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Chapter 328

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 328: For You, I Would Rush to Your Side from the Ends of the Earth

    "Junior Yun Jiu is honorable." Han Xiaodong gave Yun Jiuge a thumbs up, looking as if he approved of her immensely. But no one knew how he actually felt.

    "Senior Han's praise is too much." Yun Jiuge's tone was bland, and he turned to the group. "We will meet here in five days' time."

    Five days was enough to deal with the Demonic Beasts. More importantly, the Secret Realm would open in ten days, so they'd have to come back earlier to prepare.

    "Alright." Lang Ya and his men nodded, and everyone took their leave.

    Yun Jiuge led the disciples from Number Two Peak and headed east.

    "Senior Yun Jiu, will we really be able to kill so many Demonic Beasts?" Liu Tian'er was uncertain because there were too many Low-rank Disciples here. With just a few Armored Crocodiles, they would be massacred.

    "You'll know in time to come." Instead of talking, she'd rather show them.

    Yun Jiuge led the group down the mountain, then started to find a suitable location to set traps.

    "We have to find a place around two miles of the Death Swamp, and it would be better if it were not too flat or empty," Yun Jiuge said, describing a few requirements of the trap.

    Little Fatty and Bing Xinlian started searching for a place with enthusiasm, but they were not too successful.

    "This place isn't too bad." Zi Shang went around and finally picked a light brown marsh.

    Yun Jiuge took a look. The marsh was about half an acre wide with the depth of a person, and situated diagonally across from the Death Swamp.

    The distance was just right at two miles, and there were many weeds and stones in the surrounding area. For the Armored Crocodiles to crawl over, they would have to make great efforts. It was actually a great location.

    "Let's set the trap here then!" Yun Jiuge was also very pleased with the marsh.

    She gathered the disciples of Number Two Peak and split them into five teams according to their Spiritual Root.

    Because Yin Qi was inclined to Earth, the disciples that had Earth Spiritual Root formed the majority. There were about 300 of them.

    Next was Wood Spiritual Root, making up about 200 people.

    Metal, Water and Fire Spiritual Root added up to a total of over 100 people.

    Bing Xinlian was the only one with Ice Spiritual Root.

    "Senior Yun Jiu, the Armored Crocodiles have thick skins, hard flesh and high defenses. Our attacks will have a hard time piercing through their skins!" Liu Mei'er spoke truthfully.

    These Second-rank Disciples' Bone Spurs were mostly the White Bone Spurs given out by the Sect. The attacking power was very poor –to kill a single Armored Crocodile, it would take about 100 of them to work together with that Bone Spur. To kill 700 Armored Crocodiles would be practically impossible.

    "The Armored Crocodile's defense might be strong, but their Soul Power is very weak. You just have to destroy their mental ability to defeat them." Naturally, Yun Jiuge had researched on the weakness of the Armored Crocodiles before bringing the group of disciples here.

    "How will we destroy their mental ability?" The disciples looked at one another, having heard what seemed like a foreign concept.

    "I believe everyone has learned the Corpse Controlling Curse?" Yun Jiuge asked.

    "Of course." The Liu Sisters nodded.

    The Corpse Controlling Curse was the most basic curse of the Yin Corpse Sect. With just 10 Contribution Points, it could be exchanged.

    Although most of the disciples had not cultivated their Life's Origin Yin Corpse, they had all learned this curse in the hope of meeting a good Yin Corpse in the future, and thereafter reaching the peak of their lives by becoming influential and powerful.

    "When the time comes, everyone can just treat the Armored Crocodile as a Yin Corpse to control." Yun Jiuge had gotten inspiration from Seventh Concubine's death.

    However, the one who controlled and killed Seventh Concubine was the powerful Black Fiend Sect, whom these Low-rank Disciples could not compare to, so they needed a special method to succeed.

    "Disciples with the same Spiritual Root should split into groups of ten. Then, use the Corpse Controlling Curse as if you were attacking a Yin Ghost – don't stop the momentum." Once the disciples were able to achieve such a state, it would increase the power of the Corpse Controlling Curse fivefold. By then, killing the Armored Crocodiles would not be a problem.

    The method might sound simple, but it required very intense cooperation and total trust.

    Fortunately, the Low-rank Disciples had grouped together before to challenge the Yin Qi Graveyard after they had entered the sect, so their cooperation was very good.

    Besides, with Yun Jiuge at the front, there was no need to worry about being stabbed in the back, so they were able to meet the requirement.

    "Great." The Liu Sisters and Little Fatty heard Yun Jiuge's suggestion and thought it a good idea, and their energy spiked.

    They were all of the Earth Spiritual Root and formed their own groups of ten. Their training was the fastest, most efficient and powerful.

    The rest of the disciples followed suit and quickly found their momentum.

    "Then what should we do?" Bing Xinlian was not content to sit by the side doing nothing.

    "You guys will be in charge of protecting everyone from the side. We need your Icy Frost Aura to control the Armored Crocodiles' movements." Yun Jiuge also gave Bing Xinlian a personal mission, getting him to lead the rest of the disciples in preparing their defense.

    "No problem," Bing Xinlian agreed swiftly.

    Icy Yin Qi Strike was a skill they used often, so organizing their defense was very easy.

    "However, the most important thing now is to get the traps ready." Yun Jiuge led the disciples to increase the width and depth of the marsh, and took out a large amount of greyish-white stones and yellow weeds.

    "Aren't these Ashy Stones and Dried Yellow Herbs? What's Senior Yun Jiu planning to do?" Bing Xinlian was still familiar with medicinal herbs and mineral ores.

    "Place them into the marsh, and let the Armored Crocodiles have a taste of something special," Yun Jiuge said as she started preparing.

    Both the herbs and mineral ore were discovered by the Alchemists. However, they did not have much use in Pill Production.

    Later on, they became materials used to join stones together for building the mansions of nobility and the city walls.

    Yun Jiuge instructed the disciples with Fire Spiritual Roots to melt the Ashy Stones, then mix in the Dried Yellow Herbs before slowly pouring it into the marsh.

    The previously calm marsh immediately started bubbling, and the already sticky mud became thicker with its adhesiveness increased. Even if the Armored Crocodiles were very strong, they would still have a hard time crawling out of the marsh.

    "Alright, hide well, everyone! I will be releasing the Beast-baiting Fragrance. Attack when I give the signal!" Yun Jiuge ordered, and all the disciples dispersed into their respective groups.

    The Low-rank Disciples' attacking power was poor, but their concealment abilities were top-notch. A lot of them had carried concealment tools in their Magical Bottomless Bags.

    Rocks of numerous sizes and lush saplings now appeared among the wasteland.

    This rough disguise would not fool any high-ranked cultivator, but it was enough to hide from the Armored Crocodiles.

    Yun Jiuge stuck her four Bone Spurs into the ground, then released Yin Qi to hide the human smell on her.

    After ensuring that the disciples were hidden well, she lit the Beast-baiting Fragrance in front of the marsh.

    Green smoke drifted into the air, and a sickeningly sweet scent dispersed into the surroundings.

    "The Beast-baiting Fragrance isn't too shabby, is it?" Yun Jiuge confidently asked as she turned to Zi Shang.

    Zi Shang sniffed lightly, then shook his head. "It's subpar."

    "Impossible!" Yun Jiuge poked her head forward and sniffed. It was very fragrant!

    Although it was her first time lighting the fragrance, in theory, there should not have been any problems luring any beasts to their area.