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Chapter 354

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 354: Cheap Slave Mark (1)

    "Heh heh." Liu Yongfu understood what Liu Yonggui was getting at, and he let out a lewd smile as he said, "Sir, I hope you don't find them too expensive. There are two of them after all. We're selling one for only 300 Spiritual Jades! That's even cheaper than a prostitute. You'll never find such a price anywhere else. You should act before you regret!"

    "You two are pretty shrewd huh, trying to make a profit on something that cost you nothing from the start." Yun Jiuge laughed softly. As she said those words, her Bloodthirsty Bone Spur emerged from the shadows of the carriage while being bathed in a red light and flew towards Liu Yongfu.

    Liu Yongfu had been on guard the entire time and he was able to summon a red Defensive Cover around himself quickly. However, it was not able to hold up against the Bloodthirsty Bone Spur's attack and shattered instantly. Liu Yongfu was subsequently impaled by the Bone Spur.

    The look on Liu Yonggui's face changed. He swiftly slapped a few Defensive Charms on his body.

    However, before his Defensive Charms could even light up, Yun Jiuge's Bloodthirsty Bone Spur pierced him right through the chest, and he collapsed to the ground feebly.

    The old coachman was so terrified that his knees went weak and he fell to the ground. He looked at Yun Jiuge as though she was a ghost.

    He could not believe his eyes. The person before him was supposedly in the fifth level of the Qi Refining stage just like him, but his Bone Spur was able to annihilate two cultivators who had completed all 10 levels of the Qi Refining stage.

    Yun Jiuge did not kill the old coachman. Instead, she directed her Bone Spur to destroy all the Spiritual Sealing Amulets that had been placed on the carriage.

    The Liu Sisters regained all their Spiritual Power instantly. They then freed themselves from the ropes that bound them and rushed out of the carriage at once.

    "Senior Yun Jiu." Liu Tian'er was very emotional and had tears in her beautiful eyes.

    They never expected Senior Yun Jiu to be the one to rescue them at the lowest point of their lives.

    "I've arrived late. Are you all right?" Yun Jiuge looked slightly remorseful as she looked at the disheveled state of the two sisters.

    "We're fine." Liu Mei'er shook her head.

    Liu Tian'er looked at the two corpses that lay on the ground and said viciously, "Did you think I'll let you off just because you're already dead? I'll teach you two a lesson!" She then fished out two Red Paper Dolls and pasted them on their bodies.

    In the next moment, the two Red Paper Dolls slowly rose into the air, and they acted as if they were pulling something with them. On a closer look, they were forcibly pulling out the souls of both Liu Yonggui and Liu Yongfu from their bodies!

    Before long, the souls of both men were trapped within the Red Paper Dolls. Liu Tian'er then retrieved the Paper Dolls and began drawing a Soul Entrapment Rune over them. She planned on torturing them to her heart's desire once she had the time.

    While Liu Tian'er was busy manipulating her Red Paper Dolls, Liu Mei'er dug through the belongings of the two men before retrieving their own Magical Bottomless Bags.

    "What are you going to do with that man?" Yun Jiuge gestured for the Liu Sisters to look at the coachman.

    "Eldest Miss! Second Eldest Miss! I was forced to do this. They said they'd kill me if I didn't do as they said! I really had no intentions of doing this!" The coachman's face was a mess of tears and snot as he went on his knees and begged for forgiveness.

    "If that's the case, you should settle the score with them in hell then!" A sinister smile surfaced on Liu Mei'er's face.

    However, she did not brandish her Bone Spur. Instead, she reached into her sack and took out a red rag doll.

    The doll was exquisitely made and in perfect shape. It had radiant black hair, and the joints on its fingers were clearly defined.

    Strangely, it did not have brows, eyes or a nose on its rotund face. The only feature it had was a small mouth. The color of the mouth was red. It was as though blood was smeared across it.

    "Good girl. Now, go exact revenge on that man for me!" The smile on Liu Mei'er's face was gentle and creepy at the same time. She caressed the doll's radiant black hair before she placed it on the ground.

    Thereafter, the rag doll staggered its way over to the coachman.

    "Eldest Miss, please spare me! Please spare me…" The coachman's cries were abruptly cut short, and he fell to the ground with his eyes dilated in fear.

    The red rag doll pounced onto his neck. It then opened its mouth and revealed its tiny sharp teeth before it bit the coachman's throat and began sucking his blood.

    "A Puppet Yin Corpse. You certainly have something special on your hands," said Yun Jiuge. The Puppet Yin Corpse was something that only the Liu Sisters were capable of refining.

    "You flatter me, Senior Yun Jiu." Liu Mei'er smiled. She then instructed the Puppet Yin Corpse to suck the blood of the two corpses once it was done with the coachman.

    "What are your plans from now on?" Yun Jiuge asked the most pressing question that she had at the moment.

    "We'll think about that after we've left this place!" Liu Mei'er had a blank look on her face.

    Now that she had left the Yin Corpse Sect, she would no longer be able to rely on the Sect's barrier to hide her whereabouts from the Liu Family. They would be able to find her easily via the Cheap Slave Mark on her body now.

    "Senior Yun Jiu, do you have any suggestions on what we should do next?" Liu Tian'er looked at Yun Jiuge expectantly as she kept the Red Paper Dolls away.

    The Puppet Yin Corpse jumped onto Liu Tian'er's shoulder after having filled its stomach. It then stared at Yun Jiuge with its face that was devoid of nearly all features.

    "No," Yun Jiuge shook her head and answered candidly. She was not familiar with the land here, and she did not know what to suggest.

    Upon hearing her words, the Liu Sisters' faces darkened instantly.

    It was impossible for them to return to the Yin Corpse Sect now, and there was also a chance that they would get sent back to the Liu Family even if they tried to join another Black Magic Sect. Even worse, any new sect they joined could seal all their Spiritual Powers first before handing them over, and they would not even be able to abscond when that happened.

    "Anyhow, we're very grateful to Senior Yun Jiu for saving our lives. We'll definitely repay you in the future if we can," Liu Mei'er forced a smile and said.

    "You don't need to repay me. I just want the two of you to lead a good life." Yun Jiuge waved her hands. She was only trying to repay her debt anyway.

    The Liu Sisters became even more dejected after hearing that. Senior Yun Jiu was so powerful. How would they ever be able to repay him when they were so weak? It was nothing more than an empty promise.

    "It's getting late. The two of you should hurry up and leave!" Yun Jiuge noticed that Zi Shang looked very impatient as he stood next to her in his invisible state, and she decided to take her leave.

    "Senior Yun Jiu. There's a favor I'd like to ask of you," Liu Tian'er said hastily.

    "Go on!" Yun Jiuge was willing to help them if she could. She knew how difficult it would be for them to meet again after parting ways.

    "Senior Yun Jiu, since you are so skilled at Pill Production, is it possible for you to refine a pill that would conceal the mark on my sister's body?" Liu Tian'er asked after mustering her courage.

    "What mark do you want me to conceal?" asked Yun Jiuge.

    "The Cheap Slave Mark. I was sent to the Wicked Patriarch to be turned into a Human Cauldron, and he left a mark on my back." Liu Mei'er spoke up before her sister could continue.

    "Let me take a look at it." Yun Jiuge was expressionless because she was worried that she would come off as being contemptuous to Liu Mei'er. Rather, she genuinely felt that there was nothing pitiful about having the slave mark on one's body, and she was just acting as she normally would.

    Liu Mei'er breathed sharply. She was someone who had nothing to live for after all these years of torture, but she still did not wish to embarrass herself before her senior.

    "It's this mark over here." Liu Tian'er did not think as much as her sister. She pulled her sister's clothes to the left and revealed the deep red words ‘Cheap Slave' that had been branded onto her.

    Yun Jiuge examined the mark carefully, and she realized that the mark was actually a Yin Spiritual Charm. It had been embedded into Liu Mei'er's bone marrow through the words ‘Cheap Slave' that had been imprinted on her body.

    The person who left the mark on her could determine her whereabouts through the mark.

    "This mark was created by a Yin Spiritual Charm. There are no pills that would be able to conceal it." Yun Jiuge shook her head. Even if she could refine some sort of pill to conceal it, its effects would also be short-lived at best.

    Liu Tian'er was so disappointed that she did not know what to say.

    Liu Mei'er, on the other hand, was used to being disappointed. She immediately consoled her sister saying, "It's okay. We can just leave the Cangmang Mountains. I heard that the Zhong Province is a good place to hide at. We can find somewhere to train our cultivation over there, and when we are strong enough, we can come back and seek revenge."

    "Okay." Liu Tian'er nodded her head.

    The mountains near the Zhong Province were located at a border between the Black Magic Sects and the Righteous Sects. That place was a lawless and chaotic place that was teeming with crooks. Given their current cultivation, the two of them were definitely going to lead a hard life over there. However, she did not mind that one bit as long as she could be with her sister.

    "All I said was that there's no pill that could conceal the mark. I didn't say that there's no way of getting rid of it." Yun Jiuge found the two sisters to be overly pessimistic. They were already preparing for the worst before she even finished her words. It was not a very good habit of theirs.