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Chapter 310

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 310: Bai Lan: A Promiscuous Woman

    "Alright." Zi Shang rarely requested things from Yun Jiuge. Since he had now asked her for the Human-faced Peaches, she would try her best to meet his request.

    She composed herself at once and devoted herself to making preparations for the expedition to the Secret Realm.

    By this time, the Liu Sisters had delivered various Pill Production ingredients to Yun Jiuge's room.

    In the days after, Yun Jiuge devoted all of her time outside of her daily morning practice to Pill Production.

    Spiritual Revitalization Pill, Miasma Immunization Pill, Evil Spirits Repellent Pill, Beast Repellent Pill… She produced all Medicinal Pills, which she felt were essential for the upcoming expedition.

    When she finally emerged from her room, it was close to the expedition's departure date.

    "Senior Yun Jiu, Su Junqing has been overzealous towards us lately. I think that he's behaving very oddly!"

    Liu Mei'er went to see Yun Jiuge that day.

    In order to ensure that there would be a person protecting them during their time in the Secret Realm, the Liu Sisters spent a lot of their time getting close to Su Junqing. They started to discover that he was an untrustworthy man.

    "He even secretly cast the Mental Manipulation spell on us," Liu Tian'er added.

    Since Liu Tian'er's Nine Purgatories Body was quite sensitive to Mental Manipulation spells, she detected Su Junqing's underhanded attempt to alter the Liu Sisters in a subliminal manner.

    "Mental Manipulation!" Hmph, it was the same old trick.

    Yun Jiuge's eyes flashed menacingly while telling the Liu Sisters, "Exercise more caution when you interact with him. Just remain friendly for now. We'll think about what to do next after the expedition."

    "Alright. Senior Yun Jiu, you should be more careful as well. I've noticed that Su Junqing has been meeting up with Broom Eyebrows Chen quite frequently in the past few days. I feel they might be up to something." Liu Mei'er tipped Yun Jiuge off furtively.

    She didn't dare to tell Senior Yun Jiu that when Su Junqing previously hinted to them to give him sexual favors in exchange for support and resources, they used Senior Yun Jiu as an excuse to decline him.

    She suspected that Su Junqing must be scheming to harm Senior Yun Jiu now!

    "Ok, I got it. These Medicinal Pills are for the both of you. Store them in a safe place." Yun Jiuge passed them a bag of Medicinal Pills. She did not take heed of Liu Mei'er's warning.

    "Senior Yun Jiu, thank you so much." The Liu Sisters accepted the Medicinal Pills hurriedly.

    The more they interacted with Senior Yun Jiu, the more he was an enigma to them. Since he was extremely skilled in producing pills, he could not possibly have been a hunter's son who had previously lived in a deep forest.

    Here, everyone had their own secrets. Thus, there was a tacit mutual understanding that they allied with each other for their own interests while keeping each other's secrets under wraps. This was the only way they could maintain their current arrangement.

    "We're leaving for the Secret Realm in three days. After we enter the Secret Realm, both of you should do your utmost to follow Su Junqing closely. If you discover anything, let me know immediately." At this time, the Liu Sisters played a vital role in Yun Jiuge's plan.

    After all, Yun Jiuge would have never struck up a conversation with Su Junqing nor become friends with him as Yun Jiu.

    She was afraid that she would not be able to stop herself from destroying him.

    "Senior Yun Jiu, please don't worry. Leave it to us." Senior Yun Jiu seemed to be a thousand times more important than Su Junqing in the Liu Sisters' hearts.

    If there was a conflict between them, the Liu Sisters would definitely choose Senior Yun Jiu. Even if they had to help Senior Yun Jiu stab Su Junqing in the back, they would do so without any hesitation.

    But the Liu Sisters were still foremost guided by the condition that they would help him only if they would not be adversely affected and that it was completely safe to do so.

    After seeing the Liu Sisters off, Yun Jiuge wanted to head to Su Junqing's cave dwelling to examine Ye Yunzhi again. However, Zi Shang cautioned her against this, saying, "We've already inadvertently alerted Su Junqing about an intruder in his home when we went to his cave dwelling last time. If you go there again, you will only cause her harm."

    "Alright then!" Yun Jiuge also knew that if Su Junqing found out about the last vestiges of Ye Yunzhi's consciousness that allowed her to act on her own, he would destroy her completely.

    Yun Jiuge gave up on her plan to see Ye Yunzhi. Instead, she diverted her attention to waiting for the departure date of the expedition to arrive.

    After three days, the Secret Realm opened its doors.

    Su Junqing, Bai Lan and participating disciples from Number Two Peak and Number Three Peak set off to the Secret Realm.

    The entrance of the Secret Realm was on a large, desolate mountain a hundred miles away from the Yin Corpse Sect's stronghold.

    At this moment, the disciples from Number One Peak, Number Four Peak and Number Five Peak were already waiting in orderly lines at the entrance.

    Lang Ya, Han Xiaodong, and Han Xiaoxi stood together. They stared at Bai Lan and Su Junqing from afar.

    Han Xiaodong was a stout man with tanned skin and bronze eyes. He had an intimidating appearance, like a ruthless butcher. One would have to think twice before taking advantage of him.

    Han Xiaoxi was more handsome than his older brother. This shrewd man had a medium build with slightly pasty skin and piercing eyes. He was the one who extended the offer to Lang Ya to form an alliance.

    "Sweetheart, you've just achieved the Foundation Establishment Stage in your cultivation. Why don't you stay in your cave dwelling and spend time stabilizing the power in your body? Instead, you've chosen to participate in this expedition!" Bai Lan sashayed towards Lang Ya and winked flirtatiously at him.

    Bai Lan had lusted after this attractive, young man for a long time. Alas, Lang Ya was a cunning man, so she could forget about seducing him. If she was not careful, he could even pull a fast one on her.

    "It's only natural for me to seize this rare opportunity to visit the Secret Realm," Lang Ya replied her indifferently.

    He had joined this expedition to find the anonymous person who had helped him expel the poison from his body.

    Initially he thought that after being poisoned with the Peach Blossoms Aphrodisiac, even if he managed to remove the poison, his body would still be weakened greatly.

    However, he never expected that his skilled benefactor would not only force the poison out of his body, but also purge other unpleasant toxins at one go.

    He managed to reach the Foundation Establishment Stage successfully right after he consumed the Foundation Establishment Pill. To his surprise, he did not experience any obstacles.

    It was only after this that he realized he had met a skillful master. Therefore, he wanted to use this chance to seek out the mysterious person.

    "Sweetie, if you want to become more powerful, you should come see me. Regardless of what you want, I'll definitely fulfill your wishes." Bai Lan said in half jest.

    "Senior Bai Lan, even with Junior Su around you, you refuse to spare Lang Ya from warming your bed. You are really insatiable! Do you need my brother and I to pleasure you at the same time as well? I can guarantee that you will have an unforgettable experience." Han Xiaodong guffawed.

    Although he was not interested in any flings, speaking with lewd double entendres came naturally to him.

    "Since Senior Bai Lan has been with many men, I am afraid that even if my brother and I pleasure you together, you will still be begging for more!" Han Xiaoxi said with a straight face.

    A sour expression appeared on Bai Lan's face at once.

    Although she loved to extract vital energies of her sexual partners, she was not the kind to have sexual relations with just about anyone. She hated uncultured, brutish men like Han Xiaodong the most.

    Unfortunately, she could not afford to offend the Han Brothers. The older Han brother was someone who was determined to win a fight at all costs, while the younger Han brother was as sly as a fox. However, the two of them focused solely on cultivation. They were completely unaffected by advances from beautiful women. Seduction had no effect on them.

    Although the Han Brothers had only completed the final level of the Qi Refining Stage, if they combined their attacks, their offensive power would be as strong as that of the Foundation Establishment Stage. Thus, Bai Lan did not dare to provoke them openly.

    She could only sneer at them. After telling them to watch their backs, she returned to Su Junqing's side.

    "This woman is not as harmless as you think. Since you've humiliated her, you need to exercise more caution in the future." Lang Ya advised the Han Brothers. Ever since he suffered terribly at the hands of those wanton women from Hehuan Sect, he did not dare to underestimate women now.

    "Brother Lang Ya, rest assured that we will not bite off more than we can chew. When we enter the Secret Realm later, we hope that you can take good care of us!" Han Xiaoxi said politely.

    As soon as Han Xiaoxi heard that Bai Lan and Su Junqing were the team leaders of Number Two Peak and Number Three Peak, he went to see Lang Ya with his older brother immediately to ally themselves with him.

    Lang Ya accepted their request readily.

    They knew the extent of Bai Lan's abilities well. They were not worried at all if they only had to deal with her.

    However, they had no idea where Su Junqing came from, so they were unclear about his capabilities.