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Chapter 311

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 311: Lang Ya's Past

    Su Junqing created his own Life's Origin Yin Corpse shortly after he entered the Yin Corpse Sect. Lang Ya and the others were extremely jealous of his luck. At the same time, they were afraid of crossing him. This was why Lang Ya, who was usually a lone wolf, had no choice but to form an alliance with the Han Brothers.

    When Bai Lan returned, Su Junqing was in the midst of instructing the Secondary Disciples to line up according to their cultivation level. "Everyone, please stand in a line. Secondary Disciples with the highest Cultivation Level can stand at the front. Those with cultivation levels below the fifth level of Qi Refining Stage can stand behind me."

    The disciples did as they were told.

    Since Yun Jiuge appeared ostensibly as a disciple at the third level of Qi Refining Stage, she stood in the middle of the line with Little Fatty Jin Lin.

    The Liu Sisters were supposed to stand at the end of the line as they concealed their cultivation partly to give the impression that they were at the second level of Qi Refining Stage. However, since they were now in Su Junqing's good books, they did not join the others. Instead, they stood beside him, looking as pretty as a picture.

    There were only twenty disciples from Number Two Peak and Number Three Peak whose cultivation level was at the fifth level of Qi Refining Stage and higher.

    Additionally, there were about one hundred disciples who were in their fourth level of Qi Refining Stage. Broom Eyebrows Chen and his lackeys were among them.

    The five hundred disciples with third level of Qi Refining Stage were considered the backbone of the team. However, disciples on the second level of Qi Refining Stage still made up the majority.

    After all, Yun Jiuge and the others had just entered the Yin Corpse Sect for less than half a year. New disciples would generally reach the second level of Qi Refining Stage within this time frame.

    "Little Fatty, why hasn't Senior Su brought his Life's Origin Yin Corpse with him?" Yun Jiuge had not seen Ye Yunzhi despite spying on Senior Su for some time.

    Since the Secret Realm was a place fraught with peril, it seemed reasonable that Su Junqing would bring Ye Yunzhi along for the expedition.

    "Yin Corpse Sect's disciples with a high level of cultivation have their own Cultivating Corpse Bag. They would usually store their Yin Corpse in the bag like any other Magical Weapon. When they need the Yin Corpse, they would release it from the bag," Little Fatty explained.

    The Cultivating Corpse Bag was much more valuable than a Magical Bottomless Bag. Even if an ordinary disciple could cultivate a Yin Corpse, it would be extremely difficult for them to get their hands on a Cultivating Corpse Bag.

    However, since Elder Mo Hua doted on Su Junqing, it was not surprising that he had a Cultivating Corpse Bag.

    "I see." Yun Jiuge stopped looking at Su Junqing. She looked at the black-haired disciples around her and threw Little Fatty another question, "Does the Secret Realm have the capacity to hold all five thousand of us?"

    Moreover, there was a high possibility that the disciples who were at the second level of Qi Refining Stage would not survive the dangers of the Secret Realm. Yun Jiuge felt that they were going to get themselves killed!

    "Who knows? All the information pertaining to this Secret Realm is top secret. Even the Seniors who made it out alive in the past are not allowed to talk about it," Little Fatty said with a low voice.

    "Isn't your paternal uncle a Main Steward who is responsible for the internal affairs in Yin Corpse Sect? Hasn't he told you anything?" Considering that Little Fatty was such a busybody, Yun Jiuge believed that his uncle would not be much different. He must have given some inside information to Little Fatty.

    "Hey, no matter how resourceful my uncle is, he's just a Main Steward in the Yin Corpse Sect. He wouldn't dare to say anything that's supposed to be kept confidential!" It was apparent that Little Fatty knew more than he let on.

    Since this was a secret that even a money grubber like Little Fatty refused to divulge, it must be extremely important. Little Fatty's behavior made Yun Jiuge even more curious about the Secret Realm.

    At this time, Su Junqing was done with organizing everyone in their respective positions. When he turned around, he saw Bai Lan walking towards him with a scowl.

    Glancing further behind her, he noticed that Lang Ya and the Han Brothers were looking at them derisively.

    Needless to say, they must have ruffled Bai Lan's feathers.

    "Senior, are you alright?" Since Su Junqing and Bai Lan were in this together for better or worse, he naturally expressed his concern for her.

    "The other three team leaders have joined forces. After we enter the Secret Realm, you should be more careful. When we get the opportunity, let's take the Han Brothers down," Bai Lan said with a malicious expression.

    The heated exchange earlier was not the main reason why she wanted to destroy the Han Brothers. The most important motive in killing them was that the Han Brothers were exceptionally gifted cultivators. They would move up the ranks in Yin Corpse Sect very quickly.

    Taking the initiative in advance to remove any potential threat to their future success was a skill that disciples from Black Magic Sects needed to have.

    "Alright." Su Junqing nodded in agreement.

    Although he seemed earnest, he couldn't care less about Bai Lan's plan.

    His only objective when he entered the Secret Realm was to gather the Human-faced Peaches so that he could enhance Ye Yunzhi's power.

    If they had the chance to finish the Han Brothers off, he wouldn't mind lending a hand. However, if she wanted him to devise a detailed scheme to terminate them, then she could forget about it!

    Bai Lan could read Su Junqing's mind, so she did not really expect him to bend over backwards to help her.

    She swept her gaze over the Liu Sisters who were standing a short distance away. She asked Su Junqing teasingly, "You fancy the Liu Sisters this much?"

    "I am only keeping them around so that I can extract vital energies from them through sexual relations in the future." Su Junqing did not make any effort to conceal his despicable intention.

    Bai Lan raised her thin eyebrows and looked Su Junqing up and down. She laughed and said, "Junior, you really think ahead!"

    "Senior, I still need you to take care of me." Su Junqing smiled.

    "Likewise." Bai Lan drew a line on Su Junqing's chest flirtatiously. She grinned and said, " If there's another opportunity, let's have another session where we can ‘learn' from each other!" She could not stop reliving the passionate night that they had last time.

    "Senior, your wish is my command!" Su Junqing chuckled.

    Since the Liu Sisters were standing near Bai Lan and Su Junqing, they could hear the banter clearly.

    Previously, even though they knew that Su Junqing approached them with a hidden agenda, it was hard for them to hate him. He was a wicked man, but they were taken in by his looks and charm.

    However, now that they heard Su Junqing and Bai Lan spewing such disgusting words together, the Liu Sisters felt revulsion rising in them.

    Since they had an extensive social network and were acquainted with many Secondary Disciples, naturally they had heard of Bai Lan and her inclination towards extracting vital energies of her sexual partners.

    She would frequently entice male disciples that caught her eye to follow her back to her room. After she slept with them, these male disciples would either lose their cultivation abilities completely or experience a sharp decrease in their cultivation levels. Many Secondary Disciples who had gotten wind of this were terrified of her.

    The Liu Sisters were now certain that the only reason Su Junqing wanted to win them over was to extract their vital energies through sex.

    Liu Mei'er glowered at them angrily. Her animosity was evident in her beautiful eyes.

    The Liu Sisters had experienced hardship in the hands of the Wicked Patriarch. They loathed men who wanted to extract their vital energies through sex the most.

    Liu Tian'er pulled her back at once and shook her head discreetly. She nudged her to look at Yun Jiu, who was standing amongst the other disciples.

    Although most men were scums, there were still some righteous ones as well.

    For example, Senior Yun Jiu. He would be a bottom for the rest of his life, showing that men would not necessarily lead an easier life than women. They still needed to protect their buttocks.

    Yun Jiuge was unaware that the Liu Sisters pitied her.

    She was engrossed in listening to Little Fatty's narration of Lang Ya and the Han Brothers' past.

    "I heard that Senior Lang Ya was abandoned in a wolf's den when he was young. He grew up within a pack of wolves. When he turned eighteen years of age, he still did not know how to speak the human language."

    Until he saved a heavily injured Lone Black Magic Cultivator in a deep forest.

    That Lone Cultivator took him in as his disciple. He not only taught Lang Ya how to speak and live like a human, he also imparted various cultivation techniques.

    Unfortunately, that Lone Practitioner could not recover from his severe injuries. He passed away not long after and asked Senior Lang Ya to join the Yin Corpse Sect.

    Therefore, Senior Lang Ya came here to join the Disciple Recruitment Event. In the end, he became the strongest Secondary Disciple in Number One Peak.

    He was a gifted cultivator, but also a recluse without many friends. Even so, he was extremely loyal to his allies and would never betray them. However, if anyone double-crossed him, he would seek revenge at all costs."

    Little Fatty paused to catch his breath and drink some water.

    "Then what about the Han Brothers?" Although he was not done drinking, Yun Jiuge could not stop herself from throwing him another question.