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Chapter 333

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 333: Ye Yunzhi Awakened to Revenge (Part 1)

    "Go." Lang Ya and the others immediately removed the defense. They flew towards the Human-faced Peaches.

    Lang Ya and the others grabbed the Human-faced Peaches frantically, putting them in their Magical Bottomless Bags as soon as they got one.

    But the Human-faced Peaches seemed to have gone crazy —even if they had been cut into pieces, they still kept going towards the red vines.

    While devouring peaches, the red vines sent out numerous branches to attack the Yin Corpse disciples. Many people were injured in an instant.

    With the exception of Number Two Peak's disciples who were able to huddle in defense, the other disciples were all separated.

    Su Junqing had followed the Human-faced Peaches to a remote corner.

    "Yunzhi, protect me." After he gave his order, Su Junqing grabbed the Human-faced Peaches with all this might and stuffed them into his Magical Bottomless Bag. He looked like he did not mind risking his life for the peaches.

    "Ready for action?" Yun Jiuge hid aside and asked Zi Shang. Her Bone Spurs were thirsty for blood.

    "You don't need to get your hands dirty." Zi Shang shook his head.

    "I thought it was agreed that I will personally take revenge." Yun Jiuge frowned. She would not be satisfied if she did not kill this douchebag with her own hands.

    "Someone hates him more than you do." Zi Shang lifted his chin, motioning her to look at Ye Yunzhi.

    "Didn't you say that she can't break out of being controlled by Su Junqing?" asked Yun Jiuge doubtfully.

    "Just take the Corpse Controlling Curse off her." He took this chance to let Yun Jiuge know the importance of mastering the Corpse Controlling Curse.

    "How?" Yun Jiuge was immediately interested.

    "First, bring Ye Yunzhi here." Zi Shang stomped his foot and a big crack opened in the ground below Su Junqing.

    "Help me, Yunzhi!" Su Junqing screamed and fell downwards in a straight line.

    Ye Yunzhi was about to execute Su Junqing's command, but was caught by a purple Spiritual big hand and pulled to Yun Jiuge.

    Yun Jiuge was already prepared armed with a knife. When she saw Ye Yunzhi going towards her, she cut her right arm forcefully and revealed a treasure map.

    Ye Yunzhi stopped to exhale a breath of cold Yin Qi, and her eyes began to move violently.

    "Ye Yunzhi, it's me, Ye Yu's friend." Yun Jiuge waved in front of her.

    "Ye Yu, Ye Yu…" Ye Yunzhi murmured twice as if recalling some memories.

    But soon her face grew grim, and her red lips uttered fiercely, "Kill! Kill! Kill!"

    "It's useless!" Yun Jiuge felt disappointed. Ye Yunzhi was still disturbed by the obsession in her heart. How could she take revenge in this state?

    "You should take the Corpse Controlling Curse off her." Zi Shang pressed his palm against Yun Jiuge's back and said, "Open your eyes and have another look."

    Yun Jiuge closed her eyes forcefully. After she felt a gush of hot air flash between her eyebrows, she slowly opened her eyes.

    Ye Yunzhi had turned gray, and a blood-red chain was clearly visible on her chest.

    "That's the Corpse Controlling Curse that Su Junqing has enslaved her in." Zi Shang's voice rang in Yun Jiuge's ears, "He's now only in control of her heart. Once it gets leveled up, even her liver, spleen, stomach, kidney and other body parts will be under his control eternally."

    "How can I get rid of it?" asked Yun Jiuge.

    "Destroy it with a stronger Corpse Controlling Curse. Try it!" Zi Shang's palm which was on Yun Jiuge's back was getting hot. It was him increasing his strength.

    Yun Jiuge could only feel a strong, burning sensation radiating from between her eyebrows, burning up her whole body.

    Her mind went blank and her mouth began to chant the Corpse Controlling Curse.

    At first, it was the Yin Corpse Sect's, but it started to change along the way.

    An obscure spell that seemed to come from an ancient wilderness was now in the air.

    Zi Shang was immediately surprised when he heard the curse and looked at Yun Jiuge incredibly.

    He could see a fire burning in between her eyebrows, the Phoenix Feather Flowers dazzling like a phoenix in nirvana. Red patterns spread from the forehead and continued downwards.

    The demonic face which originally looked poisoned started to fade.

    Her face was as white as jade, almost like miles of snowcapped mountains on end.

    Her black eyes were neither sad nor happy, instead looking like a black iron buried in the past.

    Her lip color was very light, as if she had abandoned all her feelings and desires. What was left was sacred.

    Obscure incantations came out of her mouth and transformed into an ancient and mysterious light which shattered the chains on Ye Yunzhi's chest in an instant.

    Zi Shang fixed his stare on Yun Jiuge who had changed completely.

    After ten thousand years, he finally saw his lover again.

    Zi Shang stretched out his trembling hands trying to touch Yun Jiuge's beautiful, holy, strange, mysterious face.

    Before he could do so, the red patterns returned to between Yun Jiuge's eyebrows like tides of a wave.

    In the next moment Yun Jiuge opened her eyes. They were as black as ink, looking clear and dexterous.

    "Well, has the Corpse Controlling Curse been broken yet?" Yun Jiuge asked anxiously. She did not know that she had become another person just moments ago and almost destroyed Zi Shang.

    Zi Shang looked at Yun Jiuge's appearance which had become what she was before. He withdrew his hands in sadness and dreariness.

    "What's the matter?" Yun Jiuge was puzzled. Zi Shang's eyes looked very sad and it felt so strange to her.

    "Nothing, the Corpse Controlling Curse on her has been lifted, you can call on her again." Zi Shang pulled himself together and became his usual self.

    Without a doubt she immediately turned to Ye Yunzhi and shouted, "Ye Yunzhi!"

    Ye Yunzhi's opened her tightly shut black eyes, her pupils reflecting painful rays after awakening.

    She thought of everything that had happened in her life, and seemed to have countless things to say, but she could not speak her inmost feelings. At last, she let out nothing more than a scream.


    The piercing cry of pain broke through the sky, as if to release all the bitterness and guilt she had suffered.

    The red blood vine felt this negative energy and its branches brandished more crazily. Violent sounds spread from the Human Face Mountain to the whole Secret Realm, as if the whole world was trembling.

    Lang Ya and the others were shaken to the ground. They could only anchor their Bone Spurs to the ground to hold themselves in position.

    "Su Junqing, let out your Yin Corpse to collect the Human-faced Peaches." Bai Lan wanted to find a helper but Su Junqing had disappeared.

    At this time, Su Junqing had just fallen into the dark cave, with the Demonic Flower Bone Spur hovering around him.

    He got up from the ground alertly and immediately sent a fireball upwards to illuminate his surroundings.

    Soon, he found the Human-faced Peach King in the middle of the cave.

    The handsome, perfect face was soaked in blood and in pain. His body emitted a charming peach scent. This was a sign of ripening.

    Su Junqing showed ecstasy on his face.

    Before he entered the Secret Realm, he had repeatedly checked a lot of information about the Human-faced Peach. He knew very well what the Peach King looked like.

    This peach tree in front of him which looked similar to the Human Face Mountain was without a doubt the Human-faced Peach King.