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Chapter 315

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 315: Fearsome Grasslands (3)

    Little Fatty had no choice but to repeat himself. "Senior Brother Yun Jiu has found a way to deal with these Blood Earthworms! You can slow them down using the Icy Yin Qi Strike! We can make our way out of these grasslands if we all use it on the worms at the same time!"

    The other disciples, however, were still a little skeptical. "Really?" they asked.

    "Can't you guys f*cking try it for yourselves?" Little Fatty snapped at them crudely.

    The disciples immediately tried the Icy Yin Qi Strike on the Blood Earthworms, and they became excited once they realized that it worked.

    "It actually works!"

    "But the effect only lasts a short time. How is that going to help us?"

    "That's why I said that we all have to work together!" Little Fatty shouted.

    "What do you mean? Tell us more!" the lower-ranked disciples demanded.

    Little Fatty did not have an answer to that, so he immediately called out to Yun Jiuge, "Senior Brother Yun Jiu! Come up here and tell us how we are going to work together!"

    Yun Jiuge jumped to the top of the pillar and told the lower-ranked disciples in a clear voice, "You do not need to be afraid of these Blood Earthworms. You just need to do what you usually do when fighting the Yin Ghosts. Take turns attacking them with the Icy Yin Qi Strike and try to maintain a tempo as you go. Also, make sure that you defend yourselves at the same time. I'm sure that we'll be able to get out of this place in one piece if we do all of these things."

    "Yeah! We've fought the Yin Ghosts many times before, and they are much more ferocious than these Blood Earthworms! There's no reason for us to be scared!" Little Fatty boasted. He seemed to have already forgotten how pathetic he'd looked when he'd first seen the Blood Earthworms.

    "Exactly! We have killed many Yin Ghosts before! There's no reason for us to be scared!" The disciples agreed and began instilling confidence in one another.

    At that moment, a clear and bright voice rang out in the distance: "Senior Brother Yun Jiu! You were the first to kill an Eagle Beast, and you were also the one who discovered the Blood Earthworms' weakness. Please, lead us out of this place. We'll listen to your every word."

    Yun Jiuge looked in the direction where the voice had come from and saw a young man clad in white standing on top of a Bone Spur made of ice.

    The young man had delicate, beautiful facial features and a slim figure. His eyes were crystal clear, and his teeth were pure white. He looked just like a girl, and the only feature that gave his true gender away was the Adam's apple on his neck.

    The Bone Spur he was standing on was snow-white, and it had a rune shaped like a snowflake engraved on it. Yun Jiuge recognized it at once. It was an Icy Frost Bone Spur.

    She was surprised to see that someone in the Yin Corpse Sect possessed such a Bone Spur. After all, almost everyone in the Yin Corpse Sect chose to engrave Wicked Runes on their Bone Spurs instead.

    The most popular runes used by the Yin Corpse Sect's disciples were the ones that allowed the Bone Spurs to feed on others' blood, crush bones, shoot out poison needles, or emit black gas. It was very rare to see someone control a Bone Spur made of ice, but this Icy Frost Bone Spur was going to be their savior now.

    "Bing Xinlian is right. Only Senior Brother Yun Jiu is capable of leading us out of these grasslands now. We'll only survive if we listen to him!" Little Fatty recognized the feminine young man who had just spoken.

    "Yeah! That's right! Senior Brother Yun Jiu, we'll listen to your every word."

    No one knew where Su Junqing and the other higher-ranked disciples were currently. The lower-ranked disciples were leaderless, and they desperately needed someone to fill in.

    Of course, they would not just listen to anybody. It had to be someone who had performed very well thus far, so Yun Jiu fit the bill perfectly.

    He had single-handedly killed an Eagle Beast when they'd just entered the Secret Realm, and he had also been able to anticipate the attacks from the Blood Earthworms before anyone else. Not only that but he also quickly uncovered the Blood Earthworms' weakness. All these factors had allowed him to gain the remaining disciples' trust.

    "Alright. I will gladly take up the position since everyone has already put their trust in me. I want all of you to form groups of ten, just like you would when you take up a mission to hunt Yin Ghosts. It would be best if you teamed up with people whom you are familiar with. Feel free to make adjustments to your teams accordingly. Also, try to form a bigger team if your cultivation level is low. You just need to make sure that you can all coordinate well as a crew."

    The plan was to use one Icy Yin Qi Strike every five breaths. Each team would maintain a distance of around one meter from the group in front of them then adjust their pace based on the leading team.

    "Junior Brother Bing and Junior Brother Jin Lin, I want the two of you to follow me to the front. Both of you will help me open up a path for the others," Yun Jiuge commanded.

    All of the secondary disciples here had spent a long time fighting the Yin Ghosts in the Yin Qi Graveyard. They were definitely not weak. They just needed to be told what they had to do.

    "Hey! Over here!"

    "We still need three more people on this team. We need someone with long legs who can run fast…"

    After receiving their orders from Yun Jiu, the disciples began acting as though they were trying to form teams to take on the Yin Ghosts.

    The teams were created in no time. Most had ten members, but there were some with more. However, this was not an issue at all. The lower-ranked disciples always formed groups of fifteen to twenty whenever they took on the Yin Ghosts. Therefore, working in bigger groups had actually become their habit.

    "Senior Brother Yun Jiu, are you sure we'll be fine with just the three of us?" Apprehension was written all over Little Fatty's face. The leading team played an extremely crucial role in the mission, and there should at least be ten people on the team!

    "We'll be fine as long as you don't slack off," Yun Jiuge shot back and glanced at Little Fatty.

    He is the nephew of a man who manages the inner sect. He must possess a lot of items that can help save his life in times of danger, she thought to herself.

    "I'll kill you if you hinder us," Bing Xinlian growled at Little Fatty.

    Bing Xinlian appeared delicate on the outside and also had a slightly feminine name. However, contrary to his fragile, feminine appearance, he had an extremely fiery temper. He also appeared to be very familiar with Little Fatty.

    "Yes, yes. I definitely won't slack off," Little Fatty retorted. He seemed to be quite afraid of Bing Xinlian.

    Given that Little Fatty preyed on the weak and played up to those in power, Bing Xinlian must be quite a formidable person.

    Yun Jiuge's mind ran in circles, but her face gave nothing away. She instructed the pair next to her in a deep voice, "Junior Brother Bing, I want you to use your Bone Spur to help create an ice path for us. Junior Brother Jin Lin will use the Icy Yin Qi Strike to prevent the ice from melting away. Leave everything else to me."

    "Yes," Bing Xinlian replied. He was a man of his word. He'd said that he would listen to everything that Yun Jiuge said, and he did just that.

    He brandished his Icy Frost Bone Spur at once, and a surge of Ice Energy, white as snow, rushed out at the front.

    The rough grasslands before them frosted over instantaneously. The cold air terrified the Blood Earthworms, and they immediately retreated.

    "Let's move!" Yun Jiuge charged forward with Bing Xinlian and Little Fatty.

    Some of the higher-ranked Blood Earthworms were undaunted by the chill, and they pounced toward the trio the moment they picked up a human scent.

    However, their bodies were impaled by Yun Jiuge's Bone Spur the instant they leaped off the ground.

    Yun Jiuge was firing on all cylinders. She commanded the two black Bone Spurs and numerous other phantom Bone Spurs to revolve around her body continuously. As they orbited her, the Bone Spurs killed countless Blood Earthworms.

    The only thing that Little Fatty needed to do was focus all his attention on assisting Bing Xinlian.

    When Little Fatty and Bing Xinlian encountered certain areas that they were not able to reach with their powers, Yun Jiuge covered for them, casting a powerful Icy Yin Qi Strike.

    The Icy Yin Qi Strikes which Yun Jiuge launched were not able to freeze as much ground as the offensives from the rest of the disciples. This was because Yun Jiuge was very precise with her attacks.

    She only cast her Icy Yin Qi Strikes at the specific spots that Little Fatty and Bing Xinlian were not able to freeze with their powers. She also made sure to only use a little bit of her power during each strike.

    Others needed to use the Icy Yin Qi Strike four or five times to freeze up a particular spot, but thanks to her precision, Yun Jiuge only needed to use it once. Her careful portioning of power also enabled her to use a lot less energy than the other disciples.

    Bing Xinlian was very impressed with Yun Jiuge's abilities.

    To him, Yun Jiu appeared to be skilled at both attack and defense. He had no doubt that Yun Jiu would be able to make his way out of the grasslands all by himself if he had to. He did not need their help at all.

    Yun Jiuge, Bing Xinlian, and Little Fatty moved forward at breakneck speed. The other teams followed closely behind them.

    Everyone was casting the Icy Yin Qi Strike one after the other, ceaselessly attacking. This allowed the ice path to be kept intact at all times.

    Several fearless Blood Earthworms pounced at them from time to time, but they were all killed by the experienced disciples in no time.

    All of the secondary disciples soon came to realize that the Blood Earthworms were nothing compared to the unpredictable Yin Ghosts that attacked them incessantly.

    Consequentially, they all began to relax a little, which in turn allowed them to become even more agile in their attacks on the Blood Earthworms.

    All of the disciples bolted forward in unison. Eventually, every single one had successfully made their way into the deeper regions of the grasslands. No one was left behind or killed by the Blood Earthworms.