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Chapter 305 - Zi Shang, You’re the Bes

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 305: Zi Shang, You’re the Best

    Yun Jiuge did not know that, by reaching the fourth level of the Qi Refining Stage, she had spurred the Liu Sisters on to achieving a higher level in their own cultivation.

    She was currently studying the two Spiritual Gopher’s bones in detail, thinking of how to smith them into weapons.

    “You are incapable of turning those Spiritual Bones into weapons,” Zi Shang said.

    It was not that he wanted to belittle Yun Jiuge’s Weaponsmithing skills, but this girl was a total novice when it came to inscribing Runes on weapons!

    “Even if I fail to produce weapons from these Spiritual Bones, that’s none of your business.” Yun Jiuge was still mad at Zi Shang, and she was determined to ignore this pervert.

    “Fine, fine, fine. I’ll let you do it by yourself, then!” Zi Shang was not angered by Yun Jiuge’s haughty attitude. He decided instead to watch her struggle and waste her time.

    Yun Jiuge carefully examined the two Spiritual Bones again. There was nothing remarkable about their attacking prowess, speed, or weight. The Spiritual Bones’ only advantage was their Earth Spiritual Power, which allowed them to traverse freely underground.

    She thought of the stall owner’s grey Bone Spur at once. Since he’d used it to attack from the shadows, she’d been caught off guard and unable to defend herself properly.

    It seemed to Yun Jiuge, therefore, that she ought to turn these Spiritual Bones into specialized weapons capable of performing sneak attacks.

    Once Yun Jiuge had this idea in mind, she set to work.

    Although she did not know how to Weaponsmith or carve Runes into Spiritual Bones, she was still skilled at Pill Production!

    Even though she had used an unorthodox process to make the weapons, the final product would be no different.

    The Liu Sisters only wished to improve the quality and usefulness of the Spiritual Bones, not forge them into Godly Weapons. She would only need to enhance the bones’ Earth Spiritual Power.

    Yun Jiuge took the lid off of her Green Bronze Cauldron and tossed in the two Spiritual Bones. After that, she threw in a few Spiritual Herbs capable of boosting Earth Spiritual Power and started the fire to strengthen the Spiritual Bones.

    After an hour, the three-foot-long Spiritual Gopher’s bones had split into two pieces before shrinking to a length of seven inches. They glowed intensely with a Brown Spiritual Light that would allow the bones to travel underground smoothly.

    Yun Jiuge stared at the four short Spiritual Bones. She felt that something was still missing.

    She thought about it and placed a drop of Peach Blossoms Aphrodisiac, which she had extracted from the stall owner, onto each Spiritual Bone.

    Once the brown bones absorbed the poisonous pink liquid, their Brown Spiritual Light blazed so brightly it temporarily blinded her before vanishing entirely.

    The originally brown Spiritual Bones turned a dull gray. They did not emit any light at all. It was as if their Spiritual Power had been completely sapped.

    However, Yun Jiuge knew that the Peach Blossoms Aphrodisiac maximized the Earth Spiritual Power’s potential in the Spiritual Bones before concealing it entirely.

    This way, the Liu Sisters would have a better chance of surprising their enemies with these Spiritual Bones. Moreover, their targets would be poisoned after being attacked with them.

    Naturally, since the Plum Blossom Aphrodisiac had been absorbed into the Spiritual Bones, they would not be as potent.

    Although it would not make their victims so horny that they would f*ck a female pig, it could, undoubtedly, arouse and distract them. It might win the sisters an unexpected victory at a crucial moment.

    Yun Jiuge was very satisfied with the weapons that she had made. She stored them in a paper bag then eyed Zi Shang smugly.

    She thought: You told me that I could not do it, but I succeeded anyway.

    “Your idea to make weapons the way you decoct Medicinal Ingredients was quite innovative. Not only that, but you’ve capitalized on your strengths and circumvented your weaknesses. Not bad, not bad,” Zi Shang acknowledged Yun Jiuge’s resourcefulness.

    “Of course.” Yun Jiuge answered before adding to herself, “I can still achieve things without your help.”

    “However, I think that you forgot something.” Zi Shang pointed to a corner of the room where there was an airtight stone jar with a fitted lid.

    Yun Jiuge was struck dumb. She’d completely forgotten that her precious Gale Wolf’s bones were still immersed in black ink!

    She hurriedly opened the lid and saw that the four green Gale Wolf’s bones had turned as black as the ink itself. Wind Spiritual Energy, which was visible on the surface, had been absorbed into the bones. Even if the stall owner stood in front of the bones, he would not recognize them.

    Although the bones’ color was darker than she’d expected, their fundamental nature remained the same. Otherwise, Yun Jiuge would have really cried her heart out.

    Carefully, Yun Jiuge extracted the Gale Wolf’s bones from the jar.

    The bones were in a different class from the Liu Sister’s Spiritual Gopher’s bones. Not only did they have a faster attacking speed, but their attacking power was much higher as well. They did not require any additional enhancement. After carving Runes on them, Yun Jiuge could use the Gale Wolf’s bones immediately.

    Thinking of this, Yun Jiuge could not stop herself from glancing furtively at Zi Shang. She thought: This fellow is an expert at inscribing Runes on weapons!

    She sighed. Of all things, the four Gale Wolf’s bones had slipped her mind. Now, she could not bring herself to beg Zi Shang for help.

    Zi Shang, on the other hand, did not lord it over her.

    “Bring them to me,” he commanded.

    After all, he had taught Yun Jiuge a lesson already. He’d punished her severely on the bed for three days and three nights, so he was willing to make a concession to her now.

    Yun Jiuge handed the bones to Zi Shang at once and said, “From these four bones, I want to create a set of Bone Spurs that can attack consecutively.”

    She wanted to carve the Sharp Metal Rune and Bone Crusher Rune onto the bones to increase their attacking power.

    Other than those two simple Runes, she also wanted to inscribe the Hallucinatory, Venomous, Numbing Needle, Agility, and Bloodthirsty Runes.

    With the Hallucinatory Rune, she could create a thick fog and conceal herself within it. With the Venomous Rune, she could attack multiple enemies with poisonous gas. She could use the Numbing Needle Rune to ambush her enemies. The Bloodthirsty Rune could not only make her attacks more powerful, but it would also heal her by absorbing her enemies’ blood.

    It would be wonderful if she could own such a perfect set of Bone Spurs.

    “There is not enough space on these Bone Spurs to carve all of the Runes you’ve just mentioned,” said Zi Shang with a frown. He added silently to himself, “This girl has too many demands!”

    “Alright. Then, I leave it up to you to make the call.” Yun Jiuge was disappointed that the Gale Wolf’s bones could not live up to her lofty expectations!

    It would be wonderful if she could own a set of godly Spiritual Bones.

    That being said, she was just fantasizing. Given its current abilities, it would be impossible for the Treasure-hunting Scorpion to find a godly bone.

    In the end, Zi Shang engraved the Bone Crusher, Hallucinatory, Venomous, and Bloodthirsty Runes onto the Gale Wolf’s bones.

    The four Runes beautifully complemented the veined pattern on the bones. However, Yun Jiuge could not identify them individually.

    She gazed at the four Bone Spurs admiringly as she took them from Zi Shang’s hands. She lavished him with praise. “Zi Shang, you are the best!”

    “I know,” Zi Shang whispered. He accepted her compliments with a pleased smile on his handsome face.

    “Come. Let’s find a place where we can try them out,” Yun Jiuge said. She could not wait to put her new Magical Weapons to test.

    It was late at night. Even members of Black Magic Sects were seldom active outside during the hours of darkness, so everything was quiet.

    Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang went to a wasteland. After Yun Jiuge ensured that no one was around, she started to test her Gale Bone Spurs.

    Yun Jiuge made a hand gesture. The four black Bone Spurs floated up silently. They were perfectly camouflaged in the darkness.

    “There!” Yun Jiuge pointed to a large rock in front of her.

    A split second later, the giant rock shattered into pieces. Then, the four Bone Spurs returned to her side in the blink of an eye.

    Their attacking speed was breakneck. They were indeed worthy of their association with the wind.

    The Gale Bone Spurs worked better than Yun Jiuge had expected.

    She continued to experiment with them until the sun came up. When she was finally contented with the Gale Bone Spurs, she returned to her room to sleep.

    The very next morning, Yun Jiuge took out a few bottles of Yin Gathering Pills and the Earth Spiritual Bones. Then, she went to find the Liu Sisters.

    Just then, Little Fatty Jin Lin dropped by of his own volition to see her. He said, “Senior Yun Jiu, I’ve managed to find out about Su Junqing’s mission.”

    “Oh. Can you tell me more?” Yun Jiuge asked, despite already knowing the answer.

    “He is in charge of leading the Number Two Peak’s disciples. They are at the fifth level of the Qi Refining Stage and above. They’re going on an expedition to the secret realm for training.” After Little Fatty divulged his news, a hint of worry appeared on his normally carefree face.