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Chapter 351

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 351: Mr. and Mrs. Treasure-hunting Scorpion’s Mission: Making Little Scorpions

    "The Sect Leader is at the late stage of advanced Core Formation while Mo Hua and Bai Gu are only at the early stages — how could they not be scared?" Zi Shang sneered.

    Yun Jiuge was used to Zi Shang's verbal attacks so she ignored his contempt and continued asking, "Did you see what the Sect Leader looked like?" Other than finding secret chambers, clearing traps and others, Zi Shang was also very good at peeking.

    "I only caught a glimpse but it wasn't very clear." Zi Shang frowned, he did not know why but he felt that the Sect Leader looked like a certain someone they knew.

    "What did you see? Draw it out for me to have a look." Yun Jiuge needed to have some sense of what the Sect Leader looked like, or else it would be embarrassing if she did not recognize him the next time they met.

    Zi Shang hesitated for a moment but he still drew out what he saw of the Sect Leader's face.

    The moment Yun Jiuge saw the image of the Sect Leader, she almost fainted. She asked, "Why the hell did you draw Yin Shili?"

    "That Sect Leader really looks like Yin Shili," Zi Shang said.

    "Impossible," Yun Jiuge flatly denied.

    Yin Shili was an unambitious little Secondary Steward who only wanted to be reunited with his family. How could he be related to the charismatic Sect Leader? This was truly absurd.

    Zi Shang did not attempt to come up with explanations. Whether it was true or not, they could always find out more when the opportunity arose.

    Moreover, he was here so he would not let Yun Jiuge suffer.

    At that moment, the soil beneath Yun Jiuge's feet shone a bright yellow and the Treasure-hunting Scorpion popped out, excitedly waving its two large pincers as it exclaimed, "Master, Master! I've found a superb place, it's just around the mid mountain area."

    "Let's go check it out." Yun Jiuge instantly followed the Treasure-hunting Scorpion to the middle of the mountain excitedly.

    A vast field covered in weeds lay in front of them. It was an incredibly desolate area without a single cave dwelling nearby, indeed a good place to settle down.

    "Just dig down from here and you'll find a Spiritual Vein," the Treasure-hunting Scorpion pointed at the ground.

    "Spiritual Vein? It can't be the Spiritual Vein of the Sect Leader's Peak, can it!" Yun Jiuge frowned. This was public property so it was not for her to decide.

    "No, no, this Spiritual Vein is very small, it is only a very small capillary." The Treasure-hunting Scorpion was no fool — how could it possibly dig a grave for its owner to jump into.

    Moreover, all those thick, large and good Spiritual Veins above had already been seized by others, so they could not go even if they wanted to.

    "That's good then." Yun Jiuge set her mind at ease and used a Bone Spur to dig at the spot the Treasure-hunting Scorpion pointed at.

    The dry and hardened soil was as soft as tofu when the Bone Spur was used, so digging was easy and effortless.

    Yun Jiuge had dug up a passageway very quickly, and after feeling the rich Spiritual Energy, she immediately decided to settle down here.

    First, she installed a wooden door, then she laid out a Defensive Formation with Zi Shang. Lastly, she hung up a plaque with the name ‘Yun Jiu' on it, officially declaring that this was her place.

    Yun Jiuge proceeded to spice up her own little nest only after she was done setting the lintel.

    First, she dug out a large spacious area for her cave and used it as an antechamber to entertain guests.

    Then, she dug out four other smaller rooms, differentiating them into a quiet room, a bedroom, a pill production room and a spiritual pet room.

    The quiet room, bedroom and pill production room all had very simple decorations while she placed more attention on the design of the spiritual pet room.

    She divided out three small sections, added some soft cotton and then planted different pretty flowers as decoration.

    Finally, she placed the cocoons of Mr. and Mrs. Treasure-hunting Scorpion, Pipi Mouse and Mother Legendary Venomous Insect into the three different small rooms.

    Ever since the female scorpion consumed that Pearl Fish's Internal Elixir, its body became rounder, expanding from the size of three fingers to a large palm.

    Originally, its outer shell was a little purplish yet now, there were little veins of multiple colors, emitting a rainbow colored glow under strong sunlight. It was incredibly beautiful.

    "Wife, this is the place built by Master. Do you like it," the Treasure-hunting Scorpion asked the wife dotingly.

    Even though the male scorpion had grown quite fat as well, it looked tiny in comparison to the sturdy-looking female scorpion. Yet it was not bothered at all.

    Anything that he found nice to eat or drink, he would bring it to the wife to consume first and would wait patiently till she was done before he ate the leftovers.

    However, the female scorpion would always leave plenty of leftovers.

    "I love it. It's so beautiful." The female scorpion climbed in and circled a few times, reluctant to leave.

    But what it loved the most was the scorpion grass planted at the mouth of its cave.

    This spiritual grass that was closely associated with the scorpion nest had a calming effect and made the scorpion felt comfortable. It was a scent it had smelled since young. This could not get any better.

    "As long as you like it." The Treasure-hunting Scorpion was also extremely satisfied with this nest, and it felt that it had chosen the right master.

    This was more so when Yun Jiuge held a housewarming celebration and gave a bottle of Cherry Pill to each scorpion. The couple felt even more grateful and expressed their desire to produce baby scorpions to live up to their master's expectations.

    "There's no need to rush these matters such as having children. You're still young — take it easy, and let nature take its course!" Yun Jiuge comforted them good-heartedly.

    "Master." The scorpion couple were even more touched, their tails entwined as if they were ready to consummate right at that moment.

    Yun Jiuge pretended to cough twice and knowingly left them to their business.

    Yun Jiuge left the spiritual pet room but the moment she turned around, she saw Zi Shang standing right behind her, daydreaming.

    "What are you doing here? Are you going to peek at them making little scorpions!" Yun Jiuge threw him a look of contempt as if saying, ‘I cannot believe you were the type'.

    "I can make my own little demons — why do I need to peek at them." Zi Shang returned to his consciousness and blinked, eyes shining radiantly with an ambiguous look on his face.

    "Heh heh, good luck to you then!" Yun Jiuge patted Zi Shang's shoulder and went into the quiet room to begin preparations for cultivation.

    Before, with the poison in her Elixir Field, Zi Shang could only restrain himself during Dual Cultivation.

    Since her Life Essence could not come out, how could she make little demons? If Zi Shang really wanted to, he would have to work harder.

    Zi Shang did not complain and followed Yun Jiuge to the quiet room, accompanying her and watching her cultivate.

    Yun Jiuge had opened her cave dwelling for only a few days before the resourceful Little Fatty soon showed up.

    "How did you know that I live here?" Yun Jiuge was surprised to see Little Fatty at her doorstep.

    "My uncle told me so. He's already penned down your cave dwelling on record." Little Fatty had his hands on his knees, out of breath and sweating from head to toe.

    As he was a Secondary Disciple of the Sect Leader's Peak, he could not use the Flying Rune. So he could only walk all the way here, and was now exhausted to death.

    Yun Jiuge did not expect Jin Chuan to help her make a record of her cave dwelling.

    But even so, Jin Chuan was still very detestable.

    But Little Fatty was always so cute anyway.

    So Yun Jiuge warmly welcomed Little Fatty in as a guest.

    "Brother Yun Jiu, your place is just too amazing." Little Fatty was wide-eyed as he openly admired her spacious and clean cave dwelling filled with dense Spiritual Energy.

    To be able to enjoy such extravagance while still cultivating — even the flesh and blood son of the Sect Leader did not have such luxury!

    "Why did you come looking for me today?" Yun Jiuge poured a cup of hot tea for Little Fatty.

    Little Fatty took a mouthful from the cup offered before explaining something to Yun Jiuge in a serious tone.