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Chapter 334

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 334: Ye Yunzhi Awakened to Revenge (Part 2)

    "Looks like the heavens are protecting me." Su Junqing said as he burst out laughing arrogantly.

    What a success it would be once he obtained the Human-faced King Peach — he could give some to Ye Yunzhi for cultivation while still having enough to use on his next Yin Corpse.

    The Human-faced King Peach could sense an abhorrent aura radiating from this person in front of it, like all other previous greedy human beings.

    Without hesitation, it brandished its red vines and lashed out at Su Junqing.

    Su Junqing immediately sacrificed the Demonic Flower Bone Spur and dark green flowers shot out, with one on the top of his head as protection and another two attacking the King Peach.

    The Demonic Flower Bone Spur's strongest skill was blood-sucking, however there wasn't even a single drop of blood in the King Peach.

    The pollen of the Ink Flowers only managed to slice off a few branches of the King Peach before they were strongly entangled by its branches.

    Su Junqing instantly began to panic.

    His strongest Mental Manipulation was only effective on human beings, not the King Peach.

    He was reduced to nothingness now that the Demonic Flower Bone Spur was trapped.

    If only Ye Yunzhi was here.

    Without even considering how deep underground he was and whether Ye Yunzhi would be able to enter, Su Junqing immediately summoned Ye Yunzhi with his hand gestures.

    Unfortunately, his summoning was futile as Ye Yunzhi's link with him was broken.

    Su Junqing's expression changed drastically — could Ye Yunzhi possibly have been killed? Impossible!

    Just as he was about to continue summoning, a blood-red vine suddenly flew up from the ground, wrapped around his leg and flipped him upside down.

    Then, another blood-red vine transformed into a sharp sword and thrust towards his chest.

    Bam! The last of the Ink Flowers blocked this attack but they were quickly wrapped up and dragged away after.

    Su Junqing watched helplessly with eyes wide open, petrified to the point of almost wetting his pants, as the blood-red vine prepared to strike once more.

    It was then that a white and beautiful palm materialized in front of him and puffed out a breath of cold Yin Qi, freezing the blood-red vine.

    A long, red sleeve brushed past Su Junqing. It carried a hint of fragrance, accompanied by the faint scent of a corpse.

    "Yunzhi!" Su Junqing ecstatically called out to Ye Yunzhi as he hung upside down in mid-air, "Quickly, get me down."

    Ye Yunzhi did not move an inch and simply watched him with bottomless, dark eyes.

    With his hair a mess and his facial features slightly distorted, Su Junqing looked incredibly embarrassed hanging upside down from a tree. Where were his elegance and good looks now?

    Ye Yunzhi recalled the time when she first left home, filled with curiosity about the world outside.

    Soon after she left the Yejia Valley, she chanced upon an elegant, handsome young man with a mild temperament who had fainted on the roadside after being bitten by a poisonous snake.

    Without any hesitation, she saved him.

    When the young man rose from his slumber, he gratefully thanked her in every possible way and insisted that she stayed at his villa for a few days.

    Thereafter they greeted each other warmly and sweetly, as he weaved gentle love and tenderness into a web of lies to entrap her. He even went so far as marrying her in Zhuangzi's Worship Hall.

    At that time, she thought she would be forever blessed, but the fire at Yejia Valley shook her from her dream and broke her heart.

    Her family was destroyed, she suffered a miscarriage and her younger brother was nowhere to be found. She was then sent to a Bloodthirsty Patriarch to become a blood slave before finally being placed in a Cultivating Corpse furnace alive, to be cultivated as a Yin Corpse.

    As Ye Yunzhi remembered her past, her entire body trembled and she glared at Su Junqing with bitterness and deep hatred.

    "Yunzhi, what's wrong?" Su Junqing glanced at Ye Yunzhi's terrifying black pupils and his heart skipped a beat.

    He curled his finger and was about to chant his Corpse Controlling Curse.

    Slash! Ye Yunzhi stretched out and chopped off both of Su Junqing's arms.

    "Ahh!" Su Junqing screamed in pain as he broke out in cold sweat. A wave of terror washed over him as he thought that Ye Yunzhi had possibly become controlled by other practitioners.

    "Su Junqing, I bet you never thought this day would come," Ye Yunzhi suddenly muttered coldly.

    Su Junqing looked at Ye Yunzhi in disbelief.

    Yin Corpses could not speak unless they evolved into a living corpse! Only then would there be a possibility of regaining human abilities.

    Could Ye Yunzhi possibly have elevated her cultivation by a few levels and now become a living corpse?

    That means I've struck gold, haven't I!

    "Even after things have turned out this way, you still dream of riches." Ye Yunzhi stared into Su Junqing's greedy eyes.

    In his heart, she would always be just a tool.

    "Yunzhi, have you regained your memory?" Su Junqing's pupils shrank as he felt the situation was slightly off.

    How could Ye Yunzhi possibly forgive him for the deeds he had done to her which were even lowlier than a beast's actions?

    "You're right, and now you should think about how you can repay me with your death." Ye Yunzhi gently caressed Su Junqing's face and cold chills spread throughout his body.

    Su Junqing shivered involuntarily.

    He desperately wished to kneel and beg for forgiveness, to cry pitifully in lament over his past wrongdoings.

    But he was hanging upside down, so any tears he shed would only make him look worse and it would be hard to touch Ye Yunzhi's heart.

    Su Junqing quick-wittedly responded with a weak, bitter smile as he said, "Yunzhi, I know you hate me and I know that my past actions are unforgivable. But I really do love you, and that's why I turned you into a Yin Corpse — so that I could be with you forever…"

    Yun Jiuge was hiding in a dark corner with Zi Shang and when they overheard Su Junqing's confession, goosebumps arose in disgust. How she wished to give him a few slaps.

    Ye Yunzhi, as if having heard Yun Jiuge's inner voice, now vehemently slapped him three times across the face.

    Su Junqing's ears buzzed as he spat out a mouth full of blood, along with three teeth.

    His cheeks were red and swollen as blood flowed back. He truly looked tragic.

    "Yunzhi, if hitting me can relieve your anger, then go ahead!" Su Junqing stubbornly cried out in dismay as he showed pretentious affection.

    "Batter this idiot to death!" Yun Jiuge flung her fist back and forth.

    Ye Yunzhi was unrelenting as she threw punch after punch, causing Su Junqing's face to burst open in multiple wounds as he sprayed out mouthfuls of blood.

    "Pft, beating him to death is already letting him off cheaply," Yun Jiuge huffed. A cruel and unscrupulous crud like him should have received a harsher and crueler punishment than this.

    "Yun… Yunzhi!" Su Junqing was beaten to the point where his tears and nosebleeds were splattered all over. He was in such intense pain that he could not speak.

    But he knew that Ye Yunzhi was soft-hearted, so the more he portrayed himself as pitiful, the more likely she would forgive him.

    So he stubbornly insisted, "I know you wish to kill me and I don't blame you as this is what I deserve."

    "I only ask of you to eat me whole, bones and scum included, so that I can be with you for eternity."

    As Ye Yunzhi listened to Su Junqing's words, her body quivered and she stopped.

    Yun Jiuge was worried that Ye Yunzhi would be fooled and was about to stand up angrily when Zi Shang stopped her.

    "You're such a filthy scum that even looking at you makes me want to retch. How dare you have the audacity to beg me to eat you!" Ye Yunzhi grinned viciously and used her hands to pull out Su Junqing's Spiritual Root while he was still alive.