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Chapter 343

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 343: Brother Can No Longer Protect You

    "Has Senior Jin Chuan ever heard of the saying, ‘One no longer fears itch with so many lice'?" Yun Jiuge giggled.

    Yun Jiuge was not even afraid of Elder Mo Hua and Elder Bai Gu so why would she be afraid of this puny little steward?

    Jin Chuan was momentarily silent when he saw how unscrupulous Yun Jiuge was. Then he proceeded to reply with a straight face, "I came here to save Si Youyue, so if your medical technique is truly that skillful, then you should be able to see that the seal on her consciousness has been loosened by quite abit!"

    "Indeed, I can see that the seal on Si Youyue has been loosened quite a bit. In fact, I can also tell that the method you used to break the seal is very low-handed — it feels like you're taking advantage of her while she's vulnerable," Yun Jiuge said as she politely phrased her words in a way that did not call Jin Chuan out directly.

    "Well, you're not wrong, I did use Dual Cultivation to treat her injuries. But even if she knows of this after she awakens, I'm sure she would not blame me." As always, Jin Chuan was very honest.

    "…." Yun Jiuge was speechless. Indeed, knowing Si Youyue's ways, this type of Dual Cultivation technique treatment was indeed nothing too significant to her.

    "Alright, release me now. If Jin Yuanwei were to catch us at this moment, we would not be able to clear our names," Jin Chuan said impatiently.

    "What's there to clear our names about? Senior Jin Chuan selflessly gave himself up to save others, so maybe you should let Senior Jin know of this good deed — he might even feel indebted to you!" Yun Jiuge had yet to find out why Jin Chuan wanted to save Si Youyue, so she couldn't simply release him that easily.

    "Just what do you want?" Jin Chuan face turned solemn despite being wrapped up like a dumpling and bound on the ground. His imposing and serious manner did not seem the least bit like a person who would deflower innocent virgins.

    "Just tell me why you're sacrificing your body to save Sister Youyue. Oh, and yes, this Spell Discus — I recall that the Yin Corpse Sect is skillful with Yin Spiritual Charm and not Spell Formation!" Yun Jiuge waved the advanced Spell Discus in her hand.

    Although she did not know how to write runes, after being with Zi Shang for so long, she learnt a little something here and there.

    While the thick smoke emitted seemed to be driven by Yin Qi, the special runes inscribed in it actually belonged to the Ziyun Sect. They were the exact same runes written on the Magic Talisman that Nangong Li gave her.

    When Jin Chuan heard what Yun Jiuge asked, a wave of murderous intent flashed across his eyes but quickly disappeared.

    "Since you insist on asking, then I'm not afraid to tell you. This old man here loves to screw women like that — not only can we have Dual Cultivation but it feels good too. Saving her is only an excuse to avoid being discriminated against when others realize it. As for the Spell Discus, I bought it when I was at Ziyun Mountain." Jin Chuan burst out laughing, his originally serious expression now morphing into a demonic one, looking like a disgusting pervert.

    If it were someone else, they would have probably believed it.

    After all, this was the evil Black Magic Yin Corpse Sect and the number of perverts here was higher than anywhere else. This type of peculiar trait was considered normal.

    But Yun Jiuge instinctively felt that Jin Chuan was lying. The situation was not as simple as he made it out to be.

    Just as she wanted to continue interrogating, Zi Shang's inner voice rang out, "Something's happened at Qiu Ren Peak — Jin Yuanwei is coming over right now."

    Yun Jiuge gave up asking more questions.

    "On the account of Jin Lin, I'll let you off this once but you'd better watch who you mess with next time or else you'll get into trouble." Yun Jiuge pinched her fingers together to release the vines wrapped around Jin Chuan and tossed the Numbing Powder antidote to him.

    Jin Chuan smelled the antidote, ensuring that no poison was inside before he swallowed it. Upon recovering his strength, he immediately dashed into the bamboo forest and disappeared.

    Yun Jiuge hurried back to the courtyard and soon after, she saw a heavy-faced Jin Yuanwei rushing toward her with Steward Chen and the Elite Disciples following closely behind.

    Yun Jiuge pretended to have just woken up from her slumber as she asked surprisingly, "Senior Jin, why brings you here at such a late hour?"

    "Do you have the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey with you?" Jin Yuanwei asked directly without even a simple greeting.

    "That's right." Yun Jiuge nodded her head — it seemed that Elder Bai Gu had come to seek an audience.

    "Take it out to show me." Jin Yuanwei extended his hand.

    "I didn't bring it with me." Yun Jiuge would be a fool to take it out.

    Jin Yuanwei furrowed his brows, exclaiming angrily, "Do you know that you're in big trouble?"

    He originally thought that Yun Jiuge had only offended Elder Mo Hua — never would he have expected that she also possessed the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey.

    Now that both Elder Bai Gu and Elder Mo Hua were at his doorstep, with one demanding a monkey and the other demanding a person, he could barely stand his ground.

    "The Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey is a spiritual thing — I wouldn't be able to stop it if it wanted to leave me!" Yun Jiuge said innocently.

    "How dare you refute me at this moment — do you think Elder Mo Hua would believe your nonsense? You're doomed if he becomes desperate and uses the Soul Searching Technique on you. Just look at how the previously favored Su Junqing is suffering right now — do you want to end up like that?" Jin Yuanwei said menacingly.

    "It'll be futile even if they use it on me, because the fact that I do not have it remains the same." Yun Jiuge was not afraid as Zi Shang had her back, so it was impossible for the two old coots to even think about harming her.

    "Y-yo-you…." Jin Yuanwei pointed at Yun Jiuge and eventually exclaimed frustratingly, "Do as you wish then, I cannot protect you any longer. You ‘ll have to explain to Elder Mo Hua and Elder Bai Gu yourself!" He did not believe that this chap was not afraid.

    "I don't mind going — however I'm afraid that when someone mentions Qiu Ren Peak in future, no one will dare come here anymore." Yun Jiuge flashed a gentle smile.

    If Jin Yuanwei had rejected her the moment she arrived, it would not have mattered.

    However, since they had already taken her in, to hand her over under the pressure of both Elder Bai Gu and Elder Mo Hua was as good as telling others that Qiu Ren Peak was weaker than them. This would definitely reflect badly on Qiu Ren Peak as it placed them in an extremely embarrassing position.

    "You dare threaten me?" Jin Yuanwei might have had a cherubic face but for him to have kept his position to this day in Qiu Ren Peak, he was certainly no pushover.

    With a single glare, his murderous intent permeated the surroundings momentarily.

    "You overthink things, Senior Jin — I didn't mean it that way. Didn't you say that you wanted to bring me to see Elder Bai Gu and Elder Mo Hua? Let ‘s go!" Jin Yuanwei could not comprehend the way Yun Jiuge reacted.

    Why was he so confident that he would not be tortured alive by Elder Bai Gu and Elder Mo Hua?

    What could he possibly have up his sleeves based on his fifth level of Qi Refining cultivation?

    Jin Yuanwei was slightly doubtful but he could not retract his words now. He had put himself in a tight spot.

    At that moment, the squeak of a door at the back vibrated throughout the courtyard, followed by a warm and delicate voice saying, "Senior Jin, you must not send him away!"

    "Junior Youyue, you are awake?" Jin Yuanwei stared disbelievingly at the graceful Si Youyue dressed in a lotus colored dress, now standing at the doorway.

    "It was all thanks to this Junior's miraculous treatment that I was saved from my deep slumber." Si Youyue nodded her head at Yun Jiuge and sternly told Jin Yuanwei, "Senior Jin, this Junior is a genius — we must not allow Elder Bai Gu and Elder Mo Hua to gain the upper hand."