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Chapter 335

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 335: Send my Body as a Gift to Him

    "Ahhh!" Su Junqing let out a blood curling cry as his cerebrospinal fluid gushed out from his head, making his body tremble in pain.

    As if this weren't enough, Ye Yunzhi stomped and destroyed Su Junqing's Elixir Field with her foot. Then, she stabbed her fingers into his face like a knife as she discharged the cold Yin Qi Corpse Poison into his body with all her strength.

    Su Junqing felt like he was falling into a bottomless icy cave as the pain on his face and body was unbearable. Then he utterly lost consciousness with a final pitiful scream.

    Ye Yunzhi pulled Su Junqing down from the vines and tossed his body aside like garbage before walking towards Yun Jiuge.

    "So you're letting him off just like that?" Yun Jiuge glanced at Su Junqing.

    She saw that Ye Yunzhi had infected him with her cold Yin Qi Corpse Poison. Not only was his Spiritual Cultivation obliterated, his face and body were also densely covered with tumors, making him look more disgusting than a toad. It was simply a terrible sight to behold.

    "Letting him live would be the best suffering as someone will surely ruin him." Ye Yunzhi's face was expressionless. The series of punches she threw had somewhat relieved her anger.

    She paid Su Junqing no attention after knowing that his final predicament would be even more tragic than death itself.

    "What are your plans from here?" Yun Jiuge asked.

    The Corpse Controlling Curse on Ye Yunzhi had been lifted, and her consciousness and memories had been restored. She could now choose to live a new life.

    If she was discovered by the Yin Corpse Sect, they would use her for their wicked ways once again. But if she could find a retreat far away from the Yin Corpse Sect, then it wouldn't be too big a problem.

    "Since I'm already dead, I'll go to the place where dead people should go," Ye Yunzhi calmly answered.

    "You want to die?" Yun Jiuge did not expect Ye Yunzhi to choose this path.

    "I've been dead for a long time, and what's left of me is but a ghost that does not have long to live." Ye Yunzhi was calm as she talked about dying.

    In this life, she had existed as a failure with too many regrets and thus had nothing to hold onto life for except her younger brother, Ye Yu.

    She had committed many great sins but her younger brother had never once given up trying to save her.

    She simply owed too much to this younger brother of hers.

    "Junior Yun Jiu, I'd like to ask something of you since you are Ye Yu's friend." Ye Yunzhi had never seen Yun Jiuge's true form and naturally thought that she was a man, just like others in the Yin Corpse Sect.

    "Please say it. If it's within my capabilities, I definitely will not reject you," Yun Jiuge said solemnly.

    "I don't have any valuables on me and I've nothing to give to my younger brother but this body. So I wish for you to send my body to Ye Yu after my consciousness has disappeared." Henceforth, she would be at her younger brother's side protecting him for all eternity.

    "I can bring you to Ye Yu, but your face….." Yun Jiuge was uneasy as she was afraid that once word got out, the Yin Corpse Sect would send people to assassinate her.

    "This, you don't have to worry." Ye Yunzhi smiled as she lifted her pale white finger and pointed to her forehead.

    Cold Yin Qi burst out and her hair, eyebrows and eyelashes turned into a snow white color. The dazzling red mole between her eyebrows condensed into an ice sculpture and fell into her palm.

    Her pale skin slowly cracked and formed countless tiny, thin black crack lines. As a whole, she looked like a damaged puppet, unlike her former beautiful Yin Corpse self.

    Ye Yunzhi stretched out her cracked hand, dug out the treasure map from her right arm and passed it to Yun Jiuge.

    "I've one last request — please don't tell Ye Yu that this is my real body. Just let him believe that I'm already dead and that my body has already been turned to ashes and scattered across a bed of flowers. He knows that I love flowers."

    Ye Yunzhi grimaced as she felt the unspeakable horrors.

    "Alright." Yun Jiuge solemnly accepted the treasure map.

    "Please help me pass this ice sculpture to a disciple called Shou Hou in the Bloodthirsty Sect. Even though he's not a good man, he treats me quite well." Ye Yunzhi passed Yun Jiuge yet another item — the ice sculpture that was previously her red mole.

    Back when she was at the Bloodthirsty Sect, she lived every second of her life in fear, afraid that she would be sent to Blood Brothel to become a Cauldron.

    It was Shou Hou who gave her glimpses of warmth during her darkest moments and for that, she would always cherish his kindness.

    "In order to save you, Shou Hou died soon after he helped us to break through the protective formation. Ye Yu has already collected his ashes," Yun Jiuge explained as she accepted the ice sculpture.

    Ye Yunzhi froze momentarily and after a long while, she exclaimed, "Then place this red mole together with his ashes!"

    "Alright." Yun Jiuge nodded and asked again, "Is there anything else that you're worried about?"

    Things that I'm worried about?

    There was a flash of confusion in Ye Yunzhi's eyes as she sealed her Spiritual Energy into her right arm. As long as she did not use it, no one would be able to discover her unique physique.

    Things that needed to be done had already been instructed clearly. What else could there be?

    Truth be told, if she had any last worries that held her back, it could only be one thing.

    Ye Yunzhi's eyes fell on Su Junqing who was like mud in a corner, as she sighed softly and said, "After he's been thoroughly tortured, help me to relieve him."

    "Alright." Yun Jiuge nodded her head. Ye Yunzhi was truly an empathetic woman.

    No matter how much she hated Su Junqing, she still had a trace of pity for him.

    How did such a good lady live such a pitiful fate?

    "Thank you — you're also a good person!" Ye Yunzhi smiled for the last time before her black pupils slowly lost their shine, and she gradually dissipated from this world completely.

    Yun Jiuge looked at Ye Yunzhi distraughtly. The only thing she could do now was to deliver Ye Yunzhi's body immaculately to Ye Yu.

    But she wondered how Ye Yu would react if she were to send him such a horrible looking Yin Corpse out of the blue.

    Before Yun Jiuge could think up a solution, she heard Zi Shang instructing her seriously at the side, "Quickly hide her, the King Peach is about to ripen."

    Yun Jiuge turned her head around and saw that the King Peach had already formed the shadow of a perfect human image.

    With a high-bridge nose, seductive eyes, perfect facial features and a tall, slender figure, it definitely would have stood out among the human race as an ideal, charismatic man.

    It was a pity that the bloodthirsty aura currently on its body was incredibly intense.

    The peach on the left branch looked like freshly coagulated blood and projected a fierce aura while the one on the right was like a sculpted jasper gemstone, emitting a fresh Spiritual Energy.

    While the two colors were not well demarcated, they were desperately fighting in the middle for space. Things would turn red for a moment and then green in the next, but generally speaking, green was still at a disadvantage.

    "What should I do to help you?" Yun Jiuge used the Cultivating Corpse Bag found on Su Junqing and quickly placed Ye Yunzhi in it.

    "Just stand at the side and watch," Zi Shang said as he placed his palm on the King Peach's chest.

    The bloodthirsty aura on the King Peach found an exit and gushed out towards Zi Shang like a broken dam.

    The camouflage that Zi Shang donned was destroyed in an instant and long, silver hair turned into the color of moonlight white, with a purple pointed horn on its head. Its eyes formed purple vertical pupils, and its two long legs turned into the figure of a snake tail as it hovered on the ground.

    The bloodthirsty Qi was like thunderous waves of stormy seas that continuously thrusted onto his body, forcing him to take a steady stream of small steps back. The cave trembled and shook violently as countless rubble fell from the ceiling. It felt like the cave would collapse any minute.