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Chapter 349 - Zi Shang Reveals His Powers (2)

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 349: Zi Shang Reveals His Powers (2)

    "What an exquisite Living Corpse and yet you just open your mouth claiming that you'll have it — what grand intentions you have! Well if you want him, fine, but first, hand over ten shoots of the Hundred-Year-Old Black Bone Panther Bamboo."

    Elder Bai Gu was an expert at controlling bones — even his own Life's Origin Yin Corpse was a set of white bones. The fact that this Living Corpse had a blood contract with Yun Jiuge did not matter as much to him as the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey.

    But this did not stop him from exploiting the situation to gain the upper hand.

    "I'm surprised that you have the audacity to ask such a bold request — ten shoots of the Hundred-Year-Old Black Bone Panther Bamboo. Why don't you go rob someone instead." The shoots of the Black Bone Panther Bamboo were incredulously hard to grow and she had only managed to cultivate twenty shoots after so long. She couldn't possibly give it to others.

    "Well, just five shoots then!" Elder Bai Gu tactfully reduced his bargaining amount. Shoots of the Black Bone Panther Bamboo could definitely help Yin Corpses improve their Yin Qi and five shoots would be sufficient.

    Elder Mo Hua's face was a steely green, indecisive and reluctant to part with her five shoots of Black Bone Panther Bamboo.

    While the two were bargaining, they continued to carry out their attacks. But the attacks were somewhat lacking.

    Yun Jiuge couldn't help but urge Zi Shang to take this chance to escape or else, once Qiu Sen emerged, they would surely lose in a battle of one against three.

    "There's no need to rush," Zi Shang replied leisurely.

    If we don't rush now, then when! Yun Jiuge was on the verge of kneeling down to beg Zi Shang.

    It was frustrating that this guy was still taking his own sweet time to fight.

    "You'd better quickly make a decision before Qiu Sen comes out, if not you'd have to give him his share too," Elder Bai Gu graciously reminded Elder Mo Hua.

    "Fine, five shoots it shall be. Just help me take this person down," Elder Mo Hua quickly made her decision.

    What Bai Gu said was the truth. Qiu Sen was unscrupulous, he would use any opportunity to gain the upper hand. There would be a much bigger loss if they did not quickly settle the problem before he arrived.

    "Brilliant!" Elder Bai Gu said and took out a Cultivating Corpse Bag from around his waist.

    Within the next few seconds, a three feet tall humongous and fully armored White Bone Yin Corpse clutching a golden sword appeared in front of Yun Jiuge.

    Elder Mo Hua also let out her own Life's Origin Yin Corpse, and it was actually a baby.

    The baby had dried up purplish-black skin, a tiny horrifying shriveled face and donned a red bib. On its belly was a picture of a hundred ghosts struggling in Hell, not exactly the typical auspicious image.

    After having cultivated in the Yin Corpse Sect for so long, Yun Jiuge was extremely familiar with the different types of Yin Corpses. With one look she could tell the baby corpse was a type of Corpse Ghost.

    To cultivate it, one had to first get a baby with Spiritual Roots of the Yin year, Yin month and Yin time to form into a corpse. Then, this had to be followed by stuffing eighty-one high leveled vengeful ghosts to produce a Corpse Ghost that was best at sneak attacks and teleportation.

    This baby corpse had yet to learn how to walk so it crawled in the sky the moment it appeared.

    It disappeared from its spot after crawling a few steps, then suddenly appeared in front of Zi Shang, making gurgling noises as it stretched out its small hands.

    Its small hand was also purplish-black in color, but there was a black hole in the center of its palms with countless of animus-filled ghouls screaming as they threw themselves forward.

    Zi Shang's reflexes were fast. As soon as the baby corpse appeared in front of them, he kicked it towards Elder Mo Hua before the ghouls in its palm could surface, and the impact scattered the black cloud of petals.

    Then, Elder Bai Gu's Yin Corpse waved its golden sword and charged forward to attack.

    Its movements were slow but its defensive power was shocking. The gray spear which Zi Shang formed using his deadly Qi could not shake it off and was thus was forced to a dogfight.

    Even so, Zi Shang's performance was enough to take Elder Bai Gu and Elder Mo Hua by surprise.

    Elder Mo Hua patted her chest and stamped her feet. If this Living Corpse was already so powerful while under a blood contract with this fifth level cultivator, if it was her in place it would've been even more formidable.

    With this thought, Elder Mo Hua stared at Yun Jiuge with renewed murderous intent, like she had ruined this old lady.

    Yun Jiuge was already numb towards all of Elder Mo Hua's one-sided emotions.

    She stared intently in the direction of Qiu Ren Peak, praying that Qiu Sen would not appear so quickly. It'd be best if he went into seclusion to tend to his wounds.

    But her hopes were quickly crushed.

    A rumbling noise rang out from the top of Qiu Ren Peak.

    Twenty stained black Bat Bone Spurs flew out quickly as a five year old child stood above the Bone Spur in front. It was Elder Qiu Sen.

    "This guy sure is fast." Elder Mo Hua was incredibly frustrated.

    "Since we've no other choice now, it's best that you give him a share too!" Elder Bai Gu commented while he gloated over her misery.

    He was already regretting a little after seeing how formidable this Living Corpse was.

    Now that Qiu Sen had arrived, Elder Bai Gu desperately hoped he would cause Mo Hua some bloodshed, lest she gain more power after acquiring the Living Corpse.

    "Qiu Sen, this Living Corpse has already signed a blood contract with my beloved pet, so don't you dare steal it!" Elder Mo Hua smiled flirtatiously as she spoke, not feeling the least bit embarrassed in doing so with Qiu Sen who looked physically like a five-year-old.

    "What's in it for me?" Qiu Sen blankly asked.

    He did not drag his injured and exhausted body just to see Mo Hua flirt, but instead to claim his share.

    "What do you want?" Elder Mo Hua asked begrudgingly.

    "Twenty shoots of the Black Bone Panther Bamboo," Qiu Sen brazenly requested. Elder Mo Hua was so angered she almost heaved out blood.

    She suppressed her anger and said, "Five shoots only, just like Bai Gu."

    "Fair enough!" Qiu Sen felt this was good enough.

    "I will pay upon receiving my goods, so let's quickly finish things off!" Elder Mo Hua turned and glared fiercely at Yun Jiuge whom she wanted to skin alive.

    Yun Jiuge swallowed her saliva.

    Even though Zi Shang had performed extremely well, it was too unimaginable to fight and win in a one against three duel. Yun Jiuge herself did not know what he would do next.

    "Hold tight," Zi Shang instructed Yun Jiuge and placed his finger on his forehead.

    The blood markings on his body that were originally hidden slowly began to surface on his pale skin.

    "Blood Eye!" Elder Mo Hua and Elder Bai Gu exclaimed and hurriedly retreated. Even the formidable Qiu Sen did not dare to be too close.

    To cultivate Blood Eye, Yin Corpses needed a special constitution. The corpse would need to possess a strong and fearsome ability for curses, a skill that caused distress to others.

    Zi Shang was no Yin Corpse, so naturally he did not possess the powers of the Blood Eye. But this did not prevent him from crossing boundaries.

    As he was about to open the fake Blood Eye and cast a real curse on the three of them, a resonant bell sound vibrated throughout the Yin Corpse Sect's Leader Peak.

    That was the sound of the Sect Leader calling them back.

    As the bell rang, a pure and renewed Yin Qi rose within the Yin Qi Graveyard of the Yin Corpse Sect, separating Yun Jiuge, Qiu Sen and the others.

    Yun Jiuge broke into cold sweat when she heard the bell.

    This Sect Leader had always been elusive, and it was even said that for the past ten years, he would not appear but only send a letter to advise on problems whenever the three Elders could not reach a decision.

    Even for the Secret Realm matter, he only instructed the three Elders through letters to properly investigate the reason behind the missing persons. No one expected him to return suddenly.

    "Run! Quick!" Yun Jiuge urged hurriedly. She wished to jump off Zi Shang's back and slip out herself.

    The Sect Leader had the ability to open up the Sect's Protective Formation, so if they were to be trapped here, escaping would be impossible.