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Chapter 325

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 325: Black Fog Passion, Let’s Kiss

    "It wasn't you who asked them to come in, so don't blame yourself." Zi Shang caressed Yun Jiuge's head. The rest was not his business to care, as long as this small head was intact.

    "You're up to no good either." Yun Jiuge stared at Zi Shang.

    Among demons, ghosts and all sorts of evil-doers, demons were expected to be the worst. Zi Shang was a good example.

    Zi Shang touched his nose and silently retreated to the side. He could not afford to provoke an angry woman!

    "Senior Yun Jiu, we don't want to die!" Many of the Second-rank Disciples began to cry on the spot.

    They arrived here after a lot of hardships and didn't expect themselves to be fed to the Human-faced Peaches. It was too brutal for them to accept.

    "Don't worry, I won't feed you to the Human-faced Peaches." The Low-rank Disciples and she were from the same master. They had never made any mistakes and were honestly practicing all this while. They did not deserve to die here.

    "It's not up to you." A nonchalant voice sounded behind Yun Jiuge.

    Yun Jiuge turned around and saw that Lang Ya and the Han Brothers had now climbed up with the Secondary Disciples.

    The team led by the three of them also met with danger when they entered the Secret Realm, but having always been cautious, their losses were not very big. There were 500 disciples left in each team, making up 1,500 of them in total, which made their number mighty. They could completely crush Yun Jiuge and disciples.

    "What could Senior Han mean?" Yun Jiuge looked at the menacing big army coldly.

    "Where is Senior Su?" Han Xiaoxi asked, not answering her question.

    He looked around and did not see any signs of Su Junqing. Doubts arose in his heart – could he be dead?


    That lad got so many benefits from Elder Mo Hua and had the Life's Origin Yin Corpse that would draw up protective spells to keep him safe from harm. Even if they were all dead, he would not die.

    "Senior Su and Senior Bai Lan are behind us," Yun Jiuge replied subtly, and then asked, "I wonder how Senior Han is going to pick this Human-faced Peach?" She did not believe that the disciples following Senior Han would die willingly.

    "Heh Heh," Han Xiaoxi looked at Yun Jiuge and her disciples maliciously, saying, "It is nature's law for the weak ones to step forward first." He'd meant to force Yun Jiuge and her disciples to pick the Human-faced Peaches while they would wait to collect the ripe ones.

    "Dream on." Bing Xinlian was in a rage, Yin Auras bursting from his Frost Bone Spur.

    Little Fatty and the Liu Sisters drew out their Bone Spurs too.

    "Junior Bing, Junior Jin Lin, Junior Yun Jiu and both Junior Liu, no need to be so angry – the weak ones I referred to are not you guys. Why don't you join our side? And when the time comes, we can hand over the Human-faced Peach and split the rewards among us." Han Xiaoxi smiled and decided to divide Bing Xinlian and his friends.

    The Number Two Peak Disciples were nervous. They were afraid Bing Xinlian and Senior Yun Jiu would abandon them for their own benefits.

    Yun Jiuge nodded and said, "Senior Han is right. The weak will go first."

    "Senior Yun Jiu!" Bing Xinlian's eyes widened in disbelief. He couldn't believe that the person they admired and worshipped would be so heartless.

    Yun Jiuge ignored him, continuing to Han Xiaoxi, "So, you guys should go first."

    "What?" Han Xiaoxi thought he had misheard.

    "Didn't you say the weak should go first?" Yun Jiuge lifted her eyebrows and glanced at him with a disdainful look, saying, "Why don't you get on with picking the peaches now?"

    Before Han Xiaoxi could regain his senses after what he had heard, the disciples of the Number Two Peak cheered.

    Bing Xinlian and Little Fatty were so excited that they showed their middle fingers to Han Xiaoxi. "Baddies! Weaklings! All of you go on first!"

    "Junior Yun Jiu, are you blind or has your head been kicked by a donkey? Can't you distinguish the weak?" Han Xiaoxi laughed in extreme anger.

    Aside from the strength of the two brothers and Lang Ya, the disciples behind them had gone through several dangerous situations of elimination, with the lowest rank among them being those who practiced the Third Level Qi. And, their combat ability was very strong.

    Although Number Two Peak had more than 700 disciples, more than half of them were Second-rank Disciples. How could they fight against them?

    Yun Jiuge's head had not been kicked by a donkey, of course. Zi Shang was squatting in the trees at a distance near to Lang Ya and the Han Brothers at the moment. With just an order, Yun Jiuge could take down the heads of the three of them to feed the peaches.

    However, Yun Jiuge didn't want to do so. She drew out her Bone Spur and said to the Han Brothers directly, "A competition will show who is stronger."

    "Well, then. Let's battle it out." Han Xiaodong jumped out first.

    "Two against one – you brothers are too shameless!" said Bing Xinlian furiously.

    "We brothers, have always fought together against the enemy. Surrender now if you are afraid of death." Although Han Xiaodong looked like a butcher, he was very cunning. He would never underestimate the enemy, and both brothers would fight no matter who they were facing.

    "Senior Yun Jiu, I'll fight together with you." Bing Xinlian drew out his Bone Spur and showed a fighting spirit.

    "No, stand down." Yun Jiuge had her own plans in challenging the Han Brothers. It was not a reckless thought.

    "You are courageous, Junior Yun Jiu!" Han Xiaodong gave a thumbs up and before he finished his words, a dog-stick like Bone Spur hit her.

    Han Xiaoxi drew out his Bone Spur and blocked Yun Jiuge's path.

    Without any warning, the two brothers attacked. They were insidious and despicable to the extreme. If it was someone other than Yun Jiuge, they might have been injured.

    Fortunately, Yun Jiuge was prepared. She waved her Hallucinatory Bone Spur and a black fog filled the air at an instance, completely covering her figure.

    The Han Brothers failed in their attack. They became cautious at once and immediately withdrew their Bone Spurs, carefully examining the black fog in front of them.

    "Zi Shang, come in." Yun Jiuge gave a silent call to her marking.

    "What's the matter?" Zi Shang jumped from the tree into the black fog.

    "As I attack later, help me stop the Han Brothers, but don't let them detect anything unusual." Yun Jiuge had no time to waste with the Han Brothers – she had to make them lose their guts completely with one strike.

    But with her current strength, she was not able to do so and could only ask for Zi Shang's help.

    "What's in it for me?" Yun Jiuge had not begged for his help in a long time. He would be foolish if he did not seize this opportunity to demand benefits.

    "Here you go." Yun Jiuge embraced Zi Shang's neck amorously and stood up to kiss him.

    Zi Shang's left hand held on to her waist naturally to deepen the kiss while his right hand caressed her body as he wished.

    The Han Brothers would have never thought that their opponent would be in the mood for such passion amid the black fog and such a tense atmosphere of the fight. Moreover, the actions were getting more intense…

    "Xiaoxi, why don't we force our way in?" Han Xiaodong looked at the calm black fog seriously as the Bone Spur in his hand flashed with cold light.

    Over the years of wandering around with his brother, they were chased by dogs and people and suffered numerous hardships. Because of this, he had subconsciously cultivated a dog-stick shaped Bone Spur.

    "Go!" Han Xiaoxi nodded without hesitation.