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Chapter 342

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 342: It Turned Out to be Him

    Jin Yuanwei was still somewhat uneasy after Steward Chen left so he took out the Communication Talisman that Master had left him and reported what had happened.

    The Master replied quickly, wanting him to keep Yun Jiu there at all costs.

    Jin Yuanwei felt more reassured when he saw that even Master was supporting his decision and immediately went out to personally aid the defense affairs.

    It was possible that Elder Mo Hua, who was known to be overbearing, might come to Qiu Ren Peak to take people away when the time came. He had to be fully prepared.

    The whole of Qiu Ren Peak was on full alert. Yun Jiuge was not idle as well.

    She had intended to simply break the rest of Zi Shang's Demonic Seal but as she started checking Si Youyue, she discovered yet another problem.

    "Did you inflict this wound?" Yun Jiuge suddenly discovered that Si Youyue had a blood clot in her memory center, a symptom commonly seen in people who had amnesia.

    "What wound?" Zi Shang walked over to take a look and said, "This is a wound from over ten years ago — I have absolutely nothing to do with it."

    "Over ten years ago?" Yun Jiuge had once heard from Little Fatty that Si Youyue entered the Yin Corpse Sect twelve years ago. So did she lose her memories back then?

    "Why do you even care so much, isn't it enough if she just wakes up?" If she followed his thinking, Si Youyue would definitely have woken up as an idiot.

    "Since she's now our precious tool, if she becomes an idiot, what use would she be?" Yun Jiuge was incredibly broad-minded — since she was already saving a life, she might as well act the part and complete the deed as well as possible.

    As for the grievances with Bloodcloud Peak, she could take revenge later!

    "Whatever suits you." Zi Shang did not care as much about this as he did about the rapist who foiled his plan.

    Yun Jiuge also did not want to say more to Zi Shang.

    After careful inspection of the blood clot in Si Youyue's head, she took out her Lightning Fire Needle and began acupuncture treatment.

    The needle's dense shadow that was accompanied with Lightning Fire and a green glow fell on Si Youyue's forehead.

    The overpowering rays of Lightning Fire pressed through as the light of the Wood Spiritual Crystal trailed behind.

    The blood clot that originally required seven days to remove was beginning to dissipate at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye.

    The unconscious Si Youyue had a painful expression on her face.

    Yun Jiuge immediately stopped and carefully inspected before determining that nothing was wrong.

    Ever since she obtained the Wood Spiritual Crystal from the Human-faced King Peach, her Lightning Fire Needle had gathered more dense life force and its healing effect had improved drastically. It seemed impossible for it to hurt Si Youyue.

    But Si Youyue's expression was clearly evolving into one of such intense pain that tears rolled down from the corners of her eyes.

    Yun Jiuge could not comprehend what was going on but she did not stop her movements.

    Very quickly, the blood clot disappeared and the seal was successfully broken. All that remained was to wait for Si Youyue to wake up.

    "Have you set your traps?" Yun Jiuge asked Zi Shang as she kept her needle.

    What great gains they would achieve if they could catch the person who had secretly saved Si Youyue.

    Right now, Yun Jiuge was incredibly interested in anything that could help her fight against the three Elders.

    "I promise that he will enter and never return," Zi Shang said assertively.

    As night fell, the two maids prepared a meal and invited Yun Jiuge to eat.

    The food was very ordinary and it was obvious that Jin Yuanwei did not care much about this place. Other than sending her here in the beginning, he neither visited again nor sent anyone to ask for updates.

    But Yun Jiuge learnt from Zi Shang that Qiu Ren Peak was currently on guard so she did not want to go out of her way to trouble Jin Yuanwei.

    After eating, she went to sleep early.

    As the night progressed, an eerie silence and darkness enveloped its surroundings.

    Amongst the bamboo trees in the remote area behind the mountain, a black shadow rushed towards Si Youyue's house at an incredible speed.

    The black shadow had a slim and tall physique, was clad in ninja garb and face covered by a black hood. Even the eyes could not be seen.

    He carefully scrutinized his surroundings before he crept stealthily into the courtyard.

    The person in black first entered the maids' quarters and sprayed a puff of sleeping gas in the room. After hearing them take deeper breaths continuously, he proceeded to Yun Jiuge's quarters to also spray a whiff of this sleeping mist.

    Yun Jiuge calmly watched the colorless and scentless gas drift about as she lay on her bed.

    First she swallowed an Antidote Pill. Then, she pretended to be in deep sleep by taking deep breaths.

    The man in black used his consciousness to check Yun Jiuge a few times vigilantly to confirm that he had achieved his goal. Then he proceeded to Si Youyue's room.

    Si Youyue looked peaceful and beautiful as she lay in bed after having her body scrubbed clean and changed into a lotus-colored dress that evening.

    The black shadow stood by the bed with his gaze fixated on her. He caressed her head which still had the puncture caused by Yun Jiuge's needle that afternoon.

    When he realized nothing was wrong with Si Youyue after inspecting her carefully, he took out a grey disc and placed it at the head of the bed.

    The round disc was carved out from Spiritual Wood, and its surface was densely filled with engravings along with a few Spiritual Jades on it. Upon activation, a thick dense smoke engulfed the entire house

    For a moment, the interior of the house was darker than darkness itself and there was a faint, gray Yin Qi flowing about. This was actually both an offensive and defensive technique in itself.

    After climbing onto the bed, the man in black removed Si Youyue's clothes as if he had done it many times before. But just as he released her waist belt, the gray Yin Qi Formation began to fluctuate intensely.

    The man in black immediately jumped up, and in quick response he escaped through the back window.

    He had set up a Hallucinatory Defensive Formation in the bamboo forest so he would definitely escape unscathed if he ran in there.

    However, the moment he jumped out through the window, all he felt was pain, followed by a powerful paralyzing sensation that shot through his entire body.

    Simultaneously, a thick green vine surged up from the ground and enveloped him like a dumpling.

    He panicked and wanted to use all of his Spiritual Power to break through but a stone from nowhere came flying towards him and hit his Dazhui acupuncture point.

    His Spiritual Power dissipated as his lower body became completely numb and he collapsed to the ground.

    In the next second, a youthful demon with red eyes and purplish lips walked out of Si Youyue's house with the gray disc that the man in black had left behind. It was none other than Yun Jiuge who was pretending to be asleep earlier.

    "Won't you let this young master see who you really are?" Yun Jiuge had a cold smile plastered on her face as she pulled off the man's hood in one fell swoop.

    "How could it be you?!" Yun Jiuge was aghast when she saw the face of the man in black.

    Never would she have guessed that the vulgar man who would defile Si Youyue in the dead of night was in fact Little Fatty's uncle, Jin Chuan.

    Jin Chuan furrowed his eyebrows tightly as he glared fiercely at Yun Jiuge.

    "Senior Jin Chuan, I recall that you are the Steward of the Sect Leaders. So what business do you have seeking Sister Si Youyue in the middle of the night?!" Yun Jiuge was not the least bit fearful of him.

    She was dissatisfied that Jin Chuan had an arrogant air about him when he last came to visit her, so today was indeed a good time for revenge.

    "This has nothing to do with you — I'm warning you to stay out of my business and place more attention on yourself!" Jin Chuan threatened in a deep, ominous voice as if threatening her with the message of ‘If you cannot protect yourself, then don't be nosy.'