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Chapter 340

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 340: The Hundred Year Old Genius, Jin Yuanwei

    "Heheh, I'll definitely help you convey it to him." Little Fatty left happily when he saw that Yun Jiuge was not angry with Bing Xinlian.

    Right after sending Little Fatty off, there was another knock on the door.

    Upon opening the door, she saw Lang Ya, clad in black, standing at the doorway.

    "I've something I need your help with, let's go in and talk!" Lang Ya was frowning, and one could sense that it was a matter of urgency.

    "Come in!" Yun Jiuge brought Lang Ya into the house and was about to pour some hot tea for him.

    "No need." Lang Ya refused the drink with a gesture of his hand and directly asked, "I heard that you possess a Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey?"

    "Such news spreads like wildfire huh!" Yun Jiuge smiled and poured herself a cup of tea.

    She knew that the disciples of Number Two Peak would not help her cover up but never did she expect them to betray her so quickly.

    "It's only a matter of time before the truth is revealed." As the first Secondary Disciple, Lang Ya was not only famous at Number One Peak but he also had some scouts in Number Two Peak.

    But the scout who told him this information actually wanted to help save Yun Jiuge.

    That scout felt that Elder Bai Gu was still a tad better than Elder Mo Hua, because at least he would not try to bed Yun Jiuge.

    In the hands of Elder Mo Hua, Yun Jiuge would have lost everything.

    "Let's see how it goes then," Yun Jiuge said with disregard.

    "It will be difficult for you to protect the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey, so why not offer it to my master and become a disciple under his name? The Bai Gu Peak will be under my protection and your days there will not be so difficult."

    Lang Ya was truly concerned for Yun Jiuge. His master was nicknamed Bai Gu because of his infatuation with experimenting on Spiritual Bones. If he knew the existence of the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey, he would definitely steal it.

    "I am most grateful for Senior Lang Ya's concern, but the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey is very important to me so I have no wish to give it to others." Yun Jiuge had nurtured the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey for a long time and had more or less developed some affection for it. She wouldn't give it away just like that.

    Lang Ya looked at Yun Jiuge disapprovingly but seeing how determined she was, he hesitated for a moment before speaking in a low voice, "If you don't want to go to Bai Gu Peak, why not try other places."

    "What other places?" Yun Jiuge asked as she raised her brow.

    Lang Ya dipped his finger in the tea and wrote three words on the table, ‘Qiu Ren Peak'.

    There was no other choice as his master was determined to have the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey.

    He'd definitely be beaten to death if his master got wind of him persuading Yun Jiuge to hide in some other place.

    On the account that Yun Jiuge had saved his life multiple times, he decided to risk his life to advise her.

    "Elder Qiu Sen also wants the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey?" Yun Jiuge had not heard about Elder Qiu Sen researching on Spiritual Bones!

    "No, but isn't his Primary Disciple, Si Youyue, seriously injured and still in a coma? If you can resuscitate her, he should be able to protect you." Lang Ya was only casually suggesting it to Yun Jiuge.

    Elder Qiu Sen's background was incredibly complicated.

    Word had it that he was originally at the last stage of Core Formation before he was ambushed when he entered the Nascent Soul. His body became that of a child and his Core Formation level became reduced to the middle stage.

    Even then, he was still one of the strongest amongst the Yin Corpse Sect Elders and even the Sect Leader somewhat feared him.

    His Bloodthirsty Bat Bone Spur possessed immense power and strong life.

    The most horrifying thing was that although there were many Yin Corpses around him, no one had ever seen his Life's Origin Yin Corpse. Thus, one could only imagine the depth of his strength.

    "Thank you very much Senior, I will give some serious thought to it." Yun Jiuge nodded seriously.

    Now that she had offended both Elder Mo Hua and Elder Bai Gu, she had to devise a plan to survive in the Yin Corpse Sect.

    Even though Si Youyue had harmed her before, she could consider putting aside her revenge to a later time if she could make use of Si Youyue to make the situation even more complex.

    "I heard that Elder Qiu Sen will be back in seven days' time, so it'd be best for you to prepare early for I fear that you'll not be able to keep the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey under wraps for another few days," Lang Ya said in a grave tone.

    The disciples of Number Two Peak were still shocked and scared so no one had yet to devise a good plan to sell Yun Jiuge out to benefit from it. But once they settled down later, it would be hard to predict.

    "Thank you for your advice, Senior Lang Ya, I know what to do now," Yun Jiuge expressed her thanks once again before sending Lang Ya off.

    "His solution could certainly work," Zi Shang blurted out suddenly.

    "What solution?" Yun Jiuge was lost for a moment.

    "Saving Si Youyue." Only by making things more complicated and dragging more people in, would Yun Jiuge have a chance to survive within the Yin Corpse Sect.

    "I feel the same." Yun Jiuge nodded her head.

    If she had offended only Elder Mo Hua, then she could still hold out for some time. With Elder Bai Gu added into the equation, it was definitely a big problem.

    She could only choose to run away if she could not handle them both.

    "Go pack your things first, I'll monitor the situation outside."

    Zi Shang disappeared right after he instructed her.

    Thus, Yun Jiuge began packing her things within the house.

    After an hour, Zi Shang appeared in front of Yun Jiuge and said, "Elder Bai Gu and Elder Mo Hua are both busy handling matters at the Secret Realm and have yet to receive news about the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey. You still have time to make it to Qiu Ren Peak."

    "Oh yes, what's wrong with Si Youyue?" Yun Jiuge never got the chance to ask.

    "I merely used my demonic powers to seal her Cognitive Imprint, it'll naturally be broken if you go." But he had already inflicted heavy damages on Si Youyue's consciousness, so she would be an idiot even if brought back to life.

    "Let's go right now then!" Yun Jiuge left the house and headed off to Qiu Ren Peak.

    Qiu Ren Sect was situated at the bottom of the north side of the Yin Corpse Sect, with a peak of a few hundred feet tall.

    One could have easily mistaken this for a treasured land of the fairies instead of a Black Magic peak. There were lush Spiritual Trees on the mountain with the sound of rivers flowing continuously —long-eared rabbits, petal deer and other Spiritual Beasts roaming freely.

    Elder Qiu Sen had brought two disciples out with him and had yet to return, so the one temporarily in charge was his other disciple, Jin Yuanwei.

    Out of curiosity, he allowed entrance to Yun Jiuge's audience when she sought entry and had his fellow disciples bring her in.

    "Yun Jiuge greets Senior Jin." Yun Jiuge saluted Jin Yuanwei as she placed her clenched fists together.

    "Senior Yun Jiu, don't stand on ceremony. Sit!" After Jin Yuanwei beckoned Yun Jiuge to take a seat, he sneakily inspected her.

    This young man was not too tall yet, his posture was majestic.

    Even though her facial features were slightly feminine, scars caused by the Corpse Poison on her face diminished this femininity. Her red eyes and purple lips made her look evil instead. One could tell she was a disciple of Black Magic.

    Yun Jiuge also took the chance to sneakily judge Jin Yuanwei.

    This young disciple of Elder Qiu Sen was already in his last stage of Foundation Establishment. Word had it that he was the most outstanding talent in a hundred years in the Yin Corpse Sect, and like Elder Qiu Sen, was born with a Yin Spiritual Root.

    Even though this comparison sounded unbelievable, but because of Jin Yuanwei's cute doll-like face and bright eyes, others naturally felt the need to protect him so his greatness was greatly accepted.

    But it was also possible that Jin Yuanwei was merely putting on an act of innocence. The Black Magic disciples were the best at such games.