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Chapter 358

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 358: Men: Bunch of Eyesores

    "We've already performed Enclosed Cultivation once in the past. What do you think would be a good excuse to use this time round?" Yun Jiuge asked Zi Shang.

    "Why do we need to come up with an excuse? It's natural for cultivators to perform Enclosed Cultivation." Zi Shang sent a look of contempt her way.

    "I just feel self-conscious!" She had performed Enclosed Cultivation right after she finished tidying up her Cave Dwelling previously, and she did not stop till Little Fatty came over to find her. She did not think it was appropriate for her to do Enclosed Cultivation once again since she had only just done it a while back.

    Zi Shang fell silent. He did not know what to say when Yun Jiuge was this honest.

    "Never mind. Let's make the necessary preparations for the Enclosed Cultivation first." Yun Jiuge decided on her next course of action quickly. She then went to the Mission Hall to collect the amulet that would allow her to enter the Yin Qi Graveyard.

    The journey to the Zhong Province was going to be a long one. Since the Liu Sisters were penniless, that meant that she was the one to pay for all their expenditures along the way.

    Yun Jiuge planned to make money by refining a few Yin Gathering and Meridian Protection Pills for selling at the shops nearby.

    The Yin Gathering and Meridian Protection Pill was a Rank Three medicinal pill, and it was an upgraded version of the Yin Gathering Pill. Yun Jiuge heard that one low-grade Yin Gathering and Meridian Protection Pill would fetch a price of around 5,000 Spiritual Jades at the shops.

    However, Yun Jiuge would require a large amount of Yin Qi in order to refine the Yin Gathering and Meridian Protection Pills. Thus, she had to go over to the Yin Qi Graveyard to gather them first.

    Yun Jiuge made her way over to the Proper Disciples' Mission Hall. The Mission Hall looked very grand, and there were all sorts of missions featured on its walls. Each mission offered significantly higher amount of Contribution Points than those in the Secondary Disciples' Mission Hall.

    There were currently over a hundred Proper Disciples in the Mission Hall, and the place was extremely lively and cacophonous.

    Yun Jiuge walked into the Mission Hall and quickly surveyed the area before she walked towards a counter that was less crowded.

    The disciple behind the counter was clad in black, and there was a white skull sewn onto his shirt near his chest. It was a sign that he was a disciple from the Bai Gu Peak.

    The disciple had his head lowered at the moment, and he seemed to be tidying something.

    "I'll like to take up the quest to kill the Yin Ghosts," said Yun Jiuge.

    "Please wait a moment." The disciple finished up with what he was doing before he raised his head to look at Yun Jiuge. Upon seeing her, he immediately frowned and said, "This is not a place where the Secondary Disciples should come to."

    "I'm a Proper Disciple of the Sect Leader's Peak." Yun Jiuge knew that her cultivation had led the disciple to misunderstand her status in the sect.

    She might have raised her cultivation to the sixth level of the Qi Refining stage, but she still had a long way to go before entering the Foundation Establishment stage. She could see why this disciple would have the wrong impression.

    "The Sect Leader's Peak?" A thought seemed to have surfaced in the disciple's mind, and he immediately looked at Yun Jiuge from head to toe. It seemed like he had finally recognized her.

    The incident between the two of them caught the attention of numerous disciples around them, and their tongues began to wag.

    "Is that the disciple who f*cked a thousand-year-old corpse?"

    "Yeah! It's the one who prostituted himself so that he could raise his cultivation."

    "He's good looking. No wonder the thousand-year-old corpse fancies him."

    "Tsk. He doesn't look like a man, but he doesn't look like a woman either. You can say he looks like a human, but he also looks like a ghost too. The sight of him makes me want to throw up…"

    Thanks to Elder Mo Hua and Elder Bai Gu, Yun Jiuge had become a ‘celebrity' in the Yin Corpse Sect. Everyone referred to him as ‘The Boy Who Prostituted Himself'.

    Yun Jiuge did not prostitute herself like they said she did, so she was not particularly offended by the comments. She continued to speak to the disciple behind the counter with an expressionless face, "Please give me the mission to hunt the Yin Ghosts. Thank you!"

    The disciple looked to the side, and a troubled look emerged on his face thereafter. He then told Yun Jiuge, "I'm sorry. All the missions to hunt the Yin Ghosts have been taken up for the day."

    Yun Jiuge looked at the Mission List that hung high up on the wall at the back of the Mission Hall. She then narrowed her eyes and thought to herself, "Hmph. Who does he think he is to fool me? He sure has guts to lie to me!"

    "These missions to hunt the Yin Ghosts have all been reserved for the disciples from the Bai Gu and Mo Hua Peak. They'll come over to pick it up later." The disciple raised his voice and spoke loudly.

    "Yeah! That's right! We reserved all the missions to hunt the Yin Ghosts earlier." All the disciples from the Bai Gu and Mo Hua Peak went up to the counter and took up the missions to kill the Yin Ghosts.

    Thereafter, the disciple behind the counter quietly removed the mission from the Mission List.

    He then smirked at Yun Jiuge and pretended to be enthusiastic as he offered other missions to her, "Junior, we actually have many other missions that offer a high amount of Contribution Points. For example, this one over here. All you need to do is watch over a lode. You can get 5,000 Contribution Points just by doing this job for a month. And this one too. You can get 10,000 Contribution Points just by killing the Demonic Beasts that reside in the depths of the valley…"

    Yun Jiuge scanned through the missions that the disciple had recommended her. They were all extremely challenging missions that few disciples were willing to take up, and they all required her to leave the Yin Corpse Sect. It was clear that he was up to no good.

    "Thank you very much, Senior, but I'll be performing Enclosed Cultivation soon and I need to gather a lot of Yin Qi for it. Since all the missions to kill the Yin Ghosts have already been taken up for the day, I'll just come back tomorrow then!" Yun Jiuge answered him politely.

    "Junior. The disciples from Bai Gu and Mo Hua Peak are going to take up all the missions to kill the Yin Ghosts over the next few days. I'm afraid you'll leave empty-handed again tomorrow!" The disciple became bolder with his remarks when he realized that Yun Jiuge was someone he could bully.

    The other disciples all joined in to bully her as well. "You can come back tomorrow, or the day after, or even the year after! There won't be any missions that you can take up!"

    "You should just go back to your room and hug your thousand-year-old corpse as you sleep!"

    "You can raise your cultivation just by f*cking him! Why do you even bother taking up all these missions?"

    "Exactly! You can raise your cultivation just by lying down on your bed. I'm so jealous…"

    The disciples at the scene were all in the Foundation Establishment stage. To them, a disciple in the Qi Refining stage like her was just like an ant that they could easily squash to death.

    Everyone knew that Yun Jiuge had a thousand-year-old corpse, but they had never seen it for themselves. Thus, they were all a little unconvinced about the validity of the rumor.

    Yun Jiuge looked at them in amusement. She was intrigued by all these disciples before her who were not afraid to die.

    Unlike her, Zi Shang's patience had already worn thin. He raised his hand, and numerous streams of purplish fog sneaked their way behind the arrogant disciples. The fog then enveloped the disciples and ripped their clothes apart.

    "Ahhhhh!" The disciples who had been mocking Yun Jiuge this whole time were shocked to find that the clothes on their bodies were rapidly disappearing. They immediately bolted out of the Mission Hall at breakneck speed.

    In the blink of an eye, nearly half of the disciples in the Mission Hall had left.

    The disciple behind the counter was hung high up on a wall in the Mission Hall, and there were numerous other disciples beneath him.

    Every single one of them was naked, and the words ‘f*ck me' were written in big letters across their nude bodies.

    "Keep a pair of pants on them. I don't want to see anything filthy," Yun Jiuge said coldly.

    Thanks to Yun Jiuge's comment, the naked disciples were able to avoid being utterly humiliated. A tiny piece of cloth covered their sensitive parts.

    "I should have fed them a little aphrodisiac before this." Zi Shang was a little disappointed. He would have been able to play with them to his heart's content if this had happened elsewhere.

    "Come on. It's not like aphrodisiacs are free." Yun Jiuge rolled her eyes.

    They were nothing more than a bunch of disciples who ran their mouths, and they just needed to be taught a lesson. Why should both of them spend so much time and effort on them? The most important thing they had to do right now was to take up the mission to hunt the Yin Ghosts.

    Yun Jiuge approached another counter.

    This time, it was a female disciple from the Mo Hua Peak standing on the other end. The moment she saw Yun Jiuge walk up to her, she hugged her chest with her arms at once. She looked as though she was afraid that Yun Jiuge would molest her.

    The disciples at the Mo Hua Peak might all be promiscuous, but they certainly did not enjoy walking around naked.

    "Miss, are there any missions to hunt the Yin Ghosts?" Yun Jiuge asked politely.

    "Yes! Yes, there are!" The female disciple immediately took out several amulets that would allow one to enter the Yin Qi Graveyard and placed them on the table before her respectfully.

    "Thank you very much!" Yun Jiuge randomly picked one before she walked away. The Mission Hall had gone silent by then, and only her footsteps were audible.

    When she walked to the entrance, she saw the male disciples who had been punished by Zi Shang earlier once again. Their white skin was fully exposed, and she could see the black hair all over their legs as well. A tiny cloth covered their nether regions, but it was not able hide their private parts completely. It was easy to tell if their d*ck was big or small with one glance.

    "Tsk. What a bunch of eyesores," Yun Jiuge thought to herself irately.

    "Why do you even bother looking when you know it's a sight that will hurt your eyes?" Zi Shang turned Yun Jiuge's head away from the disciples before pulling her out of the Mission Hall.

    As the two made their way away from the Mission Hall, a breeze blew behind them, and countless cloths dropped to the ground in unison. The sight sent the female disciples at the scene into a frenzy, and they began screaming excitedly.