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Chapter 341

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 341: Which Beast Raped Her Corpse

    "May I know what business Junior Yun Jiu has in coming to Qiu Ren Peak?" Jin Yuanwei asked politely.

    As he was now in charge of the affairs at Qiu Ren Peak, news would have traveled quickly to him. Naturally, he knew that the young man in front of him was wanted by Elder Mo Hua.

    "I heard that Senior Youyue has been poisoned and is now unconscious, so I would like to offer my services to you," Yun Jiuge said straightforwardly.

    "You can neutralize poisons?" Jin Yuanwei was shocked as he raised his brows.

    "I do know a little, Senior. If you trust me, why not let me try first," Yun Jiuge said in a neutral tone.

    "Alright, I'll let you try it!" Jin Yuanwei simply said.

    During this period, he had invited many Spiritual Doctors and Alchemists to take a look at Si Youyue's condition, but they all commented that her poison was peculiar, and not a single one could neutralize it.

    This worried him as the Master was about to come back soon!

    Since he was already desperate and at his wits' end, he might as well accept the help offered.

    When Si Youyue was sent back, she was assigned to a remote house at the back of the Qiu Ren Peak, with two maids to care for her.

    The two skinny, frail maids who looked around twenty-seven to twenty-eight years of age knelt in a corner noiselessly when they saw Jin Yuanwei approaching.

    "Junior Yun Jiu, have a look for yourself!" Jin Yuanwei chased the two maids away with a wave of his hand and casually took a seat.

    Si Youyue wore a brand-new green dress, with her hands crossed and placed on her abdomen. She had a look of serenity, enhanced by her fair and rosy skin. She looked even more beautiful than before.

    Yun Jiuge reached out to feel her pulse but felt something was amiss.

    Since Si Youyue had been in a coma for so long, her Elixir Field should have been empty —why was it so full now? Such a symptom could only occur after having been in cultivation with another person.

    Just what beast would be so inhumane as to even rape an unconscious female who was no different from a corpse? Could it have been Jin Yuanwei's doing?

    "Junior Yun Jiu, what have you noticed?" Jin Yuanwei could not resist asking when he noticed Yun Jiuge's odd stare.

    "Oh, I was just reflecting on how Senior Jin has taken such good care of Senior Youyue. Despite her being unconscious for such a long time, she still looks energetic." Yun Jiuge tested the waters with what she commented to see how Jin Yuanwei would react.

    "You over-praise me, Junior Yun Jiu. Do you have a way to neutralize the poison then?" Jin Yuanwei's expression did not change.

    How could he possibly have had the time to care about Si Youyue when he was so busy with the daily matters in Qiu Ren Peak? He did not even bother to send people to handle an issue as big as the Secret Realm.

    He couldn't care less about Si Youyue, as long as she was still clinging to life when the Master was back.

    "The poison in Senior Youyue is rather complicated to remove and will require quite some time. I shall carry out acupuncture on her to see how it goes before deciding on the next step," Yun Jiuge said eloquently.

    "Alright, I'll set up a house for you to stay in and take care of her then," Jin Yuanwei replied frankly.

    "Thank you, Senior Jin." Yun Jiuge did not expect Jin Yuanwei to be so easily persuaded.

    "Have a peace of mind while staying here — any requests you may have can be passed to me via those two maids. I still have matters to attend to, so I shall take my leave first," Jin Yuanwei instructed Yun Jiuge and turned around to leave, not even glancing once at Si Youyue.

    "Farewell, Senior." After sending Jin Yuanwei off, Yun Jiuge closed the door behind.

    Only Zi Shang and she were left in the house now.

    "Do you think Jin Yuanwei is responsible for this?" Yun Jiuge turned her head towards Zi Shang and inquired.

    Standing at the head of Si Youyue's bed, Zi Shang's impish face displayed a trace of disgruntlement, as if he wanted to crush Si Youyue.

    After hearing Yun Jiuge, he didn't even bother turning his head as he replied, "It wasn't him — he's still a virgin."

    "Pfft!" Yun Jiuge almost choked.

    This was a rarity because the number of virgins found in Black Magic sects could be compared to the number of virgins found in a courtesan brothel. Not to mention, Jin Yuanwei held such a position.

    To be able to take over Qiu Ren Peak after Elder Qiu Sen left, showed how much Elder Qiu Ren trusted him. Now it would be easy for him to use his power to gain advantages.

    To think that he could still maintain his virginity by this point, could it be that his cultivation technique was a little more peculiar?

    "What's there to be surprised about, the Yin Corpse Sect isn't Hehuan Sect — the little disciples by your side are also still virgins!" Zi Shang tossed Yun Jiuge a blank stare before turning back to look at Si Youyue.

    "Which of the disciples with me are still virgins?" Yun Jiuge leaned towards Zi Shang's side as she gossiped.

    "What do you think?" Zi Shang narrowed his eyes as he glared at Yun Jiuge with a murderous look.

    Yun Jiuge failed to notice and happily guessed, " Bing Xinlian for sure, and perhaps Little Fatty too, but Lang Ya, not likely!"

    Zi Shang did not comment but just stared at Yun Jiuge thinking, "Why is this damn girl so interested in the virgins within the Yin Corpse Sect.. Don't tell me she is contemplating to deflower them all by herself?"

    Yun Jiuge immediately changed the topic upon noticing Zi Shang's odd expression. "Weren't we discussing about Si Youyue? Well if it wasn't Jin Yuanwei, who could it be?"

    Even though she really hated Si Youyue for having hurt her before, as a fellow woman, she felt disgusted thinking that the unconscious Si Youyue had been raped.

    "I have no idea, but this man did not do it just for the sake of bedding her — it was to actually save her," Zi Shang said somberly.

    He had previously used his Demonic Powers to seal Si Youyue's consciousness, so as long as no one lifted it, it would relentlessly swallow her consciousness bit by bit, eventually turning her into an idiot.

    But now, his Demonic Powers on Si Youyue had weakened so it was only was a matter of time before Si Youyue woke up.

    "Then we have to quickly wake her!" Otherwise, how could Yun Jiuge manipulate Qiu Ren Peak if the credit of rescuing Si Youyue was stolen by another!

    "Don't worry, I want to see who is so bold as to ruin my plans," Zi Shang narrowed his eyes as he said.

    "Alright." Yun Jiuge expressed her agreement as she was curious as to who had such intense feelings for this witch Si Youyue, to even sacrifice his body to save her.

    Upon knowing that Jin Yuanwei was letting Yun Jiuge stay, Elder Qiu Sen's Butler Chen asked worriedly, "Won't you be offending Elder Mo Hua by keeping Yun Jiu here!"

    "Ha! Do we, the disciples of Qiu Ren Peak, fear that old hag? Moreover, Junior Yun Jiu came to us on his own accord, and all of us are disciples of the same clan — what's wrong with letting him stay here." It was not wholly because of the time that Elder Mo Hua shielded Su Junqing when he shamed Jin Yuanwei.

    It was because how extraordinary a situation he thought this was ever since he heard the rumors about the sudden disappearances in the Secret Realm.

    It was a pity that not much information was disclosed to him because Elder Bai Gu and Elder Mo Hua did not consider this deputy-in-charge disciple important.

    By keeping Yun Jiu here in Qiu Ren Peak, he hoped that some news could be obtained from Master when he returned.

    "Alright, I shall send out more men to reinforce our defense then." Butler Chen did not pursue any further.

    For now, since Jin Yuanwei was the deputy-in-charge of the peak, he had to do his job properly as a butler and serve him well.