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Chapter 309

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 309: Extracting Vital Energies Through Sex: Rendezvous In Su Junqing's Cave-Dwelling(2)

    Su Junqing would do anything to achieve his goals, even to his own detriment. Hence, he discreetly cast a Virility Spell on himself.

    Bai Lan's eyes brightened immediately. She licked her lips with her moist, little tongue.

    Su Junqing had heard from others that Senior Bai Lan had learned the Hehuan Sect's technique from Elder Mo Hua. The technique allowed her to extract her partner's vital energy during intercourse. Bai Lan was also extremely promiscuous. Despite knowing all this, Su Junqing had never taken her very seriously.

    However, Bai Lan was now riding him. In no time, she'd brought him closer and closer to the edge.

    This shocked Su Junqing.

    Thankfully, there was still a significant disparity between Elder Mo Hua's cultivation level and his, so she did not extract any vital energies from him. All this while, she just treated him as a plaything. Her intention was to increase Su Junqing's cultivation level then slowly milk him dry.

    Su Junqing had not expected Bai Lan to be so bold. She actually dared to extract his vital energies during sex!

    If she were to succeed, he was afraid that he might lose something more important than just his prowess in bed.

    However, Bai Lan was making it impossible for him to break away. She had Su Junqing buried deep inside her. Even if he wanted to pull out and get away from her, her grip on him was tight.

    "Junior, you are really amazing," Bai Lan breathed with her face flushed. Although she seemed to be entirely focused on sexual pleasure, she was actually quite surprised.

    It had never occurred to her that Su Junqing could withstand her ability to extract vital energies through sex without any prior warning.

    "Senior, you are great too!" Su Junqing replied. He pretended that he was clueless about what Bai Lan was doing to him. However, he was secretly trying to stop himself from ejaculating. He would not dare spill even one drop of his semen inside her.

    This provoked Bai Lan. She refused to believe that she was incapable of making Su Junqing submit to her. Hence, she switched up their position and continued to f*ck him.

    That night, the two of them had many bouts of messy sex. They did it so much that the intensity of their passion even broke the large redwood bed.

    Ye Yunzhi stood silently in the corner of the cave-dwelling the whole time. Her vacant eyes took in all of the lewd scenes before her.

    "Junior, you are outstanding in bed. This must be why the Master is enamored with you," Bai Lan panted. Even though she'd worked tirelessly through the night, she had not managed to extract even a little bit of Su Junqing's vital energy,

    Although she was a tad upset by this, she did not voice her displeasure. If Master knew that Bai Lan had her eye on Su Junqing, she would definitely be punished.

    "Senior, you flatter me," Su Junqing answered. Although he'd had sex with countless women, this was the worst experience he'd ever had.

    While he'd managed to stop himself from ejaculating, his waist and member ached from so much sex. His body was extremely sore. Not only that, but Bai Lan clawed his back when she got carried away.

    The marks that Bai Lan had left on his skin were not visible, but they were very painful.

    To coerce him into ejaculating, she'd intentionally dug her fingernails into his back.

    "I'll see you again!" Bai Lan exclaimed. She had no desire to linger. After winking at Su Junqing flirtatiously, she put on her clothes and left his cave-dwelling.

    Although she had not managed to extract vital energies from Su Junqing, she had nonetheless enjoyed their casual sexual encounter.

    Su Junqing escorted Bai Lan out with a smile. However, his face darkened into a scowl as soon as he turned away from the door. He cursed viciously, "What a f*cking wh*re. I will kill her, sooner or later."

    He walked over to Ye Yunzhi. He caressed her soft face and muttered, "You are the best. All of the women in the Yin Corpse Sect are ruthless. Their greed knows no bounds."

    Ye Yunzhi, naturally, did not respond to him at all. She stayed rooted to the spot with glazed eyes.

    Su Junqing did not mind her passivity. Instead, he started to mull over another matter.

    Once he progressed further in his cultivation, he would not be able to prevent Elder Mo Hua from extracting his vital energy during sex.

    He needed to make preparations in advance. The best way to get ready was to possess two Human Cauldrons. That way, he could recover faster.

    Su Junqing had set his heart on turning the Liu Sisters into Human Cauldrons.

    He had heard bits and pieces about their past through the grapevine.

    Although someone else had stolen their Yin Core, they must still be quite powerful. They had endured the Wicked Patriarch's torture for such a long time, then escape and entered the Yin Corpse Sect to cultivate. They would definitely make excellent Human Cauldrons.

    Initially, he'd wanted to use Broom Eyebrows Chen to make life difficult for the Liu Sisters. Then, he would swoop in as the hero coming to their rescue.

    However, he'd never expected the Liu Sisters to hit it off with Yun Jiu and spend most of their time with that brat. Broom Eyebrows Chen could not harass them because they performed Enclosed Cultivation at random times.

    "It seems that it is time for Yun Jiu to die," Su Junqing quietly vowed to himself. He would find an opportunity during the upcoming expedition to the secret realm to murder this thorn in his side and win over the Liu Sisters.

    Meanwhile, Yun Jiuge was entirely unaware that Su Junqing was planning to kill her because of the Liu Sisters.

    After returning to her room, she repeatedly returned in her mind to Ye Yunzhi's abnormal expression.

    "Do you think that Ye Yunzhi regained consciousness when I was speaking to her?" Yun Jiuge asked Zi Shang.

    "I believe that, at this point, she can only remember her obsessions and hatred." Zi Shang hesitated for a moment before adding, "However, if she continues getting stronger, she could one day become a Celestial Corpse." He felt that Ye Yunzhi could become extremely powerful.

    "Can Celestial Corpses recover their memories from before they died?" Yun Jiuge asked. She was very interested to know.

    A fragment of the treasure map had helped Ye Yunzhi regain her fixation, which she'd had before death. Perhaps, if Yun Jiuge inserted the other map fragments into her body, Ye Yunzhi would be able to think like she had when she'd been alive. That would be equivalent to bringing her back from the dead.

    As soon as he saw Yun Jiuge's face, Zi Shang read her mind. He warned her, "Don't even think about it."

    "I'm not!" Yun Jiuge protested while looking at Zi Shang innocently. She was merely considering the possibility.

    "I can't say for sure if she can get her memory back. I only know that if anyone from Yin Corpse Sect discovers her body's unique characteristics, she will never be able to leave the Sect. Not even after an eternity," Zi Shang said flatly.

    The Sect would regard Ye Yunzhi's Yin Spiritual Body as the best possible material for creating a Yin Corpse.

    However, she'd lost her Yin Core. Not only that, but the Bloodthirsty Patriarch had drunk her blood and extracted her vital energies through sex, so her flesh was degraded. Elder Mo Hua felt that she was unworthy of attention. That was how she'd been handed to Su Junqing on a plate.

    But if Elder Mo Hua were to find out that Ye Yunzhi had the potential to become a Celestial Corpse, she would get her hands on Ye Yunzhi at any cost.

    She would not be the only one. High-level cultivators at the Nascent Soul Stage, who traveled to other regions to engage in deadly trials to become stronger, would also hurry back to Yin Corpse Peak to fight over her.

    If Ye Yunzhi fell into their hands with her memory intact, her suffering would increase immensely. In comparison, the pain that she had experienced in the past would be nothing.

    Yun Jiuge fell silent. How could she forget about this?!

    "We cannot resurrect the dead. If Ye Yunzhi has drawn her last breath, then she is no longer alive. Why don't we lay her to rest? By doing so, she will be free from all suffering once and for all," Zi Shang responded. His voice was tinged with disappointment.

    If he were in Yun Jiuge's place, he would definitely think of a way to steal Ye Yunzhi from Su Junqing and make her his Yin Corpse.

    However, Yun Jiuge cared about her friends and spurned the idea of controlling a Yin Corpse. He would not be able to convince her to order Ye Yunzhi around like a slave.

    Since they could not use Ye Yunzhi for their own benefit, he wanted to annihilate her so that she would be of no value to others. He wished to prompt Yun Jiuge into sending Ye Yunzhi to her eternal sleep.

    "You are right. If Ye Yunzhi did have a mind of her own, it is very likely that she would not want others using her corpse as a Magical Weapon." Yun Jiuge sighed as she abandoned her plan of helping Ye Yunzhi become more powerful.

    "This time, during our expedition to the secret realm, we need to try our best to obtain as many Human-faced Peaches as possible. The Human-faced Peaches are prized fruits. I can also benefit from eating them," Zi Shang said.

    There were not many things in this realm that were useful to him. Human-faced Peaches barely made the cut. But they contained a pure Blood Energy that helped a little bit in maintaining his Demonic Power.