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Chapter 356

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 356: The Source of the Curse Has Been Removed

    Yun Jiuge directed the small, purplish bolt of lightning over to Liu Mei'er's chest with her Lightning Fire Needle.

    The lightning struck Liu Mei'er on the chest, and her body sprang up into the air before she landed with a thud. Yun Jiuge repeated the process several times, and after a while, she finally detected a pulse on Liu Mei'er's body.

    "Sis! Sis! Please wake up!" Liu Tian'er patted her sister on the face gently as tears flowed down her cheeks uncontrollably.

    "Give this Vitality Strengthening Pill to her. She'll wake up soon after." Yun Jiuge tossed a pill at Liu Tian'er before she hastily made her way out of the cave.

    There was a chance that the Snot Insect would make its way back into Liu Mei'er's body and leave another mark on her in the future. She had to capture it at all costs to prevent that from happening.

    However, when she rushed out of the cave, all she saw was a vast stretch of barren land before her. There was no sign of the Snot Insect anywhere.

    "Are you looking for this?" Zi Shang appeared before her while pinching onto the gray Snot Insect with his slender fingers.

    "You're so capable, Zi Shang! I knew nothing would go wrong with you around." Yun Jiuge seemed to have forgotten how cold and ruthless she was to Zi Shang when she made him guard the cave earlier. The smile on her face right now was extremely pure and innocent.

    "I'm glad you know that." Zi Shang glanced at Yun Jiuge before he passed the Snot Insect over to her.

    Yun Jiuge encased the Snot Insect in her Spiritual Power before she hurriedly returned to the cave.

    Zi Shang did not need to be told what to do. He continued to keep watch over the cave from the outside.

    Liu Mei'er was already awake by the time Yun Jiuge returned to the cave, and she continued to lie on her chest on the stone bed.

    "You don't need to lie there any longer. Put on your clothes and come over here. I'll tell you what to do with the source of the curse." Yun Jiuge placed the Snot Insect in a small bowl.

    The bowl contained a transparent liquid that she had refined by burning the Spirit Nourishing Precious Cauldron. The Snot Insect struggled to get out of the bowl, but it was unable to move an inch. It was as though it was bogged down in a swamp.

    Liu Mei'er casually draped her top over her shoulders before she made her way over to Yun Jiuge and asked, "What do I need to do with it?"

    "I want you to drip two drops of your blood into this bowl here. Then this mixture would be ready for consumption in three days' time. You'll be able to tell where the person who put the curse on you is at after you drink it," Yun Jiuge explained.

    "How close does the person need to be before I can detect his presence?" Liu Mei'er asked as she dripped her blood into the bowl.

    "You'll be able to tell as long as he's within 300 miles from where you are." This should give the sisters more than enough time to run away, Yun Jiuge thought.

    "Sis! This is wonderful! We don't have to be afraid of the Wicked Patriarch now!" Liu Tian'er exclaimed in joy.

    The only threat to them in the Liu Family was their uncle who was in the Foundation Establishment stage. However, he would not be willing to bring himself down to a position where he had to hunt the two sisters down.

    That meant that their only real threat was the Wicked Patriarch who was halfway through the Foundation Establishment stage. That man had been keeping an eye on them this entire time. However, now that they were able to tell where he was, they would be able to avoid being captured by him.

    "Senior Yun Jiu, thank you very much." Liu Mei'er gingerly kept the bowl away before she went on her knees and did a kowtow gracefully. "The two of us will definitely repay your great kindness someday. We are willing to do anything for you."

    Liu Tian'er immediately followed suit. Both sisters kowtowed to Yun Jiuge three times.

    Yun Jiuge did not refuse. She did not think that she had done much for the sisters, but she knew that they did not think the same way as she did. To the Liu Sisters, she was someone who had given them a new lease of life. She could understand why they would want to kowtow to her.

    "I'm relieved to know that the two of you are fine. By the way, this is the receipt for all the materials that I used in the removal of your mark. I've not marked up any of the prices. Please take a look at it and see when you can pay me back." Yun Jiuge neatly wrote down the names of the materials and its prices on a piece of paper.

    She had paid for all those materials with her own money, and she naturally had to get them back. She was already kind enough to not demand consultation and surgery fees from them.

    The Liu Sisters had known Senior Yun Jiu for quite some time, and they knew how he was like. They did not think it was wrong of him to demand them to pay for the materials.

    However, both of their faces went pale when they saw the prices listed on the receipt. The Spiritual Grass alone cost over ten thousand Spiritual Jades. The other materials cost around three to four thousand Spiritual Jades in total. The sisters were not able to pay for them right now.

    "Senior Yun Jiu, we don't have any money on us right now. Can we pay you back at a later time?" Liu Tian'er asked in a pitiful voice.

    "Just give me whatever you have at the moment. You can pay back the rest at a later date." Yun Jiuge was not unreasonable. She had no intention of taking everything that the Liu Sisters had on them now.

    However, rules were rules. There was no reason for her to spend all this money for nothing.

    The Liu Sisters had stayed in the Yin Corpse Sect for half a year, but they spent most of their time cultivating. The meager amount of Spiritual Jades that they saved up would definitely not be able pay off their debt.

    Most importantly, they had nowhere to go at the moment. If they gave Senior Yun Jiu all their savings right now, they definitely would not have any money to feed themselves in the future.

    "Sis, didn't you say that Father left us some items in the past? Let's see if there's anything in there that would help us pay back the debt." Liu Tian'er pulled on her sister's sleeve and gave her a look.

    Liu Mei'er understood what she was getting at instantly.

    Their father had left them a letter before he passed away. In the letter, he told them about the ancient ruin that he had found at the Zhong Province, and he wanted them to go over and take a look once they were strong enough to go there by themselves. This was also why Liu Tian'er had suggested going to the Zhong Province earlier.

    The ancient ruin was extremely important to the Liu Sisters. It was the only place they could go to when they ran out of money and had no other way of supporting themselves. But, what if Senior Yun Jiu were to become greedy once he was there? What if he took everything at the ruins? Liu Mei'er was a little worried about what they should do if that were to happen.

    "Senior Yun Jiu may be a kind man, but we can't possibly ask him to work for free!" Liu Tian'er gave her sister another look.

    The Zhong Province was an extremely perilous place. It would be very dangerous for the two of them to go by themselves. Besides, even if there was something good at the ancient ruin, the two of them would not know what to do with it either.

    In that case, they might as well give them to Senior Yun Jiu. They would also be able to repay him for saving their lives as well.

    Senior Yun Jiu was a righteous and generous man. She was certain that he would not treat them badly.

    "You are right." Liu Mei'er made up her mind quickly.

    She told Yun Jiuge about how their father had located an ancient ruin in the Zhong Province in the past. She then said sincerely, "If Senior Yun Jiu is willing to accompany us to the Zhong Province, we'll let you pick whatever you like from the ruins."

    "Let me think about it." Yun Jiuge did not take up their invitation straight away. She had to weigh the benefits and see if the trip was worth her time and effort first.

    She had heard about how chaotic the Zhong Province was. However, she would not face any difficulties with Zi Shang next to her.

    She could secretly go back and see how everyone was doing when she passed by the Lei Kingdom along the way. Not only that, she could also hand Ye Yunzhi over to Ye Yu as well.

    Yun Jiuge realized that she would be able to kill two birds with one stone by going on the trip. The trip was definitely worthwhile.

    Liu Mei'er watched Yun Jiuge anxiously.

    She was initially worried that she would be silenced by Senior Yun Jiu when she shared the secret with him.

    However, now that she saw him hesitating, she became worried that he would not go on the trip with them instead.

    "We can't just go to the Zhong Province unprepared. I need time to make the necessary preparations for the trip," said Yun Jiuge.

    "I'll return to the Yin Corpse Sect to settle some things first. The two of you should use this opportunity to perform Enclosed Cultivation and reach the next level of the Qi Refining stage. Also, I want the two of you to buy a few more items that you can use to defend yourselves."

    Yun Jiuge's mind became clearer and clearer as she spoke. She then began instructing them on what they should buy.

    "Liu Mei'er, your Puppet Yin Corpse is pretty good, but it's still quite weak without a core. I'll lend you 5000 Spiritual Jades, use them to exchange for a good Internal Elixir at a shop nearby. It'll be best if you could get your hands on the Monkey Demon Internal Elixir. I'll help to refine it into a core for you afterwards."

    A core was typically refined by using the Internal Elixir that belonged to a Demonic Beast, and it was something that only a weaponsmith could refine.

    The refinement of a core was extremely exhausting, and as a result, a core of the lowest grade would usually sell for tens of thousands of Spiritual Jades. Not only that, it was also not very useful.

    Yun Jiuge might not know how to refine weapons and tools, but she knew how to refine pills. She could refine a Pill Core for Liu Mei'er, and it would function just like an actual core.