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Chapter 251 - If You Were the Same as Us, You Would Be Dead By Now!!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 251: If You Were the Same as Us, You Would Be Dead By Now!!

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    Upon being called out on his intentions, Crocodile coughed awkwardly. “I just think that Li Yibo is too annoying! If he were to meet me, I would beat him up so badly that he questions life itself!”

    Feng Yi scoffed at this. “I’ll tell Li Yibo what you said!”

    Even though they were not in the same team, but they still had a certain degree of relations with each other, and could even be considered friends.

    “Feng Yi, are you a child that is snitching on his classmate?” Crocodile complained.

    Tang Jinyu that had been quiet for a while suddenly spoke up, “Crocodile, weighted running for five kilometres in the wilderness!”

    Crocodile. “…”


    Why was it only him??

    Lightning could not help the sputter that made it out of his mouth.

    Had he not learned not to complain about Big Sister Qi?

    Upon being given the order, Crocodile turned around and left the room even though he was curious about what was going to happen.

    This was because he knew that if there were even a second’s delay, Tang Jinyu would have him run ten kilometers instead of five!

    As his curiosity itched in his heart, Crocodile could only run as fast as he could to come back quicker!

    Meanwhile, everyone’s gazes returned to the monitors.

    Li Yibo and the freshman battled for a few rounds and they were already wounded, but Li Yibo clearly had the upper hand.

    As the freshman punched toward him, Li Yibo tilted his head slightly to evade the punch before reaching over and tugging at the jacket as hard as he could, making the freshman stagger.

    Seeing this, Zhao Yu stood up immediately and was about to rush over.

    The freshman furrowed his brow as he looked at Li Yibo, and a calculating glint went through his eyes before he used the momentum and force of the tug to propel himself behind Li Yibo.

    Seeing this, Li Yibo knew what he was going to do, and he smirked and reached to rip the jacket off, along with the freshman’s left sleeve.

    With the sound of ripping fabric, the freshman used the chance to reach out and pin his hand over Li Yibo’s throat, and the two of them dropped to the ground together.

    Meanwhile, Li Yibo’s hand was grabbing onto the freshman’s left wrist.

    At that moment, Jian Qi that had been hiding in the bushes immediately took the chance and pounced toward them.

    Her movements were so fast that even the veteran that knew she was there was surprised when she moved all of a sudden with a speed that could rival the most top-notch soldiers that had been trained for a long time.

    But Jian Qi was just a rookie that had been trained for two months!

    Freshmen did not have much practice on reaction speed, but Jian Qi had already had this sort of unbelievable speed.

    Within two seconds, Jian Qi pounced out from the bushes and snatched the wristband from Li Yibo’s arm, greatly stunning him.

    He had only discovered that something was wrong when he held the freshman’s wrist and realized that there was nothing there!

    As he felt the wristband on his arm being ripped off, he looked over and saw a certain young lady that was holding a wristband in her hand with a smirk on her face.

    “Officer, if you had your own wristband, you would be dead now!”

    Her voice was somewhat hoarse, but it was still rich with mirth and arrogance.