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Chapter 308

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 308: Extracting Vital Energies Through Sex: An Amorous Rendezvous In Su Junqing's Cave-Dwel(1)

    Once Yun Jiuge strengthened her resolve, she exerted greater force on the dagger she was using to cut into Ye Yunzhi's skin. Before long, she managed to make a deep incision and saw a corner of the treasure map embedded in Ye Yunzhi's arm.

    Yun Jiuge was about to extract the map when Zi Shang stopped her. He placed his hand on her arm and said, "Something's not right."

    "What's wrong?" Yun Jiuge was puzzled. How could Zi Shang know that there was something suspicious about the treasure map if she had not even pulled it out from Ye Yunzhi's arm yet?

    "Something's not right with her expression," Zi Shang replied, indicating to Yun Jiuge that she should look at Ye Yunzhi's face.

    As soon as Yun Jiuge lifted her head, she was taken aback.

    Before, Ye Yunzhi's face had worn a vacant look with glazed eyes. However, an extremely pained expression now appeared on her face.

    Since Yin Corpses were incapable of feeling pain or fear, they were excellent fighting machines.

    Ye Yunzhi's expression was really too bizarre for a Yin Corpse.

    "Can it be that she is not completely dead, and so she still retains the last vestiges of her consciousness?" Yun Jiuge wondered.

    Yun Jiuge looked at Zi Shang and demanded, "How is this possible?"

    "I don't know. Perhaps, it has something to do with the treasure map!" All this while, Zi Shang been unable to ascertain what material that the treasure map was made of. He only knew that it contained a mysterious power.

    He speculated that this mysterious power likely wielded a particular influence over Ye Yunzhi in her Yin Corpse form.

    "Ye Yunzhi, can you understand me? I am here to save you on behalf of Ye Yu," Yun Jiuge said anxiously.

    Ye Yunzhi's face contorted in pain and confusion.

    "Ye Yu is your brother. Su Junqing massacred your entire clan, leaving only you and your brother alive. Ye Yu has been searching for you ever since. He never gave up on you…" As Yun Jiuge spoke, Ye Yunzhi's tortured face turned vindictive.

    Yun Jiuge could, remarkably, see a small flicker of light in Ye Yunzhi's dead eyes.

    Yun Jiuge pressed on, "Su Junqing not only forced you to have an abortion, but he also transformed your remains into a Yin Corpse. He is compelling you to protect him and fight for him. He even wants to make you capture Ye Yu so that he can make another Yin Corpse out of him."

    Yun Jiuge had wanted to provoke Ye Yunzhi into responding by merely blurting out the thoughts on her mind. However, she'd never expected her words to strike an emotional chord with Ye Yunzhi.

    The small flames in Ye Yunzhi's eyes turned into blazes, just like the Soul Fire in the White Bone Monkey's eyes.

    Her mouth opened and closed. She mustered an extremely hoarse whisper laced with all of the animosity carved in her bones and engraved in her heart: "Su. Jun. Qing!"

    "That's right. Su Junqing is the one who has caused all your suffering." When Yun Jiuge saw that Ye Yunzhi finally had reacted to her, she was so thrilled that she almost did a happy dance.

    "Sh*t. Su Junqing is coming back. We must leave this place now," Zi Shang piped up suddenly.

    Ye Yunzhi was Su Junqing's Yin Corpse. If Su Junqing ever noticed something amiss with her, he would destroy her immediately.

    Elder Mo Hua also detected an abnormality in Su Junqing's cave-dwelling. Because of that, she had engulfed the whole place with her strong psychic presence.

    Yun Jiuge felt very upset.

    Since Ye Yunzhi had just given Yun Jiuge a response, there was a chance that she might be able to turn her back into a human. Unfortunately, they were in quite the predicament now, and this was not the time to focus on how to reanimate Ye Yunzhi. As long as Ye Yunzhi's consciousness had not entirely left her, they would have an opportunity to bring her back to life. They could return here later and inspect Ye Yunzhi more closely.

    Yun Jiuge made a quick decision and pulled out a Black Bone Salve. She dabbed a generous amount of ointment on Ye Yunzhi's wound, concealing it entirely.

    As soon as the treasure map was buried under the Black Bone Salve, Ye Yunzhi's eyes lost their light immediately. She had a blank look on her face again.

    Zi Shang tapped Ye Yunzhi's forehead with his finger, releasing a stream of Corpse Qi, which disguised the scent of the Black Bone Salve.

    After Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang quickly ensured that everything was in order, they threw Ye Yunzhi on the large redwood bed and left Su Junqing's cave dwelling in a hurry.

    Shortly after they left Mo Hua Peak, Su Junqing arrived at his cave-dwelling with Bai Lan. She was a disciple who lived in Mo Hua Peak. Her cultivation was at the beginner level of the Foundation Establishment Stage.

    "Junior, did someone break into your cave-dwelling?" Bai Lan asked in surprise.

    Bai Lan appeared to be in her early thirties. She had long, delicate eyelashes with almond-shaped eyes. There was a black mole underneath one of her eyes. She was actually quite pretty.

    She was clad in a skintight black gossamer dress that partially exposed her plump, white breasts. The outfit gave the impression that she was promiscuous. Bai Lan was the female disciple who had flirted with Yun Jiuge during her registration to enter the Yin Corpse Sect.

    Su Junqing was not in the mood to answer Bai Lan.

    He picked up Ye Yunzhi and carried her from the bed, placing her in a standing position on the floor. After that, he examined her body thoroughly. He did not discover any injuries, but he sensed an unfamiliar Corpse Qi emanating from her body.

    Su Junqing scowled instantly. Someone must have sent a high-leveled Yin Corpse here to steal Ye Yunzhi from him.

    Even though he was trying his best to hide her existence from others by safeguarding her in his cave-dwelling, he still could not prevent those who coveted her from forcing their way into his personal space to get to her.

    "Junior, please step away and let me look at her." Since Elder Mo Hua had been the one to order Bai Lan to check up on the break-in, Bai Lan did not dare perform her task in a perfunctory manner. She walked closer to the Yin Corpse at once to inspect everything more carefully.

    "Senior, do you recognize this Corpse Qi?" Su Junqing asked quickly.

    "This Corpse Qi is new to me!" Bai Lan shook her head. She had been a disciple in the Yin Corpse Sect for many years, so she had been researching every high-level Yin Corpse in the sect for a long time. However, she had never encountered this Corpse Qi before.

    "If the intruder really came for my Yin Corpse, he or she would definitely not leave behind any traces that could let me identify him or her," Su Junqing said furiously.

    He knew that no one in the Yin Corpse Sect had ever seen the Demonic Corpse that Si Youyue had brought with her to the Bloodthirsty Sect.

    "This is also entirely possible. But you do not have to worry too much. Since our Master is watching over you, nobody will dare take your Yin Corpse for themselves," Bai Lan comforted Su Junqing insincerely.

    As a new disciple who possessed such an excellent Yin Corpse, Su Junqing had attracted the attention of many green-eyed monsters.

    If Elder Mo Hua had not taken him under her wing, it was highly likely that he would have suffered terribly in this dog-eat-dog society.

    Speaking of which, Su Junqing was extremely good in bed. He'd managed to hold Elder Mo Hua's attention, and she was known to lose her interest in a love object quickly as soon as someone new caught her fancy.

    Su Junqing composed himself swiftly and said, "Senior, thank you very much." He smiled at Bai Lan with gratitude.

    He knew very well that too many disciples in Mo Hua Peak disliked him. He always curried favor with these senior disciples, such as Bai Lan, who was in Elder Mo Hua's favor.

    "Junior, you do not have to be so formal with me," Bai Lan said as she placed her hand on Su Junqing's shoulder. She leaned forward seductively to allow him to get a better look at her bosoms.

    "I cannot forget my manners. Senior, your kindness will be forever etched on my heart," Su Junqing replied and flashed her a handsome, gentle smile.

    "It is not necessary for you to remember forever. Junior, you should use your actions to show your appreciation now!" Bai Lan's small hand slid from Su Junqing's shoulder to his chest, which she pressed on lightly while looking at him with coy eyes…

    "Senior, how do you wish for me to express my appreciation?" Su Junqing held Bai Lan's small hand in place.

    This time, he was determined to obtain the Human-faced Peaches in the secret realm. However, the disciples on the other teams were also fully capable of coming out on top.

    If he wanted to win this competition, he needed to find an ally. Bai Lan was his first choice.

    "Why you may use this to thank me," Bai Lan chuckled suggestively. She pushed Su Junqing to the ground, pulled his pants to his knees, and started to massage his member.

    Su Junqing had never expected Bai Lan to be so impatient. As soon as she was on top of him, she went straight to sex without any foreplay.

    Before he'd returned to his cave-dwelling with Bai Lan, Elder Mo Hua had already made him orgasm a few times. He did not think that he could get hard again now.

    However, if he did not get an erection right now, Bai Lan would get the impression that he had erectile dysfunction. It would be difficult for him to beguile her in the future.