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Chapter 329

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 329: Close Your Eyes, And I’ll Show You A New World

    "It's subpar when compared to you. If I smelled your scent, I'd run over to you even from over 2,000 miles away, what more two miles?" Zi Shang gave an undulated smile and his eyes curled into overturned crescents.

    Damn! He was treating her like a female beast.

    "If you could get lost over 2,000 miles away, I'd be happier." Yun Jiuge had a strong urge to shove the Beast-baiting Fragrance into Zi Shang's nose.

    "Be serious, the Armored Crocodiles are coming." Zi Shang switched topics instantly.

    In the far-off distance, there was a large patch of shadows as streams of Armored Crocodiles waddled their way over in an overexcited urge to mate.

    Yun Jiuge waited until the group was near before throwing the Beast-baiting Fragrance into the marsh.

    The Armored Crocodiles pushed and shoved one another, rushing to be the first to plunge into the marsh with fervor.

    The surface was still quite thin and watery. But as the Armored Crocodiles swam to the center, the liquid turned thick and heavy. Soon, the Armored Crocodiles were unable to move.

    The Armored Crocodiles at the back were still pushing their way forward by stepping on the bodies of those who had gone in first, pushing them deeper into the marsh.

    Seeing that the Armored Crocodiles in the marsh were getting more and more, the Liu Sisters and Little Fatty became nervous.

    "There are so many of them! Why are we not taking action?" Little Fatty asked the Liu Sisters softly. The Armored Crocodiles in the marsh were now at least 80 in total.

    "Just hold on for a while more." Liu Tian'er fixed her gaze on Yun Jiuge's back.

    Yun Jiuge waited until there were around 100 Armored Crocodiles in the marsh before giving the order to attack.

    The Liu Sisters and Little Fatty immediately led the disciples in chanting the Corpse Controlling Curse in the direction of the marsh.

    Although the Corpse Controlling Curse could help the disciples mentally in attacking the Armored Crocodiles, their success was also dependent on the mental strength differences between them and the Armored Crocodiles.

    With the Low-ranked Disciples' current cultivation, it was impossible to fight an Armored Crocodile one on one.

    But if they banded together in groups of ten and consecutively barraged their attacks on the Armored Crocodiles, the effect would be significant.

    Armored Crocodiles which experienced an attack by the Corpse Controlling Curse would have a splitting headache and try their best to flee. Unfortunately, they would be trapped in the thick, heavy marsh.

    "Little Bing, stop those behind." Yun Jiuge pointed to 40 Armored Crocodiles that had crawled over.

    The marsh in front was already filled up with Armored Crocodiles. If more of them crawled over, they would be able to cross over the marsh atop the bodies of those inside.

    Bing Xinlian whipped out the Icy Frost Bone Spur to block off the path of the Armored Crocodiles. The rest of the disciples also channeled the Icy Yin Qi Strike to assist him.

    The movements of the 40 Armored Crocodiles stalled instantly.

    "Aren't you going to use the Corpse Controlling Curse on them?" Zi Shang asked Yun Jiuge.

    "I'm not too good with the curse!" Although Yun Jiuge had learned the curse, she had never tried it on an actual corpse, so she wasn't too confident using it. She was more comfortable killing the reptiles with brute force.

    "You with a thousand-year-old Corpse at hand, not good with the curse? How could that be possible?" Zi Shang placed a hand on Yun Jiuge's back, telling her, "Close your eyes and focus — you'll discover a whole new world."

    "Fine." Yun Jiuge trusted Zi Shang. She closed her eyes and started chanting the Corpse Controlling Curse.

    The chants spewed out from her mouth. At the start, she was a little choppy with the incantation.

    But soon, a special energy from Zi Shang's palm entered her body, and the sights in front of her turned white.

    The Armored Crocodiles were glaringly obvious amidst the plain, white background. They were like little black dots, with the black glow of the Corpse Controlling Curse resembling a giant shark circling around them, waiting to gobble them up.

    Subconsciously, Yun Jiuge manipulated the Corpse Controlling Curse to attack the little black dots.

    Splat, splat, splat! The little black dots burst upon her touch. It was as if she'd become a god with the power to kill the Armored Crocodiles as easily as killing ants.

    She seemed consumed by the heady energy as her attacking speed churned faster. Soon, the black dots were all eradicated quickly, but she couldn't seem to get enough of the thrill.

    However, Zi Shang had now withdrawn the energy, and her senses returned to her body.

    Yun Jiuge opened her eyes slowly, and saw a mass of Armored Crocodile corpses and Bing Xinlian's shocked face before her.

    The rest of the disciples behind him were looking at her as if she were a monster.

    Earlier at the Human Face Mountain, although it was shocking to see Yun Jiuge finish off the Han Brothers in just one move, everyone thought it was because of her powerful and strong Bone Spur.

    But now, seeing that Yun Jiuge did not have additional help and relied only on closing her eyes to chant the Corpse Controlling Curse repeatedly, she still single-handedly killed over 40 Armored Crocodiles. It seemed like a miracle.

    Yun Jiuge was also shocked by the scene she had created.

    Initially she only planned to attack with the Bone Spur, killing as many as possible. She'd never imagined that she would create such a big situation.

    "See? Such is the complexity and depth of the Yin Corpse Sect's techniques. If you're able to comprehend them, they will become a great weapon for you in future." Zi Shang had given much thought for Yun Jiuge.

    Zi Shang had tricked Yun Jiuge into the Yin Corpse Sect with much difficulty, but she always averted and rejected their techniques. Her mind was always on dealing with the poison within her to leave the Sect. It was such a pity.

    Therefore, he had chosen such a method to shock Yun Jiuge, hoping that she would realize the deeply complex techniques of the Yin Corpse Sect. He hoped she would learn the Yin Ghost Corpse Controlling Technique with her heart.

    "I don't know what the future holds but all I know is that the Yin Corpse Sect will now treat me as a dangerous weapon to be eliminated once news of this gets out." Yun Jiuge shuddered thinking about the bloodbath she would encounter. She wanted to beat Zi Shang up.

    "We'll deal with it when the time comes." Zi Shang changed his plans after realizing the secret of the Human Face Mountain, not wanting Yun Jiuge to keep a low profile anymore.

    He had enough of staying hidden by Yun Jiuge's side.

    He wanted to leave the mountain, to shake things up, and to announce to the Yin Corpse Sect that Yun Jiuge belonged to him!

    "Fine, alright! Whatever you say." Yun Jiuge did not care anymore.

    Whatever came their way, Zi Shang would deal with it.

    "Senior Yun Jiu, what should we do with these Armored Crocodiles?" Bing Xinlian made his way over carefully, looking at Yun Jiuge with deep respect and admiration as if looking at a god.

    "Store them in the Magical Bottomless Bags," Yun Jiuge replied perkily.

    Having dealt with the current batch, there were five other batches of Armored Crocodiles remaining. It was not the time to let down one's guard.

    Bing Xinlian led the disciples in storing the Armored Crocodiles. Within the marsh, there were still numerous Armored Crocodiles that were tortured to death.

    But there were still quite a number lurking, and judging by the speed of the Liu Sisters and Little Fatty, they still had a long way to go.

    Yun Jiuge led Bing Xinlian and the rest of the disciples to attack the remaining Armored Crocodiles. Where injured, the Armored Crocodiles' Soul Power would be weakened as well.

    The attacks carried on until late into the night, and the Number Two Peak disciples finally killed off the last of the Armored Crocodiles. Each of them slumped to the ground in exhaustion after.

    Indeed, using mental power was more exhausting than using physical strength.

    Moreover, they'd travelled across grasslands, swamps and the Human Face Mountain today. If they did not get some rest, they wouldn't be able to carry on with their duties.

    "Have a good rest everyone, and let's continue tomorrow," Yun Jiuge ordered, and led Bing Xinlian to deal with the dead Armored Crocodiles in the marsh.