how did you do it? Please teach us!” Liu Tian’er asked eagerly.

    If they could learn this secret technique, then they could exact their revenge sooner.

    Liu Mei’er was also intrigued. However, she was more cautious about probing Senior Yun Jiu. She wanted to observe the situation before questioning her.

    She had discovered something that seemed unusual.

    Senior Yun Jiu’s thousand-year-old Corpse was sitting quietly in the shadows. His usually expressionless but handsome face was content, similar to that of a man whose sexual needs had been met. He even stared at Senior Yun Jiu possessively from time to time.

    His expression reminded Liu Mei’er of a male beast after mating with a female.

    Her heart skipped a beat the moment she figured it out. She knew at once how Senior Yun Jiu’s cultivation had increased with such unprecedented speed.

    She and her sister were incapable of it.

    When Liu Mei’er saw that Liu Tian’er wanted to interrogate Senior Yun Jiu, she pulled her hand firmly and smiled, “Younger Sister, didn’t you buy two good quality Spiritual Bones? Take them out quickly and ask Senior Yun Jiu to help you smith them into weapons.”

    Liu Tian’er was puzzled. Although she did not know why her sister refused to let her ask about it, she played along and changed the topic, “Oh, right. Senior Yun Jiu, we purchased two Spiritual Gopher’s bones from Little Fatty Jin Lin a few days ago. Please help us take a look!”

    She pulled two brown bones from her Magical Bottomless Bag.

    The Spiritual Bones were three feet long. They glowed with faint Yellow Spiritual Light.

    Although they did not feel thick and heavy, they were full of Spiritual Energy.

    Yun Jiuge picked up the Spiritual Bones and scrutinized them. She nodded and said, “These bones are quite good!”

    Since the Liu Sisters both had Earth Spiritual Roots, the Spiritual Gopher’s bones suited them well.