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Chapter 350 - Please Help Us, Mysterious Sect Leader

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 350: Please Help Us, Mysterious Sect Leader

    "There's no need to." Zi Shang realized that the Yin Qi was actually protecting them.

    Just then, a vicissitudinous voice from the Sect Leader's hall clearly entered everyone's ears, "Come down!"

    Elder Bai Gu and Elder Mo Hua immediately stopped what they were doing, not daring to delay their arrival at the hall. It looked as if they still held the Sect Leader in high esteem.

    Pulling a long face, Qiu Sen also followed suit.

    "Let's go have a look." Zi Shang also brought Yun Jiuge down to the entrance of the Sect Leader's Hall.

    The stone doors were tall and majestic, the gray hall was empty and cold.

    A tall man dressed in black clothes stood in the middle of the large hall, with his back facing his audience as he said coldly, "I certainly do not know when the Yin Corpse Sect became a place for the strong to bully the weak, to the extent of bullying disciples in public."

    "Sect Leader, you misunderstand us…." Elder Mo Hua wanted to explain herself but the Sect Leader cut her off without showing any courtesy and continued, "My Yin Corpse Sect is not your harem. If you can't control yourself, then go back to Hehuan Sect."

    Elder Mo Hua immediately went silent. If she could have remained in Hehuan Sect, she would not have come to Yin Corpse Sect.

    "Bai Gu, do not hanker after your junior's belongings." The Sect Leader raised his hand and a large palm sized, yellow crystal flew towards him. It was a bone crystal more precious than the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey.

    "I was wrong, Sect Leader." Elder Bai Gu was covered in cold sweat as he lowered his head and bowed submissively with his hands crossed on his chest, too afraid to even accept the bone crystal.

    The bone crystal then slowly flew back into the Sect Leader's hand. It seemed that he was not planning on giving it to Bai Gu without a cause.

    Elder Qiu Sen stood silently in a corner. The Sect Leader did not pay heed to him and suddenly announced, "From this day onwards, I declare Yun Jiu to be a disciple of our Sect so if anyone dares to make a move on him again, don't blame me for being uncourteous."

    Upon finishing his statement, he flipped his sleeves and vanished from his position, not even bothering to turn around once to look at his audience.

    Yun Jiuge was stunned speechless as she stood rooted to the ground, her mind still reeling from all that had just happened.

    This Sect Leader had just used his intellect to subdue these three Elders — how cool and amazing of him!

    "Little Yun Jiu is really lucky huh!" Elder Mo Hua looked eerily at Yun Jiuge and then tossed a look of pained despair at Zi Shang who was standing beside her.

    Zi Shang took a step back and then stealthily stood behind Yun Jiuge. This only served to anger Elder Mo Hua further.

    The impossible had occurred — she ground her teeth so hatefully to the point that she almost bled, but these were the Sect Leader's orders, and no matter how bold she was, she could not openly pursue things any further.

    "Elder Mo Hua, you speak of me too highly," Yun Jiuge recovered from her daze and quickly replied in a pretentiously serious tone.

    "I hope you live long to enjoy this compliment of mine," Elder Mo Hua finished her sentence vehemently and left without looking back.

    Elder Bai Gu's deep gaze swept past Yun Jiuge, not saying a word. But his deadly expression was written on his face as if saying, "Just you wait, one day I'll kill you!".

    As for Qiu Sen, he left the moment the Sect Leader left.

    In a blink of an eye, she was the only one left in the large hall.

    "What do we do now?" Yun Jiuge looked at Zi Shang.

    This guy was also peculiar — previously when he had to hide himself, he would always show up at every chance he got.

    Now that he was openly known to the world, he preferred to hide himself instead.

    "Of course we shall isolate ourselves in Sect Leader's Peak and cultivate, and not appear again until we have entered the Foundation Establishment Stage," Zi Shang said.

    They had seriously offended the three Elders today, so it would be best to shut themselves in and avoid further trouble.

    Yun Jiuge was deep in thoughts when she recalled Jin Chuan was the steward overseeing the whole sect. Looking for him was definitely a wise choice.

    Just as she left the large hall, she saw a tall and slender figure emerge from the mountain's slip road. It was really Jin Chuan.

    "Senior Jin Chuan, I was just about to go looking for you," Yun Jiuge called out excitedly.

    Jin Chuan stared at her coldly as he ambiguously replied, "Never would I have expected you to have that much potential, that the Sect Leader would accept you personally as a disciple."

    "The brilliant Sect Leader recognizes heroes!" Yun Jiuge claimed loudly.

    Besides this reason, she could not come up with any others.

    "Pfft, hero," Jin Chuan said without hiding his disdain.

    Yun Jiuge forgave his lack of foresight and changed the topic saying, "Senior Jin Chuan, since the Sect Leader has already accepted me as a disciple, where is my cave dwelling then?"

    "The Sect Leader hasn't given his orders yet, so how would I know." Jin Chuan had a menacing attitude, not even showing a hint of familiarity with Yun Jiuge.

    "Senior Jin Chuan, if I recall correctly, I still have something you want in my hands!" Yun Jiuge reminded him to treat her a little better and not offend her.

    "Do you still think you have the ability to return to Qiu Ren Peak and make a complaint?" Jin Chuan fearlessly laughed.

    Yun Jiuge froze but she finally let out this comment, "I don't need to report anything, all I have to do is to tell Senior Youyue." She was her savior after all, so Youyue would believe her….right?

    "Well, if you love to tattle then do as you please." Jin Chuan waved his hand indifferently and walked into the big hall to busy himself with his work.

    "Why didn't you punch him," Yun Jiuge asked Zi Shang. Jin Chuan was so evil, he deserved a good beating.

    "Let's lie low." Zi Shang gave Yun Jiuge the look. They had just entered the Sect Leader's Peak yet she wanted to stir up trouble — was she worried that others were giving her too great a compliment?

    "Fine!" Yun Jiuge recognized that keeping a low profile now was paramount.

    Since Jin Chuan would not arrange a cave dwelling for her, she would find one herself.

    When Yun Jiuge put her mind to something, she would get it done by hook or by crook. She summoned the Treasure-hunting Scorpion and ordered, "Help me find a place with dense Spiritual Energy, I want to open up a cave dwelling."

    "Sure!" The Treasure-hunting Scorpion immediately replied and dug its way underground and began its search.

    Yun Jiuge used this time to explore the Sect Leader's Peak.

    The Sect Leader's Peak was spacious and ridiculously vast, but there were only a handful of people and the number of disciples was pitiful.

    Rumor had it that the Sect Leader's Peak had not accepted disciples for quite a while as after the moment a new disciple arrived, they would be wandering like sheep without anyone tending to them.

    The Sect Leader was not present for long periods of time so everything was handled by the Vice Sect Leader.

    But this Vice Sect Leader was also a strange one as he would isolate himself for long periods of time to cultivate. So the sect matters were once again thrown to his Chief Disciple, Xuan Ning.

    Xuan Ning was a dedicated worker however, it was a pity that after he advanced to the Foundation Establishment Stage, he left the Sect in search of his own Life's Origin Yin Corpse to cultivate.

    Two years passed and he had yet to send a single letter back. If not for his Life's Origin Soul Lantern that was still lighted, one would have thought that he had already died.

    The Sect Leader Peak was like a dragon without its head. Everyone only cared for themselves and minded their own business, not bothering if others were in trouble.

    Even new disciples would be on their own, with no one to teach them Magic and more so, no one to guide cultivation.

    Previous disciples had all secretly changed their Sect and ran to other peaks.

    The other Sects accepted them with no strings attached, resulting in the desolated state of the Sect Leader's Peak.

    "The Sect Leader's Peak has fallen into this sad state yet Elder Mo Hua and Elder Bai Gu are still so fearful of this Leader — surely this Sect Leader must be quite formidable." Yun Jiuge mused.

    She had a very good feeling about this Sect Leader who had saved her from trouble.