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Chapter 357

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 357: Panic Grass

    "Thank you very much, Senior Yun Jiu." Liu Mei'er became emotional and nodded her head vigorously.

    She had always wanted to give her Puppet Yin Corpse a core. However, she did not have the money to pay for one, so she could only dream about it this whole time.

    She never expected her dream to come true so quickly.

    "Senior Yun Jiu! What about me?" Liu Tian'er asked excitedly.

    They had spent most of their savings on the Puppet Yin Corpse. The only valuable possession that she had on her at the moment was her Bone Spur.

    "You are your biggest weapon." Liu Tian'er possessed the Nine Purgatories Body, which effectively gave her the powers of a Living Corpse at birth. Her physique was even more powerful than Ye Yunzhi's Yin Spiritual Body!

    "Are you saying that I should use my Nine Purgatories Body more from here on out?" Liu Tian'er furrowed her brows after hearing Yun Jiuge's words. She then went on to say, "But, I have a lot of Spectral Qi in my body right now. I'm worried that my heart meridian will be corroded by all that Spectral Qi if I were to make use of my physique a few more times. I'll end up as a Living Corpse when that happens!"

    Actually, she might not even have the luxury of using her physique a few more times. Liu Tian'er believed that she would lose her life if she were to use it one more time.

    "I do have a solution for that. But, it's up to you to decide whether you are willing to try it out," Yun Jiuge said a little hesitantly.

    "Please let me hear what you have in mind, Senior Yun Jiu," Liu Tian'er replied cautiously. She did not dare to agree to his proposition rashly.

    "This thing here can help to solve your issue of having too much Spectral Qi in your body." Yun Jiuge opened her right hand, and a palm-sized black flower pot appeared before Liu Tian'er's eyes.

    The flower pot was filled with red soil, and there were several red Yin Spiritual Charms that had been engraved onto it. In the middle of the pot was a thumb-sized gray seed, and one could vaguely make out the features of a terrified human face within the seed.

    "Isn't this a Panic Grass seed?" Liu Tian'er asked in befuddlement.

    The Panic Grass was a kind of plant that was exclusively used by the Black Magic Sects. Not only was it able to emit gray Yin Qi from within, it was also able to let out a shriek if it picked up the scent of humans from far away.

    The Panic Grass was typically used as a form of defense, but there were people who would specially plant them in a mass grave to create a spooky atmosphere as well as add more Yin Qi to the place.

    A large number of Panic Grasses could be found in the valley that was situated in the middle of the inner region of the Yin Qi Graveyard. They were used to maintain the levels of Yin Qi within the Yin Qi Graveyard.

    Any disciple who made their way to the valley without high enough a level of cultivation would be literally scared to death by the Panic Grasses.

    "That's right. Someone gave this Panic Grass seed to me. It requires large amounts of Spectral Qi in order to germinate. It's exactly what you need."

    Yun Jiuge pointed at the Yin Spiritual Charms that were engraved on the bottom of the flower pot before saying, "These are Spectral Qi Absorption Charms. All you need to do is hold onto the flower pot. It'll automatically absorb all the Spectral Qi within your body."

    "Really?" Liu Mei'er did not believe Yun Jiuge's words entirely.

    She had tried all sorts of ways to get rid of the cold Spectral Qi within her body, but none of them worked. She found it hard to believe that a small and cracked flower pot could solve her problems.

    "You'll know if it works by trying it for yourself." Yun Jiuge passed the small flower pot over to her.

    Liu Tian'er received the flower pot and placed her palm underneath it.

    An extremely terrified face surfaced on the Panic Grass seed in the blink of an eye, and the red soil began to spin even though there was no wind around them. The red soil then spun faster and faster before it became a small-sized whirlwind.

    Liu Tian'er realized that there was a suction force coming from within the whirlwind, and she distinctly felt the Spectral Qi within her being sucked towards it.

    In less than an hour's time, all the Spectral Qi inside her body had been absorbed by the flower pot.

    Thereafter, the human face on the Panic Grass seed disappeared, and the red soil went back to its original position as well. The color of the soil also became a little darker than before.

    "Senior Yun Jiu, you are such an amazing person!" Liu Tian'er was immensely impressed with Yun Jiuge's knowledge.

    With this flower pot, she could finally use her Nine Purgatories Body without any worries.

    "Senior Yun Jiu, how long can this magical tool be used for?" Liu Mei'er was a lot more cautious than Liu Tian'er. She was worried that her younger sister would get carried away by her joy and overuse the flower pot as a result.

    "You can use it for 150 times at least. After which, the soil would turn black, and the Panic Grass seed would germinate," Yun Jiuge said.

    Yun Jiuge did not give Liu Tian'er the flower pot because she wanted to help her. Rather, she needed this high-grade Panic Grass to remove the second layer of poison that had been left behind by the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones.

    It was not difficult to find a high-grade Panic Grass. A Rank Three Panic Grass was sold for around 20,000 Spiritual Jades in shops, and it would cost 7,000 Contribution Points in the Yin Corpse Sect.

    However, Zi Shang did not trust the quality of the Panic Grasses that were sold in the shops. He wanted Yun Jiuge to grow one herself.

    Hence, he picked the best Panic Grass seeds from the Yin Qi Graveyard before he retrieved the last bit of Blood Soil from the Mo Hua Peak. He then refined a small flower pot for her to grow the seed in and passed it to her when she set off to save the Liu Sisters.

    Yun Jiuge did not intend to give the flower pot to Liu Tian'er initially.

    She found the Liu Sisters to be extremely pitiful, and she did not feel good making use of them for her own selfish needs.

    "This flower pot might be able to absorb the Spectral Qi from your body, but if you were to use it for a prolonged period of time, your Nine Purgatories Body might disappear," Yun Jiuge warned.

    "Losing your Nine Purgatories Body will not affect your cultivation, but I want you to think things through carefully before you use the flower pot," she added. The flower pot was not only able to absorb the Spectral Qi from Liu Tian'er's body, it was also able to destroy her Nine Purgatories Body. It was not exactly as good as Liu Tian'er claimed it to be.

    "It'll be great if it could disappear." Liu Tian'er could not care less about what happened to the damned Nine Purgatories Body that she possessed.

    It was true that having the Nine Purgatories Body enabled her to raise her cultivation faster than the rest, but such a benefit was not worth all the evil deeds that would be done to her once others learned about her physique.

    "Senior Yun Jiu, are you certain that nothing will happen to my sister even if she loses the Nine Purgatories Body?" Liu Mei'er asked nervously.

    She was worried that her sister would turn into a disabled person after losing her special physique. That would be absolutely disastrous.

    "There'll be some side effects if she were to lose her Nine Purgatories Body. She would not be able to draw on the strength of a Living Corpse after losing her special physique, and she would also not be able to raise her cultivation as quickly as before. Her speed would probably become just like yours!" Yun Jiuge answered honestly.

    "I'm more than happy to raise my cultivation at a speed like my sister's." Liu Tian'er thought that the speed in which her sister's cultivation improved was quite fast.

    "I'm glad that she won't have to turn into a Living Corpse ever again!" Liu Mei'er was very pleased.

    "Well, I take it that the two of you agree to use the flower pot then? If that's the case, then please keep it well. I'll give you another one when you can't use it any longer." Yun Jiuge only needed one high-grade Panic Grass, but it would be a good idea to stock up on them for future use.

    After all, Zi Shang said that the Panic Grass had a lot of other uses as well.

    "Thank you very much, Senior Yun Jiu." Liu Tian'er kept the flower pot away delicately.

    "If there's nothing else that you need from me, I'll make my way back to the Yin Corpse Sect now. We'll set off for the Zhong Province in three months' time. I want the two of you to keep these two Communication Talismans on you. I'll communicate with both of you through these when it's time to set off." Yun Jiuge handed the two sisters' two high-grade Communication Talismans before telling them that they did not need to pay for them.

    "Safe travels, Senior Yun Jiu!" The Liu Sisters took the Communication Talismans from her hands gleefully before they saw her out of the cave.

    "Sis, where should we go next?" Once Yun Jiuge was gone, Liu Tian'er turned her head and stared at her sister intensely.

    "There's still some time before we are to set off for the Zhong Province. We should heal our injuries by performing Enclosed Cultivation first. Then, we'll go back home to find our lovely uncle," Liu Mei'er answered with a vicious look in her eyes.

    The two of them were not strong enough to fight against their uncle right now, but that did not mean they could not try to make life difficult for him.

    Yun Jiuge was unaware that the Liu Sisters planned on going home to cause trouble for the Liu Family. She did not know that her words had emboldened them.

    The moment Yun Jiuge returned to her Cave Dwelling, she began making preparations for the trip to the Zhong Province.

    She did not know how long the trip to the Zhong Province would last. She needed to come up with a way to perform Enclosed Cultivation without arousing others' suspicions towards her.