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Chapter 236 - Unexpected person

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 236: Unexpected person

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    The Dragon Gang elite guards quickly regained their composure. They were personally trained by Long Sankui, and they would not back down. Immediately, another line of fighters dashed in to confront Xiao Luo, yelling and thrashing with their long swords.

    Xiao Luo remained still, he had an icy smile on his face, and his fierce eyes tracked every fighter closing in on him. In a split second, he had sidestepped the leading man and slashing across, slicing open his torso, his internal organs poured out, dropping to the ground. The smell f blood reeked in the air. The elite guards did not let up and continued the assault.


    In a flash, he smote the next man, cleanly taking his head off. The headless body stumbled for a few steps, as blood gushed out like a fountain from his open neck. Then the body slumped into a pool of blood, with his head laying not far away.

    Before anyone else could react, Xiao Luo was already on one knee, delivering a bludgeoning stroke with his nine-ringed sword. He cut the fighter in half at the waist. And the man fell before he could even let out a scream. His upper body toppled first, and as both parts dropped to the ground. The contorted face on the top half still had a look of shock for a brief second before the light left his eyes.

    “All of you die!”

    Xiao Luo roared with ferocity. He dashed up against the line of fighters at a rapid speed, immediately slashing at his next victim.

    But this man reacted much quicker and parried his stroke firmly. Sparks flew as his sword deflected off his opponent’s blade metal, producing a piercing ring. But Xiao Luo had applied his inner power to the strike, and the elite guard was thrown back as if he were hit by a running train. The force had killed him instantly, and his body flew back, crashing against three other fighters before he finally came to a rest. All three of them were knocked down and laid still on the ground in a heap.

    Cruel and merciless! It was a slaughter!

    Both Long Sankui and Hei Lang were taken back, their face took on a grim expression. These elite guards were no novices and had been personally trained by them. Every one of the elite guards was certainly more skilled than even the highly-rated special forces squad members. Pitted against the average street fighter, one guard could easily take down five of such opponents without a problem. To see Xiao Luo quickly dispatch their elite guards with such overwhelming force was difficult to accept.

    “Damn it, this rotting pr*ck is a freak!” Long Sankui cursed.

    Hei Lang didn’t speak. He drew his long dagger from behind his waist and stepped into the fight. He searched for an opening as he carefully advanced, with a burning desire to plunge his nasty dirk deep into his mark.

    Torn and shredded corpses littered the yard of the villa; it was like a war zone. No amount of rain from the downpour could wash the blood off the soaked ground.

    The black-clad elite guards in the attack were quickly slaughtered by Xiao Luo, and now there were only five to six remaining.

    Killing the Dragon Gang fighters was the only thing in Xiao Luo’s mind. After almost losing his sister to Long Sankui’s evil schemes, he was determined to smash the Dragon Gang once and for all.

    When he found an opening, Hei Lang rushed up at a rapid pace to Xiao Luo like a black phantom. It was an opportune moment as Xiao Luo was just at the point of dispatching another elite guard.


    The long dagger came in quick and nasty.

    By the time, Xiao Luo gathered himself, he could almost feel the cold steel closing in dangerously to plunge into his neck. He Instinctively pulled his head away and sidestepped to his right. He avoided a fatal wound in the nick of time, but it left a gash on his neck.

    Moving a few steps back, the two adversaries stood about two to three meters apart and stared right at each other.

    “I’ve cut you!”

    The cold, heartless protector, Hei Lang, broke into a wicked smile and licked the blood off his blade. He stood staring at Xiao Luo in triumph, looking like a demented evil spirit.

    “I can assure you there will be no next time.”

    Xiao Luo smiled darkly. Then, taking the initiative, he advanced toward Hei Lang.

    Clink, clink, clink.

    The nine-ringed cycloblade flailed into Hei Lang’s long dagger repeatedly, and the metallic ring of clashing blades echoes across the yard. After several strikes from Xiao Luo, Hei Lang’s defence began to crumble as he lost his coordination. He had lost his fighting mettle. His pupils dilated as he watched the flashing nine-ringed Nonuple Cycloblade take off his left arm cleanly.


    A frightful howl erupted for the mouth of Hei Lang, as his left arm just fell to the ground right where he stood. Blood spurted copiously like water from a broken pipe, as Hei Lang held on the stump on his left upper arm to stop the heavy bleeding. He was in excruciating pain.

    Without holding back, Xiao Luo immediately smashed his fist into Hei Lang’s chest and sent him sailing through the air. Hei Lang fell hard, blood trailed from his nose and ears, and his chest had caved in from the mighty blow.


    Xiao Luo growled and strode forward like a demon. He swung his nine-ringed sword and cut down several elite guards who tried to block his way. They all fell quickly in a succession of dying screams. His intention was clear, and he now pointed his sword at Hei Lang.

    Hei Lang looked up, and his eyes widened. This was the end for him, he could only see the nine-ringed blade held above Xiao Luo’s head that was about to be brought down. His mind was stricken by fear, and time stood still as he awaited his fate.


    A sharp roar echoed through the air.

    Xiao Luo was stunned as he caught a familiar silhouette from the corner of his eye.

    He jerked his head toward it: white sneakers, white sweater with delicate features and fair skin.

    “Bai Ling?”

    Xiao Luo couldn’t believe his eyes. What was Bai Ling, all the way from Huaye, doing here?! Xiao Luo stayed his hand, and the nine-ringed sword remained motionless right above Hei Lang’s head.

    The shout did not come from Bai Ling. It was a burly man all dressed in black, and he was holding on firmly to Bai Ling. She had been kidnapped! She had her hands tied behind her back, and her mouth was stuffed with a white cloth. After breaking through Mie’s firewall and obtaining the specific IP address, she checked with its service provider and traced Xiao Luo’s residence to Gong Village.

    She was immediately confronted when she got to his residence. A group of rough, mean-looking men was already there. They were all dressed in black. They approached her and questioned her if she knew Xiao Luo. She felt intimidated and could only nod that she did. She was then taken by the men and was brought here. She had been kept locked up in a room, it was only now that she had been let out. The last person she expected to see here was Xiao Luo.

    Was that really Xiao Luo?

    Bai Ling was beyond confounded, and panic took hold when she looked at Xiao Luo with a blood-stained sword in his hand. Looking at his brutal demeanor now, she wondered if this was the same easy-going, cheerful boy from campus she had known before. But she knew one thing for sure, Mie and Xiao Luo were one and the same.

    Oh my god, h-how could this be possible!

    Bai Ling felt like this was all a bad dream, it was simply too unbelievable. Dead people were lying all over the yard. The one person that these people had been seeking the entire time was Mie, and Xiao Luo was now in conflict with these people. How did that make any sense? What kind of life Xiao Luo was leading? She recalled that Xiao Luo had once told her that the two of them were from different worlds, she now understood what he meant.

    “You little b*stard, do you know this pretty girl?”

    Long Sankui asked with a smile as he crushed a walnut. He tossed its kernel in his mouth and chewed it with relish.

    “I don’t know her!”

    Of course, Xiao Luo would not be that stupid to admit that he knew Bai Ling. He postured to swing the nine-ringed sword in his hands down to the head of Hei Lang.

    But just at that moment, Bai Ling screamed out in pain. Xiao Luo looked up, alarmed. The man holding Bai Ling had just stabbed her arm with a dagger, and Bai Ling’s white sleeve was soaked in blood.

    Bai Ling’s face was twisted in pain, and beads of sweat began to form on her forehead.

    “Ahh, I thought you didn’t know her? Then why the f*ck did you stop? Do you think I’m a fool?” Long Sankui said, continuing to eat his walnut casually.

    Xiao Luo remained silent and just returned a cold stare. He could feel deep anger and frustration rising. His mind was racing, he had to do something.

    “Go on, continue to slash, do what you want to, who cares? You crazy fool!”

    Long Sankui stared at him angrily. He smashed the coffee table next to him with his palm, and his eyes were red with rage.