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Chapter 273 - See You in the Qualifying Match!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 273: See You in the Qualifying Match!

    After signing the contract, Ning Meng called out to God. "Come on, God. Let's go."

    Nodding his head, God trailed behind her.

    Lu Jiahao, meanwhile, was glaring at them with red eyes.

    Their family had put in a lot of effort in establishing this E-sports Club resulting in them earning themselves a huge fortune, and yet, this was not lucrative enough when compared to God's contract—his fee was 15,000,000 Yuan, plus he got to enjoy a 50% share of anything he earned for CM. This included the prizes that he had won from tournaments and championships, endorsement for brands, and even live stream earnings! 50% of the shares!

    … Hold on. That also meant that God could earn at least 20,000,000 Yuan in just a year!

    He was just a newbie and yet, he was going to get that much money?!

    Seeing the two of them almost at the door, Lu Jiahao could not hold in the extreme jealousy and envy that was burning in his heart and yelled out, "You'll regret this!"

    Ning Meng turned her head and looked at the young man.

    Lu Jiahao's eyes were red and tearing up as he said, "Even if you're filthy rich, this isn't the way to spend money! You're too wasteful!"

    Ning Meng beamed up a smile. "Well, it's my money. I'm happy to spend it wastefully like this, so why do you care?"


    Lu Jiahao, Mama Lu, and Papa Lu were surprised upon hearing this.

    Ning Meng opened her mouth again. "There's going to be a qualifying match for an international championship in a week, let's meet again there. I'll have you know just how worthy God is. This 15,000,000 Yuan is going to be worth it. You'll see!"

    After leaving the E-sports Club, God and Ning Meng got into a taxi to travel to the airport. On the way, God took out the contract and presented it to Ning Meng.

    Confused, Ning Meng gave him an inquisitive look. "What's wrong?"

    "Sis… my contract fee… this is too high for me. You just need to give me 200,000 Yuan."

    He knew that he was indeed skillful. He had confidence that he could shine as bright as the sun in the official games, but 15,000,000 Yuan… that was just too high for a newbie like him. Well, of course, even 200,000 Yuan was a little bit steep for hiring a newbie too.

    Still, Sis Ning Meng had helped to release him from the clutches of the Lu Family. How could he accept millions of Yuan from her?

    "No, God. I'm serious."


    "God, you are going to make it big in E-sports. You'll not only be one of the best PUBG players in the country, but you'll also win the international championship and bring honor to our country. You will be an E-sports legend!"

    God was stunned upon hearing this.

    Ning Meng then continued. "I'll leave CM to you. I know one week is going to be very difficult for you. No, it's going to be almost impossible for you to…! But I am not asking for much. I just want you to give it your all in the Qualifying Match. After all, there are only going to be 3 teams that participate in this country. Even if you achieve the third place, you can still participate in another one in the Year-end season, otherwise, you can still go for it next year."

    She took his hand and looked him in the eye. "Sis believes in you, God!"

    Hearing this, God felt a burning passion start to spark in his heart. His Sis Ning Meng had so much faith in him…!

    And so, he nodded his head.

    If this was what his sis wanted, he would do it.

    He would give it his best! For Sis Ning Meng!

    As for that insanely high fee that he was making… He could keep it for now.

    Sis would be having a child with Bro one day in the future, his money could then buy something for the baby and take care of things for them.


    The taxi soon arrived at the airport.

    While they were on the way, God had made a call to Han Meilin.

    Han Meilin, as expected, was furious! She cursed Papa Lu and Lu Jiahao for 30 whopping minutes before saying, "Meng Meng's E-sports club is in the same town as ours, so this is good. Now we don't need to be separated again."

    God nodded his head.

    After hanging up, they got down from the taxi and entered the airport, heading for their 2-hour flight.

    Arriving at their destination, the Jingdu Airport, Ning Meng pulled her luggage along and walked forward in huge heavy steps as she gave her father a call.

    "Dad~ Did you send someone to fetch me from the airport?"