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Chapter 339

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 339: The Deity Invites you to eat the ‘Peach'

    "If others were to request for the Jasper Spiritual Peach, I wouldn't even consider giving it to them. But for you, that's another story. Be it my heart, liver and soul — I would willingly offer all to you," Zi Shang said as he chuckled.

    Yun Jiuge could not help but roll her eyes. This was how Zi Shang always spoke and one could never guess whether he was telling the truth or not.

    At times she felt that Zi Shang liked her, but on other occasions, she felt that Zi Shang was only with her for her flesh and his desires. Thus her feelings for Zi Shang were extremely complicated, and sometimes, she did not want to bother about him at all.

    The pair quickly returned to their abode and after Zi Shang quickly deployed the Spell Barrier, he took out the Jasper Spiritual Peach to let Yun Jiuge eat it.

    "This is all for me?" Yun Jiuge asked hesitantly.

    "Of course." Zi Shang desperately tried to attain this peach solely for her.

    "This is too precious!" Yun Jiuge hesitated.

    "Don't worry, once you eat it, the both of us will immediately enter Dual Cultivation. So it's good for me too," Zi Shang said seductively.

    Initially, Yun Jiuge felt a little bad, but after hearing what Zi Shang said, all of that disappeared.

    All this bickering back and forth was just for her to repay him with her body.

    Hmmph, not eating it would be a waste.

    Yun Jiuge grabbed the Jasper Spiritual Peach and took large bites of it.

    To be honest, this Spiritual Peach tasted way too heavenly.

    Upon entering her mouth, it evolved into a pure and powerful Spiritual Energy warmly caressing her entire being. She felt as if she was soaking in warm spring water on a cold day, while her body and mind were in harmony.

    A faint smile lingered on the corners of Zi Shang's lips as he stood in the corner, watching Yun Jiuge with sweet tenderness. It seemed like he was contented with simply watching Yun Jiuge eat.

    "I'm done eating, let's enter Dual Cultivation!" Despite being grateful towards Zi Shang, Yun Jiuge was still uncomfortable using sweet words.

    After clearing away the peach kernels, she donned a nonchalant expression and begun her preparations to cultivate with Zi Shang.

    "There's no rush — you've just eaten, so rest for awhile first." Zi Shang, the one who usually rushed her, held Yun Jiuge's hand as he led her to bed instead.

    Yun Jiuge also felt that exercising after eating was not good for her, so she laid down beside him and eventually, she drifted off to sleep.

    Zi Shang stared at Yun Jiuge affectionately as he flexed his arm and supported his head on his palm casually.

    This hideous face which had been affected by the Corpse Poison was different from the face of the holy witch in his memories, yet they had such a similar scent.

    He gently planted a kiss on Yun Jiuge's forehead, and slowly moved down with feather-like movements, intimately and assuringly grazing past her.

    In a daze, Yun Jiuge subconsciously responded to Zi Shang's kisses as she slept.

    The pair intertwined and became one as they sealed each other's lips tenderly…

    When Yun Jiuge woke up, her entire body felt relaxed.

    The Dual Cultivation this time was warm and harmonious, which left her with a sense of security.

    She did not know if Zi Shang truly loved her but she knew that he truly treated her well.

    Moreover, she felt that Zi Shang's attitude towards her had changed a little. He had become more gentle and affectionate.

    Yun Jiuge was unsure of what was happening, but she felt immense happiness and satisfaction about it.

    More importantly, within her Elixir Field, she had broken through another stage of the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones poison and was now left with the last five.

    Right beside her, Zi Shang watched Yun Jiuge warmly as she giggled.

    It was at that moment that the house's Defensive Spell Barrier started rippling.

    Zi Shang gave a quick glance outside and said, "That Little Fatty Jin Lin has brought someone with him to visit you."

    Just as he finished his sentence, there was a knock on the door.

    Yun Jiuge got up to open the door and saw Little Fatty and middle aged cultivator who had reached mid-term of the Foundation Establishment standing outside.

    That middle aged man had a slim and long face, with faint creases between his eyebrows despite his rather handsome features. He seemed like someone who never smiled.

    "Uncle, this is Senior Yun Jiu — it was all thanks to him that I could make it out of the Secret Realm alive," Little Fatty mutually introduced. "Senior Yun Jiu, this is my Uncle, Jin Chuan."

    "Senior Jin Chuan, this disciple humbly offers greetings," Yun Jiuge said with her fists held together in a salute.

    "Hmm, let's talk inside." Jin Chuan lifted his foot as he entered Yun Jiuge's house. It was obvious from one look that he was no ordinary man.

    "I apologize, my uncle has always been a little impatient." Little Fatty apologetically flashed Yun Jiuge a smile.

    "It's alright." No matter how unhappy Yun Jiuge was, she would never let Little Fatty know.

    Upon seeing that she looked calm without harboring ill will, Little Fatty became brazen and said, "Senior Yun Jiu, please do not blame the Liu Sisters and I for ignoring you just now. We really did not dare to offend Elder Mo Hua."

    "It's only human nature to protect oneself — I understand." Yun Jiuge nodded her head.

    Both Little Fatty's and the Liu Sisters' cultivation were low — just a twitch of Elder Mo Hua's pinky finger was more than sufficient to crush them. It was ridiculous to expect them to stand up for themselves.

    When Jin Chuan heard what Yun Jiuge said, he frowned and asked, "You seem like a rational person, so why did you reject Elder Mo Hua?"

    "Did Senior Jin Chuan come here in Elder Mo Hua's stead to persuade me? But this man did not seem like the type!" thought Yun Jiuge.

    "Elder Mo Hua gave out orders in the Hall just now, instructing that you are not to be given any missions and that no Secondary Disciples are to form teams with you," Jin Chuan recited what Elder Mo Hua instructed with an expressionless face.

    "Senior Yun Jiu, not being able to take on missions means that you cannot enter the Yin Qi Graveyard to harvest Yin Qi, which means you cannot cultivate Pill Production. How are you going to survive in the Yin Corpse Sect?" Worry was written all over Little Fatty's face, as if he himself were the one facing the problem.

    "Both of you do not need to be too concerned, for I have my ways." Yun Jiuge planned to avoid trouble by leaving the Yin Corpse Sect.

    First, she wanted to send Ye Yunzhi's body to Ye Yu and then return to the Lei Kingdom to visit Qing Mama and the rest.

    She had already left home for half a year and did not know what the situation was in Lei Kingdom. But if given the chance, she also wanted to go to Shiwan Grand Mountain to visit Luo Tian and Jun Yichen.

    "You want to leave the Yin Corpse Sect and cultivate outside?" Jin Chuan had read Yun Jiuge's mind.

    "Well, didn't they say that disciples who have completed five stages of Weapon Refinement can go outside to further cultivate?" This was the rule specifically set by the Sect Leader himself so even if Elder Mo Hua wanted to stop her, she could not do so. It would make the Sect Leader look bad.

    "The Sect Leader has declared that disciples who participated in the Secret Realm's cultivation need to be investigated at the entrance of the mountain and will not be let out. The weak is no match for the strong — you had best be on your guard!" Jin Chuan finished speaking and left.

    It was on Little Fatty's account that he bothered to personally visit Yun Jiuge and say these things.

    "Senior Yun Jiu, please reconsider this carefully. I can no longer come here or help you openly but if there is any more news, I will think of a way to inform you," Little Fatty spoke in a low voice.

    "Thank you." Yun Jiuge patted Little Fatty's shoulder. Having the intention to help her was already more than enough.

    "Oh yes, Bing Xinlian originally wanted to visit you, but his aunt confined him to cultivate so he asked me to pass on the message hoping that you wouldn't be angry with him," Little Fatty recalled.

    "Let him cultivate in peace — otherwise next time he might be sent to Mo Hua Peak," Yun Jiuge jokingly said.

    Although Bing Xinlian was slightly effeminate, he looked pristine and beautiful. Who knows, perhaps Elder Mo Hua would change tastes and take a liking to him someday!