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Chapter 344

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 344: Forbidden Grounds (Part 1)

    "Junior Youyue, you've just recovered from your injury. It's better if you go back and rest. Don't worry about these things," said Jin Yuanwei impatiently. Jin Yuanwei thought to himself, "What's she doing here giving suggestions on the situation after being bedridden for so long?"

    "Senior Jin, although I don't know why Elder Mo Hua and Elder Bai Gu are targeting Junior Yun Jiu, I do know that what they're fighting for must be something good." Si Youyue's voice was gentle, soft and unhurried, but she captured Jin Yuanwei's ¬inmost thoughts succinctly.

    "I understand what you mean but now both Elders have issued their orders. If we don't hand over the person they want, they will come over personally to search for themselves. We won't be able to stop them without our Master." Jin Yuanwei was worried when he said this.

    "Senior, you're joking, aren't you? Junior Yun Jiu is not even from Qiu Ren Peak. He can move anywhere he pleases, so how can we possibly find him?" said Si Youyue with a chuckle.

    Jin Yuanwei's eyes lit up, but he quickly shook his head and said, "It is impossible for Junior Yun Jiu to leave the Yin Corpse Sect."

    "There is no need to go to such trouble. We'll find a place in the Qiu Ren Peak and hide him," replied Si Youyue.

    "Qiu Ren Peak is only so big. The two Elders can use their Cognitive Imprint to see everything in just a glance, unless…" said Jin Yuanwei, who suddenly thought of a place that would not be found by the two Elders.

    "Are you referring to the Forbidden Grounds near the back door?" Si Youyue instantly saw through Jin Yuanwei's idea.

    It was the Forbidden Grounds drawn out by Qiu Ren Peak, with many hidden traps and forbidden gates. No one could enter and leave at will except Jin Yuanwei.

    Yun Jiuge had been quietly eavesdropping. Her eyes shone in an instant when she heard the phrase ‘Forbidden Grounds'. It seemed like she was going to have another adventure!

    "Well, that's the most appropriate place, but I'm afraid the Master would blame me if he finds out later." Jin Yuanwei was still afraid of his Master getting angry.

    "Senior, your concern is understandable." Si Youyue pondered for a while and said," How about this? We'll seal Junior Yun Jiu up, constrain him from using his Spiritual Energy, then place him in the outermost area of the Forbidden Grounds. As long as he's not close to the center of the Forbidden Grounds, Elder Qiu Shen would not say anything even if he knew about it. However, Junior Yun Jiu would need to endure it for a while." Si Youyue looked at Yun Jiuge apologetically.

    "Senior Youyue, you are too kind. I would be considered lucky if I can stay alive. There is nothing to feel bad about," Yun Jiuge said righteously.

    "But…" Jin Yuanwei still hesitated.

    At this time, the Qiu Ren Peak's alarm bell suddenly rang and turbulent winds arose. Elder Mo Hua's sharp voice was heard saying, "Little Brat Jin, if you still don't hand over Yun Jiu, I'll destroy your Qiu Ren Peak."

    "Alright, let's go to the Forbidden Grounds then!" The urgency of the situation made it impossible for him to consider any further.

    Jin Yuanwei constrained Yun Jiuge's Spiritual Energy by tying her tightly with a long whip magical weapon.

    After confirming that nothing was missed, he took Yun Jiuge to the back of the mountain. He kept babbling on the way there, "Junior Yun Jiu, that place is my Master's. Everywhere inside is forbidden. Stay honest when you're in there. I'll come get you after I send off the two Elders."

    "Senior, what if they don't leave?" asked Yun Jiuge.

    "Don't worry about that. My Master will come back tomorrow at the latest. They'll have to leave when he comes back." Jin Yuanwei was very confident about the strength of his Master.

    "Ok then, Senior. I hope you can put in a few good words for me in front of Elder Qiu Sen!" said Yun Jiuge sincerely.

    "Don't worry! As long as you hand over the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey, Master will reward you even without my praise."

    Jin Yuanwei thought secretly in his heart.

    The Forbidden Grounds at the back mountain was not wide. After going up a winding path, they saw a Locust Tree Forest — this was exactly the Corpse Ghost Killing Formation meticulously arranged by Elder Qiu Sen.

    It was filled with Corpse Ghosts, good "seedlings" that Elder Qiu Sen had snared everywhere. He used this way of raising venomous parasites to let them kill each one another, in order to cultivate a Corpse King.

    Although the highest ranking in there at the moment was only a Ghost General, it was capable of completely crushing Jin Yuanwei into pieces.

    Jin Yuanwei slowed down and took out a hand-sized red token from a Magical Bottomless Bag. It was neither gold nor wood. A red fog was around them and numerous ferocious ghosts could be seen.

    It was his Master's pass for him to feed the Corpse Ghosts.

    Jin Yuanwei held the red token high above his head. A light red light shone from the token and wrapped his secret package in it.

    He walked slowly into the Locust Tree Forest. Strong Corpse Qi blew on his face as countless Corpse Ghosts stood under the trees staring at him, showing their thirst for flesh and blood.

    Although it was not the first time Jin Yuanwei had come here, he still felt sharp prickly pains on his scalp. He casually found a big locust tree and threw Yun Jiuge over there. Then he turned around and ran off.

    Yun Jiuge leaned against the tree trunk depressingly, looking at the pale ferocious-looking Corpse Ghosts.

    Although Jin Yuanwei had used quite a number of Spiritual Sealing Amulets on Yun Jiuge, the scent of her tender flesh was still detectable.

    It wasn't long before the Corpse Ghosts began to be tempted, stirring and staggering toward her.

    "Jin Yuanwei must have done this on purpose to make me summon the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey for help," thought Yun Jiuge.

    Although Yun Jiuge had seen through their plot, she had no other choice. Zi Shang had disappeared as soon as they entered the Corpse Ghost Formation.

    "Little monkey, come out." Yun Jiuge chanted the Summoning incantation carefully and silently. The Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey quickly assembled out from her Magical Bottomless Bag and spurted out a burst of Yin Qi that shrouded her, covering her human scent.

    Even so, the Corpse Ghosts still surrounded Yun Jiuge as if they were watching a monkey in a zoo.

    In the blink of an eye, layers of Corpse Ghosts had surrounded her. The thick corpse smell almost choked Yun Jiuge.

    "Little monkey, spray a little more Qi!" Yun Jiuge could see that the White Bone Monkey had slackened off a little.

    Click-click! The White Bone Little Monkey shook its head displeasingly at Yun Jiuge. The Soul Fire in its eyes had shrunk. It was upset at being locked up all this time, and naturally did want to work.

    "Be good, little monkey. Big sister will make you a big bucket of Yin Qi Liquid after all of this," Yun Jiuge coaxed.

    Ever since they entered the Secret Realm, the Xuan Yin White Monkey lost its source of Yin Qi. One couldn't blame him for being angry.

    The White Bone Monkey lifted its finger with a crack, gesturing to add another bucket.

    "One bucket extra is too much, two spoonfuls at most." Yun Jiuge refused at once. As it was not easy for her to get a bucket of Yin Qi Liquid, she did not want to spoil him.

    The White Bone Monkey's Soul Fire flickered, and then he seriously extended a hand, asking for an extra five spoonfuls.

    "All right, five spoonfuls then." Yun Jiuge succumbed. The Corpse Ghosts' smell was too nauseating.

    The monkey's jaws moved with satisfaction and he showed a smiling face, preparing to take in more Yin Qi.

    Right at that moment, a sudden thumping sound from the ground could be heard in the distance.

    The surrounding Corpse Ghosts let out a howl of horror and fled in a panic as if they had seen a ghost.