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Chapter 353

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 353: Getting Rid of The Liu Sisters (2)

    "That's what makes it all the more exciting!" Liu Yongfu's eyes gleamed with lecherous intent, as if he could not wait any longer.

    "But…" The old driver gulped his saliva hard, clearly tempted, but still somewhat hesitant.

    "Don't fret about it! Everyone knows that the eldest and second miss had already been sent over by the Clan Leader to the Wicked Patriarch to be used as a Human Cauldron over all these years. The Clan Leader would not say anything even if the three of us enjoyed ourselves for a little while," Liu Yonggui urged from the side.

    "Exactly, I heard that the Clan Leader plans on sending them off to the brothel. Since they'll be the playtoy of many in the future, we're only helping them by giving them a head start," Liu Yongfu chuckled.

    "Fine then!" The old driver was easily persuaded. He had also seen how the Liu Sisters were pushed into the carriage earlier.

    He thought about what the two guys said. If it were true, the sisters would be immediately sent to the brothel to be used as whores upon returning.

    Looking at it this way, playing around a little seemed alright.

    When the old driver thought about the presumptuous eldest and second miss having no ability to resist his humiliation, he began to feel excited and immediately turned the carriage into a nearby forest.

    In the carriage, the Liu Sisters looked incredibly miserable as they had been fed with numbing drugs.

    Their hair was messy and their clothes disheveled. They had their hands tied behind their backs with red rope and their legs bonded tightly together.

    The most humiliating and hateful thing was the black dog collar around their necks, attached to iron chains that were tied to the head of the Spiritual Sealing Amulets.

    "Sister, just listen to me for once!" Liu Tian'er begged as she looked at Liu Mei'er.

    "You don't need to say anything more, I will not agree to it." Liu Mei'er was indifferent towards her younger sister's plead.

    "But if this goes on, we will all die," Liu Tian'er said in a low voice, face in excruciating agony.

    She was worried that this day would come because she was a Nine Purgatories Body, and other than cultivating Secondary Methods, she had also secretly cultivated towards being a Living Corpse.

    Now the only solution was to die.

    As long as she died, she could directly become a Living Corpse and help her older sister fight their way out.

    "Do you think that if you died, I could live my life in peace? We will not give up right until the very last second." Liu Mei-er grounded her teeth. She was already ruined, and definitely could not bear to see her younger sister go down the same wretched path as her.

    "Elder Sister!" Liu Tian'er sighed. She knew her older sister would not yield.

    She would wait to the very last second then, since her Ghost Qi could be activated at any moment at her will!

    Just then, the carriage suddenly halted. The tightly shut door was opened, revealing a wretchedly disgusting face.

    "Eldest miss and second miss, it must be tough on the both of you having to stay in here huh! I shall serve you right now and I assure you that you'll feel so good you'll be seeing the heavens!" Liu Yongfu chuckled.

    "Pfft, how dare you attempt to commit such treacherous actions with your lowly status? Are you not afraid that Uncle will kill you?" Liu Mei'er arched her brows with a fierce expression.

    "You cheap slut, can't you see the situation that you're in now? How dare you still act haughty with me!" Liu Yongfu reached out and pulled on one of the iron chains, tightening it around Liu Mei'er's neck as her face turned green.

    "Release my elder sister!" Liu Tian'er was angered to the point that her eyes turned red. She wanted to push herself at him but she was held back by the dog chain which made clattering noises.

    "You tramp, you should take good care of this master, and I shall make you feel more comfortable. Otherwise, you will suffer." Liu Yongfu slapped Liu Tian'er hard with the back of his hand. The impact threw her face to one side, imprinting a red handprint on her fair cheek.

    "That's enough, Yongfu — be more gentle. No matter what, they are still the Liu Family's daughters, and we should give them some face," Liu Yonggui advised pretentiously.

    Liu Yongfu released his grip on the iron chain upon noticing the purplish-green bruises on Liu Mei'er's neck. He felt an unspeakable sensation of satisfaction in his chest, desperately wanting to plant a few more marks on her body.

    "Didn't you say that you would let me enjoy them first?" The old driver squeezed in, greedily eyeing the Liu sisters.

    "Can you actually handle two of them at once? Fine, just pick one first, we shall play with the other and we will just exchange later." Liu Yongfu chuckled.

    "Alright, I pick second miss then!" The older driver excitedly climbed up the carriage and threw himself on Liu Tian'er.

    The other two chuckled ominously as they approached Liu Mei'er.

    With three men squeezed into the carriage, it immediately became crowded, together with a disgusting scent of sweat.

    Liu Mei'er bit her lips hard, hating it to the point she almost cried blood yet, she had no means to retaliate.

    It was just like the time when they were tossed to the dreadful Wicked Patriarch.

    However, the Wicked Patriarch was in his late stage of Foundation Establishment and quite an influential figure, so tens of thousands of girls had serviced him before. These two sisters were nothing to him.

    Occasionally when he was in a good mood, he would still guide them in cultivation.

    But who did these three useless scums think they were! They were not even worthy of carrying the sisters' shoes back at the Liu Family household and yet, they dared to humiliate them now. They definitely deserved to die a thousand deaths.

    Liu Tian'er glared at the old driver, her pair of onyx eyes burning with Spectral Flame, like a vicious vengeful ghost crawling out of hell. It was a terrifying aura.

    The old driver was terrified by her glare and unknowingly took a few steps back. He bumped into the two other guys behind.

    "I say, old Tie, you are really a spineless coward! You don't even dare to touch a girl whose Spiritual Powers are sealed. You'd better just stand at the side, then come back after we've had our fun!" Liu Yongfu chided as he squeezed past the old driver and moved towards Liu Tian'er.

    When he saw Liu Tian'er's scary gaze, he hesitated for a split second. But he immediately recovered and slapped her hard, scolding, "What are you looking at, do you think I won't dare to dig your eyes out!"

    The Spectral Flame in Liu Tian'er's eyes blazed even more as the ghostly Spectral Aura in her chest gradually built up. It looked like she could turn into a Living Corpse anytime now.

    Just then, a cold voice outside the carriage rang out, "Why why why, what a commotion we have here!"

    The old driver ran out of the carriage in utter shock.

    Liu Yongfu and Liu Yonggui followed him out from behind and realized that the Defensive Formation they had set up was totally smashed to pieces.

    A young, fifth level cultivator with red eyes and purple lips stood in the center, staring at them curiously.

    "Kid, I advise you not to poke your nose into other peoples' business, or else you'll die a terrible fate." Liu Yongfu realized that the young man only had a fifth level cultivation and immediately let out a breath of relief as he fiercely shouted at him.

    However, Liu Yonggui was a little more observant, and upon close observation of the young man, he vaguely guessed that he must be a disciple of the Yin Corpse Sect as he was donning its uniform. A smile formed on his face instantly.

    "It seems Junior has come here because you smelled something fragrant! You really know where exquisite goods are — these two sisters are of top quality, and currently they are at our disposal as they are both under the Spiritual Sealing Amulets. If you want to join us in the fun, it's easy — all you have to do is pay us six hundred Spiritual Jades for one round." Liu Yonggui actually dared to treat the Liu Sisters as whores for sale.