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Chapter 336

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 336: Jasper Spiritual Peach

    Yun Jiuge stared at Zi Shang nervously.

    The Human-faced King Peach had communicated its inner thoughts to her earlier, and she knew how painful it would get for a person when the Vicious Aura assaulted their bodies. The pain would be so excruciating that it would drive any person mad.

    The Human-faced King Peach was able to divert some of its pain to the other trees in the Peach Forest, but Zi Shang had to shoulder all the pain by himself. It must have been even more agonizing for him.

    The Human-faced King Peach and the Secret Realm were indeed pitiful, but Zi Shang was much more important to her than either of them.

    "I'm fine." Zi Shang sensed Yun Jiuge's worry, and he turned his head to smile at her as a drop of blood rolled down the side of his flawlessly white face. Yun Jiuge realized that Zi Shang looked even uglier when he smiled than when he cried.

    "Is this peach really that important?" Is it even more important than your life? Yun Jiuge wondered.

    Yun Jiuge stared at the red beads of sweat that dappled Zi Shang's alluring face in concern.

    Wisps of blood energy were constantly being emitted from his body, and even the scales on his tail had turned a bright red. It was a sign that the Vicious Aura was attacking his body fiercely at the moment.

    It did not matter how strong Zi Shang was. He would definitely not be able to tolerate such an excruciating pain much longer.

    The Human-faced King Peach stood rooted at the spot and watched as Zi Shang suffered before him with a nonchalant face.

    "Why are you just standing there? We'll all die if this goes on! Think of something to help him!"

    Yun Jiuge yelled angrily at the Human-faced King Peach.

    The Human-faced King Peach stretched its arms out reluctantly after hearing Yun Jiuge's words. He then spread the Vicious Aura throughout the entire Secret Realm.

    The pain inflicted on Zi Shang by the Vicious Aura was instantly alleviated, and he began absorbing the remaining Vicious Aura from the Human-faced King Peach even more quickly than before.

    Before long, all of the Vicious Aura within the Human-faced King Peach vanished.

    The peach that grew on the red branch turned jade green in color, and it gave off a fruity scent.

    The Human-faced King Peach transformed into a human thereafter. He had light green hair and a tall and slender figure, and he wore a skirt made of leaves around his waist.

    His facial features were flawless, and his eyes were the color of jade. His irises were the shape of a leaf, and they looked just like the leaves that grew on Yun Jiuge's arms.

    "Why isn't there a face on this peach anymore?" Yun Jiuge did not notice how perfect the Human-faced King Peach looked at the moment. All she cared about was how the peach that Zi Shang fought so hard to get did not look like the Human-faced Peaches that grew on the other branches.

    "Those Human-faced Peaches are a part of me, but this Jasper Spiritual Peach was grown using the Spiritual Energy in the Spiritual Realm." The Human-faced King Peach stretched his hand out and plucked the Jasper Spiritual Peach from the branch before handing it over to Yun Jiuge.

    Yun Jiuge did not take the Jasper Spiritual Peach from him. Instead, she looked at Zi Shang. After all, this was what Zi Shang fought so hard to get.

    "Keep the peach in the Jade Coffer," Zi Shang told Yun Jiuge.

    Yun Jiuge immediately took out the Jade Coffer and placed the Jasper Spiritual Peach in it.

    "The Secret Realm is going to close soon. All of you should hurry up and leave this place!" The Human-faced King Peach told Yun Jiuge. There was reluctance in his voice.

    He had used the Vicious Aura to destroy all the restrictions left behind by the evil people in the past. Not only that, he also erased the coordinates of this place. This Secret Realm would never be found by humans again.

    "What will happen to you then?" Yun Jiuge was a little worried that something bad would befall the Human-faced King Peach, and she certainly did not want that. After all, the Human-faced King Peach had gifted her the Wood Spiritual Crystal and the Jasper Spiritual Peach. She felt indebted to him.

    "I have yet to finish my transformation into a human, so I have to remain as a tree for now. However, I'll be able to leave the Secret Realm once my transformation is complete." When that happens, I'll definitely find you to repay you for saving my life, the Human-faced King Peach thought to himself.

    The Human-faced King Peach's jade green eyes became gentle as he looked at Yun Jiuge.

    He really liked this girl Yun Jiuge who stood before him. She gave off a very nice scent, and the scent was able to calm his manic senses.

    If he could, he really wanted to keep Yun Jiuge by his side. But sadly, the demon named Zi Shang was simply too terrifying for him.

    "I see. May all your wishes come true then," Yun Jiuge was oblivious to the fact that the Human-faced King Peach fancied her and gave him her blessings.

    A look of delight emerged on the Human-faced King Peach's face when he heard her words. He then nodded his head vigorously and said, "Okay." I will definitely go find you when I get out, he thought.

    "It's getting late. Let's go!" Zi Shang put an arm around Yun Jiuge's shoulder possessively. He gave the Human-faced King Peach a threatening look.

    That damned peach! How dare he think about hitting on my wife? I'll kill him! Zi Shang thought to himself angrily.

    "Okay. Let's go!" Yun Jiuge did not forget to take the unconscious Su Junqing with her before she left.

    However, she did not want to come into direct contact with his body. Thus, she tied him up with a rope and dragged him along.

    At this moment, the Human Face Mountain shook violently and began to crumble. It was clear that the Secret Realm was on the brink of destruction.

    The Yin Corpse Sect's disciples all turned pale with fright at the sight. Many of them had lost hope and were sprawled on the ground waiting to die.

    "Are we all going to die in here?" Little Fatty's face was puffy from crying. He was still young, with a long life ahead of him!

    The Liu Sisters didn't say a word. They simply held onto each other's hands tightly.

    They were extremely grateful for the fact that they could die together. Their only regret was not being able to seek revenge against their uncle.

    Bing Xinlian continued to put up a fight as he waved his Icy Frost Bone Spur about.

    Lang Ya, Bai Lan, and the Han Brothers tried their hardest to find a way out of the Secret Realm, but all their attempts ended up in failure.

    Just as everyone sank into despair, a clear voice rang out in the distance, "Everyone! Come over here quickly! There's a tunnel that we can leave by over here!"

    All the Yin Corpse Sect's disciples raised their heads to look in the direction of the voice, and they saw Yun Jiuge waving her hands at them vigorously in front of a black tunnel.

    At that moment, her bewitching face was etched in everyone's memories. Some of the disciples were too stunned to react, and they simply stood rooted at the spot.

    "Why are all of you just standing there? Hurry up and come over here!" Yun Jiuge shouted once more.

    Everyone finally snapped out of their daze and they cried at the top of their lungs as they thronged towards Yun Jiuge.

    "Stop jostling! You'll just destroy the tunnel if all of you enter at the same time! All of you — enter one by one. Disciples from the Number Two Peak — go in first, followed by Number One Peak, Number Three Peak, Number Four Peak and lastly, Number Five Peak. If anyone f*cking dares to disobey me, I'll destroy this tunnel right now."

    Yun Jiuge brandished her Bone Spur and sent it flying towards Lang Ya, Bai Lan and the Han Brothers.

    She was standing by the tunnel at this moment, so she could make her Bone Spur destroy the tunnel at once if she so desired.

    Lang Ya and the other leaders snapped out of their reveries after seeing Yun Jiuge's Bone Spur, and they quickly gathered their disciples and got them to enter the tunnel in sequence as per Yun Jiuge's instructions.

    "Senior Yun Jiu, why aren't you going in?" The Liu Sisters asked.

    "The two of you can go in first. I'll enter the tunnel alongside Senior Bai Lan and the rest." Yun Jiuge's words instantly caused the disgruntled Bai Lan to shut up.

    Just like that, all the other Yin Corpse Sect's disciples entered the tunnel in an orderly fashion, and the Secret Realm was closed off forever.

    Over at the Yin Corpse Sect, Elder Bai Gu and Elder Mo Hua were drinking tea together at the Ink Flower Palace.

    "Qiu Sen sure is taking his time with his trip. I can't believe he missed the moment that the Secret Realm opened." Elder Mo Hua was already 500 years old this year. However, she took an Anti-aging Pill when she was younger and thus she looked like a 28-year-old woman up until now.

    She had fair skin and a slender face. There was also a mole under her left eye.

    She might not have looked exceptionally beautiful, but she exuded a certain charm.

    "What's so surprising about that? He didn't even come back when Si Youyue was nearly beaten to death in the Lei Kingdom and the Demonic Corpse couldn't be used anymore." Elder Bai Gu was a burly man with a shaved head. He had thick eyebrows and big round eyes. He was clad in a black robe, and he wore a necklace made of small skulls around his neck.

    "I heard Qiu Sen found some ancient ruins. I guess he's busy digging for treasure right now!" Elder Mo Hua poured another cup of Ling Tea for Elder Bai Gu.

    "I heard about that as well. However, it doesn't matter how many treasures he finds. He won't be able to progress to the next stage of cultivation as long as the curse on him is not lifted." Elder Bai Gu picked up his cup of Ling Tea and drank a mouthful of it before warning Elder Mo Hua, "Qiu Sen has always been a man who likes to cover up his mistakes. You've to be careful of him. He might seek revenge against you when he returns."

    The relationship that Mo Hua Peak's disciple Su Junqing shared with Si Youyue was a mystery to many. Now that Si Youyue was gravely injured and in a coma, Qiu Ren Peak's Jin Yuanwei had made his way over to the Mo Hua Peak numerous times to ask Su Junqing about her. However, Elder Mo Hua refused all his requests to see Su Junqing the entire time. She was certain that Jin Yuanwei would report all that she had done to Qiu Sen when he returned.

    "We'll see what happens then!" Elder Mo Hua smiled. Su Junqing was just a plaything to her. She would gladly hand him over to Qiu Sen if he insisted.

    Elder Bai Gu didn't say anything more after hearing Elder Mo Hua's words. He picked up his tea cup and prepared to take another sip.

    Just as he did that, a violent surge of energy burst in from the outside, causing him to drop the cup in his hand. The cup fell to the ground and shattered into smithereens.