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Chapter 330

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 330: Behave Yourself, This Isn’t A Place To Get Chummy

    This marsh created by the Ashy Stones and Dried Yellow Herbs had an advantage. The moment Spiritual Dissipating Powder was scattered on it, the marsh would return to its original state.

    To play safe, Yun Jiuge went around the marsh and chanted the Corpse Controlling Curse to finish off Armored Crocodiles that were not fully dead, before retrieving the corpses.

    After settling the corpses of the Armored Crocodiles, Yun Jiuge enlisted Bing Xinlian's help to organize the disciples for night duty.

    The Earth and Wood Spiritual Root-inclined disciples, such as Liu Sisters and Little Fatty, were the main force of the mission, so they had to have a good night's rest.

    The next morning, Yun Jiuge and the rest once again set the traps for the Armored Crocodiles to start their killing spree.

    They spent three days on the mission before finally killing over 700 Demonic Beasts.

    Amongst the pack of Demonic Beasts, besides the Armored Crocodiles there were also numerous corpses of high-leveled Wolf Beasts.

    These high-leveled Wolf Beasts were also lured over by the Beast-baiting Fragrance.

    The moment these Wolf Beasts appeared, they killed a sizable number of disciples, instilling fear into the others who were concentrating on their incantation.

    The high-leveled Wolf Beasts were very cunning and sly, with very strong Soul Power and fast speeds. Disciples who were weak-willed had the urge to run away.

    The situation got out of control, and the Armored Crocodiles took the opportunity to surge forward.

    Seeing that the disciples were about to be demolished, Yun Jiuge could not avoid bringing out the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey to mask the human scent of the Low-rank Disciples with Yin Qi.

    Then with Zi Shang's help, Yun Jiuge killed off the escaping Armored Crocodiles with the Corpse Controlling Curse, before leading Bing Xinlian to finish off the high-leveled Wolf Beasts.

    She did her best to turn the situation around, exposing both the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey and her real cultivation. This would definitely catch the attention of the Elders of the Yin Corpse Sect once all of them got out of this place.

    "Don't worry, Senior Yun Jiu. We won't reveal anything about the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey," Little Fatty swore. The other disciples also hurriedly assured her that they would not reveal this secret.

    Yun Jiuge didn't say much. They were all very grateful to her now, so naturally they sincerely promised to keep her secret.

    But once they left this place, it would be hard to prevent these 700 people from spilling her secret. There was no way of concealing the truth — it was inevitable that the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey would be exposed, and she had already been mentally prepared for it.

    "Let's go!" Yun Jiuge took their spoils of victory and led the Number Two Peak disciples up Human Face Mountain.

    Arriving at Human-faced Peach Forest, they only found Bai Lan, Su Junqing and the disciples from Number Three Peak.

    The group consisted of members with high cultivation, and they had two Captains, so their strength was naturally astonishing.

    Even so, they had lost a few good men.

    The moment they saw Yun Jiuge and the rest arriving so soon, and with minimal losses, they were all very shocked.

    "Junior Yun Jiu, you guys have collected enough Demonic Beasts?" Bai Lan could not suppress his curiosity.

    "Yes," Yun Jiuge answered, then stole a discreet glance at Ye Yunzhi, who was standing behind Su Junqing.

    H¬¬er expression was apathetic, and her eyes dull. It looked as if she had not regained her wits, and Yun Jiuge felt a little relieved at this.

    "How did you do it, Junior Yun Jiu?" Bai Lan felt that Yun Jiuge was either lying or had some secret weapon.

    "You still have the cheek to ask about someone else's secret technique? You're so thick-skinned!" the voice of the Han Brothers rang out suddenly.

    The disciples following the Han Brothers emerged fairly unscathed. It seemed like they had succeeded in their mission.

    Bai Lan was very annoyed with the Han Brothers. He grunted irritably and did not pursue the issue.

    Not long after, Lang Ya returned with his men too.

    Although their bodies looked exhausted, they were still energetic. It looked like they had a good harvest as well.

    "Since everyone has returned, let's count the bounty of Demonic Beasts!" the Han Brothers called out.

    "Sure, let's start with you then!" Bai Lan was keen to see how much loot the two brothers had gained.

    "We won't stand on ceremony then!" The Han Brothers poured out the Demonic Beasts' corpses from their Magical Bottomless Bags.

    Their two peaks had a total of 1,200 disciples, and they had killed a total of 1,500 Demonic Beasts. Among this was all varieties of Demonic Beasts.

    Although low-leveled Demonic Beasts made up the majority, it was still a great result.

    "Senior Bai — your team has so many Elites, and Senior Su has his Life's Origin Yin Corpse. Your loot wouldn't be worse than us, would it?" The Han Brothers looked at Bai Lan provocatively.

    "Humph!" Of course Bai Lan would not lose out to the Han Brothers.

    They had 300 people, and killed 500 Demonic Beasts.

    Their numbers could not compare to the Han Brothers. But their loot quality was much better, consisting of mostly mid-leveled and high-leveled Demonic Beasts.

    Next was Lang Ya, whose group killed even more. 600 of them killed 1,200 Demonic Beasts, and they were all Blood Earthworms. When piled up on the ground, they stacked up to a small hill.

    "In that case, even if Junior Yun Jiu's loot isn't that good, it wouldn't matter," Bai Lan said with a smile.

    "It seems like everyone had a good harvest." Yun Jiuge opened her Magical Bottomless Bag, and took out 720 Demonic Beasts.

    Yun Jiuge's team, when compared to the other peaks, performed poorly in quantity and quality. But Number Two Peak was made up of Low-rank Disciples anyway, and this was already a major feat for them.

    Although Lang Ya and the Han Brothers were very surprised, they did not ask further since they had decided to be on good relations with Yun Jiuge.

    "Just hasten the ripening of the Human-faced Peach!" Su Junqing urged as he did not want to wait any longer.

    "Alright, let's get it over and done with!" The Han Brothers also wanted to leave this god-forsaken place as soon as possible.

    The few of them got their disciples to throw the Demonic Beasts' corpses into the Peach Forest.

    As this went on, there were quite a number of Human-faced Peaches that fell down. They had ripened after consuming the Demonic Beasts' corpses.

    The Han Brothers and Bai Lan were very tempted at this sight.

    Originally, they'd thought that they wouldn't be able to complete the Sect mission. Who knew there would be a surplus now?

    If they brought back the excess Human-faced Peaches to the Sect, they would definitely be rewarded.

    Yun Jiuge stood at the side pretending to look at the Peach Forest, but in fact, she was sneaking glances at Su Junqing and Ye Yunzhi.

    Her original plan was to kill Su Junqing within the Secret Realm, but she never expected that Zi Shang would sneak off midway. She did not dare to act alone.

    Now that Zi Shang had returned, they became busy with collecting Demonic Beasts to hasten the ripening of the Human-faced Peaches.

    With the Human-faced Peaches about to ripen, it'd be hard-pressed to find another time to deal with Su Junqing.

    "Don't be impatient." Zi Shang saw through Yun Jiuge's thoughts, and handed her a Magical Bottomless Bag.

    "What's this?" Yun Jiuge asked curiously.

    "Something good which can unravel treasures. Come with me," Zi Shang replied, and led Yun Jiuge out of the Peach Forest.

    The disciples were all busy throwing the Demonic Beasts' corpses.

    Lang Ya, the Han Brothers, Bai Lan and Su Junqing were keeping an eagle eye on the ripe Human-faced Peaches that fell to the ground. They were all keeping their guard up, fearing that the Human-faced Peaches would be snatched by the others. They hardly noticed Yun Jiuge's departure.

    The Liu Sisters, on the other hand, noticed Yun Jiuge's departure. But they did not alert the others and even helped hide this fact.

    After Zi Shang took Yun Jiuge out of the Peach Forest, they passed through twists and turns around the area before arriving at an empty cave.

    "What did you bring me here for?" Yun Jiuge looked at Zi Shang cautiously.

    This beast did not want to practice Dual Cultivation in this place, did he?

    It seemed possible, now that she suddenly remembered the time in the tree cavity in the Yin Qi Graveyard.

    "What nonsense are you thinking about?" Zi Shang reached out to touch Yun Jiuge's face, but his hand was swatted away. "This place isn't suited for Dual Cultivation. You'd best forget about it!"