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Chapter 902 - Is This the Legendary “Kabedon”

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 902: Is This the Legendary “Kabedon”

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    They shopped the entire day and Wen Xinya bought a heap of items. After dinner at a famous restaurant in Moscow, Si Yiyan took Wen Xinya for a walk to enjoy the night view.

    Moscow was a city polished by history. With its Baroque-style, the city emanated a sense of extravagance. The night scenery was extremely beautiful, the faint yellow glow reflecting the city’s luxury. The people walking by all laughed unscrupulously and openly displaying their passion for one another.

    Girls shopping in groups would invite men to join them without hesitation the moment they saw someone they fancied. Men with bottles in their hands would catcall at the pretty ladies flirtatiously, and even dragged those that interested them to a nearby motel.

    It was as if the night caused the people of Moscow to become more promiscuous.

    The number of girls who winked at Si Yiyan and tried to invite him out grew, causing Wen Xinya cried out in annoyance, “No more night walk! Let’s go home!”

    No matter where they went, girls eyed her man. The feeling was absolutely terrible.

    Si Yiyan bit his lips. “Sure! We’ll go back to the mansion now.”

    While Russian men had a preference for caucasian girls, Xinya’s beauty was able to attract the gaze of many men who would catcall at her. She was just too annoyed to notice any of them.

    Some of the men even had the audacity to approach but were chased away by his fierce glare. It was not the least bit fun walking down this street.

    Si Yiyan went to get the car and the two of them returned back to the mansion.

    When they reached the mansion, the servants were just packing up the things that Wen Xinya bought today. Looking at them, even Wen Xinya was shocked. She had not realized earlier that she actually bought such an exorbitant amount of things in one day.

    Among the things she purchased, most of them were for her friends. Very few she bought for herself.

    Si Yiyan glanced over the items that piled up like mountains. He frowned without realizing and pursed his thin lips, looking displeased.

    Wen Xinya was oblivious to him as she stared lovingly at the jade inlaid gold bracelet with a broad smile. At the start, she thought it looked tacky. However, under Si Yiyan’s influence, the bracelet actually became really meaningful. It was a treasure she cherished now.

    The more she looked at it, the prettier it became. She could not help but praise. “Si Yiyan really has an eye for things.”

    The bracelet was no longer tacky looking, but a beauty with carvings of crape myrtle flowers which symbolized everlasting love.

    Upon close inspection, she realized that the random carvings at the edge were actually words of blessing such as luck, fortune, and longevity.

    “Si Yiyan…” Wen Xinya turned and called out to him, excited to share her big discovery.

    However, there was no trace of him.

    Wen Xinya was perplexed. He disappeared in a blink of an eye. “Do you know where the mister went?” she asked one of the maids.

    She answered immediately, “He should be in the study room at this time.”

    Wen Xinya nodded. “Bring me to the study room.”

    Not sure where Si Yiyan sent her, but Wen Xinya had not seen Liu Yanhua since the day before when they arrived at the mansion. There was not a single familiar face in such a big mansion, leaving her feeling out of place.

    The maid servilely brought Wen Xinya to the second floor. After many turns around the corners, they stopped in front of a wooden door with carvings on it.

    As soon as the maid left, Wen Xinya began inspecting the carvings on the door. It was an abstract art inspired by Confucius’ teaching. Then, she pushed the door open.

    However, Si Yiyan was not in the room.

    Wen Xinya frowned. Did something happen to him?

    Thinking back, she realized that Si Yiyan was looking under the weather since their trip back to the mansion.

    Wen Xinya decided to go to their bedroom. When she entered the room, she saw Si Yiyan standing in front of the tall glass windows. Beside him was the pile of gifts that the servants packed.

    Wen Xinya approached him slowly and hugged him from the back. “What’s wrong? Are you upset?”

    Si Yiyan pursed his lips. Wen Xinya was unable to see his expression. She could only see the silhouette of his body from the reflection of the glass window.

    Wen Xinya continued softly, “Don’t ignore me!”

    Usually, it was Si Yiyan who had to console her. Now that it was her turn to do it, she realized that it was no easy feat.

    Suddenly, in a swift movement, Si Yiyan turned and pinned Wen Xinya against the glass window. He was quick and fierce.

    Wen Xinya’s body slammed against the bulletproof glass behind her with a loud thud. Her delicate back ached in pain from the collision.

    “Si Yi…” Before Wen Xinya could come to her senses, his dark silhouette hovered above her under the faint light. Then… he pushed his lips forcefully against hers.

    The kiss was so ferocious, it felt as if he was trampling on her!

    This was the first time Si Yiyan had ever kissed her so forcefully. She could feel a strange emotion from him which she could not comprehend, leaving her anxious and confused. All the energy in her body left her, and she could only accept everything passively.

    His teeth rubbed against her lips with such strength, and soon she felt a slit form on her lip before the salty taste of iron filled her mouth. She knew that he had torn her lips.

    This was the first time Si Yiyan had ever hurt her while kissing.

    The salty taste in the mouth could not go unnoticed. Si Yiyan’s aggression softened and he became gentler. He pushed himself away slowly and stared at her swollen red lips. After being violated by him, they were glistening with fresh blood that seeped out from a wound that could not be spotted. The blood trickled along the wrinkles of her lips, covering her lips in no time. It looked so tragic yet beautiful.

    His heart fell. He lowered his head and gently wiped away the blood on her lips while whispering softly into her ear, “Sorry.”

    Wen Xinya shook her head. Yet, she felt a lump in her throat.

    She could not read the current Si Yiyan’s emotions, it was as if she was staring into the bottom of the deep sea. There were traces of her blood on his thin lips as well. They looked a little alluring, yet they sent chills down her spine!

    Si Yiyan wrapped his hands around her waist and turned her around, pushing her entire body against the window glass. Her face squished against the glass, and her body was smashed against it as well. The man behind her pushed himself against her body. In her shock, two slender hands spread her legs apart…